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10 Oct

Mr. Charles A. Soule’s debate speech “Mayoral of 23 October 2017”  and was in part his “2015 Mayoral forum Speech”.

Maine, has the fastest growing ageing population in the country.

But, this election should not be turned into a young verses the aging.

And, we must be mindful of this in government and in respects to the allowance of creative opportunity for the advancement of the Millennials.

Before you are two Americans Flag’s.  (Prop)

Can you tell the differences ?

This flag is the one my father fought under and it helped free the conquered and under extermination besieged lands of World War II and it has 48 stars.

And, this is the one I volunteered for military service in 1973 and we share it which stands for Nation Civil Right’s; Equal Right for Woman, Civil and reaffirmed rights for all America’s peoples, Citizenship for Deferred Action of Childhood Arrival (DACA) and for Citizenship for “illegal immigrants” with 14 Amendment born children.

But, this will not be a given and will be earned every day through deeds.

And, our flag has 50 star’s.

Our flag,  is an ever changing conservatively progressive flag that is always changing and evolving for the betterment of the American Society and World’s future while insuring our Nation’s security and World security interest.



Time, allotted for opening speech is about 2 minutes.

Vote “NO” 8 May 2018 on the Lewiston, Maine School Budget @ the Gov. James B. Longley Schoolon Birch St., Lewiston, Maine open at 7 am.