Consciousness, creates reality. Click on anything; useless, arguing about.

15 Jul

For, a reality of Lewiston, Maine or fact similarity movie about what is going on in Lewiston, Maine.


” GANGS OF NEW YORK.” 2002 by; Martin Scorsese.

NOTE:  Movies similarities.

  1.  Hometown whites and black people (s) vs. Immigrants. (For, wages, housing and right of longevity.

  2.  Somali’s vs. each other as there are 3 different  groups which are vying for acceptance.

  3.  With all the other nations immigrant, Congolese, Angolans, Nigerians, Russians, Thailand and many others. 

    Movie: similarities.

    1.  Hometown country people vs. Irish Immigrants.

    2.  Irish vs. Irish several different Clans.

    3.  All Irish Clans vs. Hometown people.

    4.  Irish Protestant vs. Irish Catholic.

    And, in the end it was all laid to rest by the times and war and events that unified all in grief and in happiness.

    Remember, all U need 2 B happy is a safe place to sleep, meal a day and your health; for all else is extra. For,at the end of live we all share the same amount out burial space and even U in the Vase.


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