OFF, TO ALASKA; TO KISS AN ALASKAN POLAR BEAR. Click,on anything snow white, dark blue black.

28 Jul

Well, Naval Boot Camp Great Lakes, Illinois was over for me in late December 1973 and I caught a jet out of O’Hara International Airport headed back to Portland,Maine; thank god for that; as, the temperatures were minus 20.

Now, I was heading home for a 30 day leave before I set off to my next duty station for a full years isolated duty. That being “Diego Garcia”, an Island 500 miles South of India and 500 miles West of Madagascar. (Madagascar, is off the east side of Africa.)

I completed 30 day leave and caught a jet plane out of Portland, Maine headed to California’s San Fresco International Airport. My, seat was towards the outer wall of the plane in the cargo area just before the wing. This seating allowed me an opportunity to view the ground from 27 thousand feet up. And, this I did with great clouds passing by and a view of shaded colored patch squares that looked as if a checker board gone wild with a variety of irregular colors.

Well, we landed and I loves hearing the squealing of the massive tires as the massive 727 aircraft touched the tarmac. I, was now in San Francisco, California and headed too Treasure Island, Naval Base and about to explore; an at time; strange environment.

The next day I had an opportunity to visit the Trans American Insurance Building, RiceAroni trolley Car which was being turned around on an in ground turn table. After, that I visited the Cannery where they use to can my favorite sandwich ingredient to make a sardine and onion sandwich; sardines.

While at the Cannery I happened on a couple singing songs and being young and naive I asked. Why you were singing for handouts and do not have a job? Their, answer was that they would be placing their chosen profession second. I though this a reasonable answer and through $5.00 dollars into a gartar case for them.

Well, lets keep it moving.

The next day I learned I was to catch a flight on a C141 Cargo Plane for a Coast Guard Base in Kodiak, Alaska on or about 22:45 hours today and this was done.

Here I am; strapped; to the inside aft compartment alone with just the cargo to converse with. It, did not matter until the pilot alerted me from my nap that we were about to land.

As, I left the C141 Cargo plane I could see that the Alaska nights were much colder than Naval Boot Camp, Great Lakes (Glakes) Illinois by at lease -15 degrees and maybe then some; and, the night sky was snowing and as dark as a black satin sheet laden with snow.

It, did not take me long to gather my Duffel Bag made of green colored canvas and shuffle off to the terminal.

How, this is the point that I have been attempting to get to.

The, Coast Guard Terminal was as if an igloo with it done shape and inner walls; painted in what seen to me to be a white stucco, floor of varnished polished white pine with oak compressed beamed lined ceiling and wood work to match and doors.

It, was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen up to that time. “Beautiful”

To top that, it had an 8 foot stuffed white Polar Bear standing on two feet; with arms extended toward the ceiling as if straining in an attempt to get to you all this on a round pedestal of varnished oak in the center of the Terminal.

It Was a hell of a start in an attempt to get to my first duty station an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean in the British Indian Territory (B.I.O.T) that island Diego Garcia.

Where, I would come to live in a Southeastern plywood hut with outdoor shower and water made from a desalting barge with condensers.

How, I would like to be twenty (20) again.


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