I HAD WANTED TO TAKE THE DAY OFF; but for looking at the Sun Blocking Journal disinformation on the issue.

1 Aug

I wanted to take the day off but was forced to comment on the Auburn, Maine meeting held at the Central Maine Community College on CONNECTS-IT or Consolidation of the cities of Auburn – Lewiston, Maine (Why, when I type Lewiston does it always come up spelled wrong. After all I have lived and was born in Central Maine Hospital on Maine Street in 1953 and should by now know how to spell it.


NO, consolidation or Connects-it. Reasons, why.

1. U will have to purchase a new Drivers License or ID. $5.00

2. U will have to purchase a new Birth Certificate; for, each member of the family in born in Lewiston, Maine. $15.

3. For, the spelling of Lewiston; always coming up wrong “SPELLING”.

4. The “YES” is the committee that was to advise the cities. Not, become the the “YES” Committee.

5. If it was such a good idea why did mr. Chip and Mr. gooselin not advocate for this when they were associated with Greater Androscoggin Chamber of commerce and Lewiston and Auburn Economic Growth Council; might have cut their budgets?

6. Connects-it will only allow one purchasing bid. Where now there is two (2). Who, will go out of business and U loose your job.

7. All State and Local sign will have to be changed.

8. Global Positioning Systen (GPS); will have to be updated.

9. States Maps updated.

10. All city municipal and School (More money) forms will have to be reprinted.

11. All cities contracts will have to be updated? (Layer fees.)

12. What, Library, city hall, police stating building and school superintendents building; shall, we sell. Then, we will have to heat non used buildings.

13. Auburn to accept responsibility Lewiston’s General Assistance bill, renovation of Canal all 1.5 miles of it and in default Androscoggin Band Colisse-(Last, I knew was over $36 thousand dollars in arrearages on taxes. An, unable to pay the Lewiston city; guaranteed, secured loan at $1.2 million.

Thank, U Auburn, Maine ?


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