SUMMER CAMP, Lewiston, Maine letter 2. Click, on anything red, white or blue.

14 Jul

14 July 2017

Dear Mom and Dad,

I was having so much fun that I almost forgot to write.

The, Camp councilor said that I had better write or you would call.

Well, the weather is kinda off and on. Oh, we went to Old Orchard Beach, Maine and I swam in the Atlantic Ocean. That, day it was about 85 degrees out and I go a little Sun burned. So, the Camp Councilor made me put a T-Shirt on and noxzema cream. The, rides were great and I especially like the swinging Ark boat, roller coaster and the Parachute ride.

In the last 8 days we have gotten up at 3 am just once and that was to show us how beautiful Lewiston, Maine is a sun break. We visited by walking the Lewiston, Maine High School where they are just starting to clear the area around it of plants and trees. They, are building the largest first grade to eight grade school in the State of Maine cost 51.7 million And, It will hold 1000 students. My Councilor is worried that there will be to much traffic as all vehicles and foot traffic; converge, on the area schools in the mornings. They, will only be 50 yard between them. That, dangerous Mom.

We, went to the Library in Lewiston and saw a beautiful granite columned not used entrance on Park Street across from the local newspaper. Then, we walked through the Kennedy Park; watched, the Squirrels chasing after each other and lessened to the birds chirping to one another. My friend Jill made bird chirps. It was funny.

We, were given a snack of pop tarts and milk as we had not had breakfast yet. Breakfast is at 6 am and this morning is pancakes with whip cream and peaches. Can’t wait.

Oh, after our shack we continued on to Walnut St. there we saw a gorgeous once Catholic Church. I think it was called St. Patrick’s it has been turned into a Bed and Breakfast by a individual named Andrew; so, they would not have to tear it down. They have wedding there and maybe someday I can get married in this beautiful revitalized once church facility. Of, course this is some years away.

We, walked up Walnut and saw six police cars and a fire truck. Dad, the fire trucks are lime green-yellow in color. I thought most were red ? We, took another street back to Camp just in time for breakfast and a nap.

Oh mom, my Camp Councilor said that they are thinking of change the name of the city. Why, would they change the name of such a beautiful city and one that is under rebuilding as there are so many buildings with new porches and some are being cleaned out from the insides out and rebuilt. It’s like that word you taught me Dad “Renaissance” is happening here. Good word, Dad.

I will write to let you when I am catching the bus.

Love, Alexa

Feed the fish, Dad.


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