15 August 2017; Lewiston, Maine City Council’s Agenda. City Hall, 7 PM. Click, on anything red.

12 Aug

Agenda Item 18. Treebate or screwbate. . . increasing taxes on other residents without tree wishes or property to place on. Lewiston, Maine should be watching it tax base; not, giving it away so other have to make up the difference.

Oh, what was I thinking should Connects-it happen and cities combine; Auburn, will be paying.

Agenda Item 19. $50 thousand from the General Fund from non designated
fund balance for Treebate.

Agenda Item 21. Order, authorizing City Administrator to enter an agreement “memorandum” and provided a firm cash commitment of $237.500 dollars of Federally funded “Community Development Block Grant monies or “other” City funds to leverage implementation of “action activity” identified in the “to be” created “Choice Plan”. Definitions: Merriam Webster or “to be”: That is to be – future. Such as to be Lewiston, Maine Resident’s to be screw in future ? Should be left for new 7 November 2017 Elected Council. (Hope, they are not attempting to $ cash in before they leave office?)

I have no problem with with the city applying and accepting a Choice Neighborhood grant.

* *However, I do have a problem with the City of Lewiston putting the cart before the horse and, entering an agreement with Community Concepts of Massachusetts for over $237 thousand dollars in future Federal Community Development Block Grant money. * Which, is to decrease in Fiscal year 2019.


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