NEWS FLASH: 10 July 2017; and, your are there; Shootout, at the “OK Corral” at the corner of Howe and Walnut Street. Click, on anything “Blood” red.

12 Jul


soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

It’s July 10, 2017 and close to might on the Corner of Howe Street and Walnut Street, Lewiston, Maine.

When, two auto mobiles open fire; setting, the night’s neighborhood area night silence too blaze or blase’-(definition: unimpressed, as one has experienced or seen it to many times.) in the inner city.

According, to my contacts it was a drug deal gone bad; a, to cars opened fire letting off gun laced with “Black Talon Bullets”. According, to individuals 30 or more shoot; where hurled at each others spraying the neighborhood and shattering the silence of the “Hood”.

When, the police arrived it is alleged that one individual had been wounded and is in stable condition.

It, is not clear as to who shoot the individual. Was, it the police or the our drive by shoot.


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