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NEEDED: Revised U. S. Constitution ! When, I was born there was 4.5 billion people on Earth 1953. Today, 8+ billion ? Your, life time 18 billion ?

30 Apr



Trump, order Federal Troops too the boarder of California.

30 Apr

via I ; AUTHORIZE a M135 Helicopter Mini-gun at boarder.


30 Apr


After, 231 year a new United States Constitutional Congress States Assembly is required / needed to make the United States Constitution a valid document for today’s America.  The constitution as we know it now; replaced, the Articles of Confederation of founding States.

Reasoning, gun were loaded by hand, no media such as internet, phones, radio, television and immigration issues was  not needed at time.

Issues, at Hand:

  1.  Immigration.
  2.  Gun Laws.
  3.  Boarders.  Now, they are being “Bused” to border as if on tour.   Seeking, Asylum ?
  4.  DACA
  5. Balanced Budget
  6. Morality of Media
  7.  Court System.   (We, can not keep having the Presidents rulings challenged at ever turn.  And, should their be a challenge in lower Court’s to his executive privilege.  Than, it should be advanced to the United States Supreme Court to be heard immediately.  And, over ruling shall be by unanimous decision.   Second, line in effort to over rule the President shall come from over ruling by the joint seating action of the Senate and Congress of the United States of America.

  8.  Television violence, sexual content and other issues.

    I, know we are stepping onto a slippery slope. However, the affect of not doing it will have a worst effect on the future of this Nation.

  9.  Rank file voting issue.

UP-DATE: Machete Used !

30 Apr

Local well known drug dealing corner at Pierce and Pine Street, Lewiston, Maine was the scene of a Machete attack as Lewiston, Maine Police Department investigate the incident as this is being reported.

According to eye witnesses individual taken to hospital in Ambulance as three to 4 police cars respond to scene of fighting brawl.

This, corner well know to the area resident’s as a hot spot for dealing crack, heroin and anything-under-the-sun has been running-it’s-game for years as police ignored the area resident’s problems.

It, was echoed that the seller a Jamaican was an informant for the Drug Enforcement Agency or the Lewiston, Maine Police department.  And, that this afforded him special treatment.

THE DAY’s OF DRUG DEALING ARE COMING TOO AN END.   Even, if we have to do the same as the {Philippine’s) President has authorized.

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UP-DATE of 3 May ’18:   I have been threatened by the Gang Leader on Monday (Caught on phone Recorder) and then yesterday as I was walking on Walnut Street, Lewiston, Maine.  I told him not to be bumping into me.   And, he did not swing  .   .   .   .   . and I am 65 years old.

Drug dealing is coming to an end or it will be the end of me.

Several, people from the Neighborhood came up to me and thank me for my actions as they are afraid to walk on the corner or Pierce Street and Pine Street, Lewiston, Maine.  I was amazed as a few of the individuals that thank me was young ladies that avoid the area because of Sexual Harassment.

However, the area is still under policed.    And, this the ares police call the “Red Zone” !

More, to follow as details come in from the Neighborhood area resident’s.

29 April ’18 and you are there.

30 Apr

via On Street Prostitution Count: today, in Lewiston, Maine for 29 April ’18 is “10” at 1:30 am – 5:00 am. ***************************************** I was glad that Lewiston, Maine’s new woman sergeant and night Patrol Supervisor was all over this a day before. But, I now I see the next day’s tally is up too 10 again! I should mention that the school Department’s one million dollar increase’s for the last few year and this years estimated $7 million dollar increase. Has, led to “No” more hiring of police officer’s. And, to you beat Lewiston police officers, “I apologize for this’.

Vote “NO” to $7 million increase to School Budget ! 8 May 2018, Longley School across from Colisee’.

29 Apr

Vote “NO” TODAY, Tuesday, 08 May 2018 too $8,887.766.00 million dollar increase to School Budget at Longley School across from Colisee’. Or, your rent is going up.

29 Apr