BLAST FROM THE PAST: Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal; of 01 January 2004

14 Aug

CHARLES SOULE”: I’ll be back.

Lewiston voters may not get a chance to vote on the Bates Mill Exit Strategy, but they may be able to vote on Charles Arthur Soule, the man pushing to get the mill and the handing off of $27 dollars of City money on the ballot.

Soule’, said he’ll be back in 2004, running for Mayor a fifth time.

His past platforms have included posposals to censor cable television providers for morality and erect police cameras throughout the city to watch for crime. (Is, in place today 5/2017.)

In the 2003 election, he proposed building a full scale replica of the Eiffel Tower to paid in port by telecommunication companies with the help of the united States Military (Radiar) as Loring Air Force Base is closing as an inducement to tourism in Central Maine.

Soule’, lost his bid for mayor for the fourth time in November 2003, picking up 788 votes – about 7 percent of those cast.

After, the election he stayed active in the politics by starting a petition to get the city’s Bates Mill Exit Strategy (City, to turns mill over with 3 parking garages to be build by city at $3 million each and exchange of $27 million of cities funds to developer Thomas Platts.) before the voters.

His efforts have stalled and he needs to collect all 1000 by February 24, 2004.

I just think the voters need to decide on this issue and something this important. Soule’, said. “I can think of better ways to spend our money than to spend it all on the Bates Mill.” (And, then the 2008-9 collapse of the US economy.)

A legal review of Soule’s petition by the city attorney determined it was to vage to be legally binding. (Beware of City; attorney.)

Even so, officials have allowed Soule’ to continue collecting signatures until the deadline on his petition to have the Bates Mill Exit Strategy brought in front of the Lewiston, Maine voter.


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    Three parking garage at $3 million, $27 million on exchange $360 thousand city park and all parking spaces to be paid by City of Lewiston, Maine on exchange to Developer.

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