HOW, STUPID R THEY; meeting, held 17 July 2017 with one student their ?

28 Jul

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

A meeting was held by the Lewiston, Maine Police Department on the Lewiston, Maine’s City Council’s moratorium; regarding Bates College office off campus housing. Member from Bates College Campus Security and Lewiston, Maine’s Code Enforcement were present as were ward’s 1 and Ward’s 3 residents.

(Mr. James Lysen, Councilor for Lewiston, Maine Ward 1 who is or was a Bates College radio disjockey should fill you in more. Contact information He, is the one who incited Bates College to vote for him and out voted the residents of Ward 1. (Bates College Student’s can vote in Lewiston election with just a Bates College I.D. and a piece of junk mail or Campus to Campus letter delivered by U. S.M aile. They, do not even have to change their home States Diver’s License or change their residents or Bates Financial college forms. As, I recall their may be 3 student’s…

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