WORD SALAD; for 11 August 2017.

11 Aug

1. State of Maine, increases liquor price on low end liquors. This is a good move.

Why, because even cans of beer are lower than a soda . . . and then we wonder why we have so much of a problem with drunk and disorderly. Never, and let me restate this never should a can of beer by less than the same size of a soda “Never”.

2. And, the “Nip” small liquor bottles should see an increase to the price of a small soda.

3. Lewiston, Maines ex City Councilor is getting nasty on the World Wide Web. Now, State of Maine Senator Nathaniel Libby (D) is using graphic language in angry tweet on social media aiming at Governor,Paul Lepage (R).

4. American Civil Liberty Union is suing the Governor or Maine for “Internet” blocking on Facebook.com Just like “Heidi Sawyer” of “Manpower of Maine” is doing to me on social media Facebook.com’s group “Lewiston Rocks.” a social web site for what was to be an open expression of ideas.


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