THE Auburn / Lewiston, Maine; American, ARISTOCRAT SETTLERS.

15 Jul

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

These were the descendants of the Protestants and Catholics who left England throughout the 1600’s aboard such ships as the Mayflower and Arabella to settle in our America.

They, included families names such as Lodge, Cabot, Soule (Mayflower), Lowell, Adams, Quincy, Winthrop, Forbes, and Saltonstall.

These names appear throughout our history from landing, Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War One, World War II, Korean, Vietnam; through to the present.

Like, today’s generation of Immigrants family names that arrive by air and land they have not yet been recognized as it takes time to gather the resources, education and acclamation that set you apart for the rest of the individuals in your community and histories relevant acknowledgement of your contribution to the greater good for all.

Today’s, immigrants to Lewiston, Maine are now fighting the battles of the 20th – 21st century American and making contribution on a daily basic in…

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