22 Jul

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In response to the Letter to the Editor of 26 July 2015; by, Representative Michel La joie, D- Lewiston.

Firstly; I would like to point out that the now Governor came into office with a over $700 million dollar Medicare – Maine Care bill owed to the hospital’s of Maine.

And, that the previous Democratic Governor and Legislature forgot too pay.

And, that on the now Governor’s paying the hospitals he was ridiculed by the Maine Peoples Alliance as they dressed up in an Uncle Sam’s Costume. (Post script: Lewiston, Maine has two (2) hospitals that has employee’s (1000) that needed to be paid that support your schools and a tax base.

Secondly;  The now Governor is right to not expand Medicare – Maine care.  I am nearing 65 years of age as a Mainer and Maine has the fastest aging population in the Nation.  And, as we age we will need more end of life care.  Thus, increasing the cost on Medicare and Maine care every year.

There is an initial up front cost that States must pay to inter the game.

Thirdly; No Maine hospital by law; may refuse, any person in need of medical attention at any time.

Mr. Charles A. Soule, Independent (D) leaning Republican.

Lewiston, Maine 04240 at onlinewebfire@gmail.com


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