FOR, 30 (thirty) years I have run for Mayor of; that-U-call-it and have been bullied by the local press, LPD, Maine TV Media and it affiliates and special interest groups. PERHAPS U have had the same problem. U R 2 young, U don’t have a degree (They think everyone with a partial college education or trade school R stupid or U R not self educated because it is your hobby), U R transgender or eccentric, U R poorly dressed, U R disabled, It’s your religious prayer habits, U R not pretty or handsome enough, U R physically smaller or 2 tall, U R 2 smart and they R afraid 2 lose their job 2 U.

2 Aug


soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

The picture that was to accompany this issue; is, a depressed Micky Mouse walking away with hand in pocket and head drooped in sadness.

Captioned: The nicest people; always, get treated like shit.,

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