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10 Jun

The U. S. Border’s wall is not an impediment – it is a system of controlled “Legal” access.

(And, I do not care that the children are being taken from parents of illegal immigrants.  As, they are allowing there children to travel alone and dangerous distance in some cases.)

It, protects people of the United States and does not pit immigrant’s and citizens of the united States against each other.

It does foster legal togetherness; it breeds honesty and legal compliance of working together as a team.

It keeps out predators, and takes away their illegal activity (ies).

The U. S. border is not meant to divide on world from another.   However, it is meant to to control togetherness through the Law of the United States.

Otherwise, I would not b e here as my Grandfather, from Quebec Canada would have not been the fist citizen of my father side to become a citizen of the United States.  And, thus my father and I would not have been born here in the United States of America.  My father serving in WWII and Korea for this great nation under God.

Yes, there is only one world and someday in the future, it would be nice to live in a world that is not imaginary.  But today, at best to me; it has not come to fruition to date.


I would like 2 thank Liberty Mutual Insurance of Lewiston, Maine for year’s of service to Lewiston, Maine.  (And, a forgotten asset.)


OFFICER ROBERT’S FOOT STUCK IN MOUTH ? Stolen, Volvo Cannondale Bicycle 1996.

23 May

26 June 2018 – And, still no update of this issue after repeated call and messages left on his answering machine at the Lewiston, Maine Police Station.


Update:  18 May 2018 – In defense of Officer Roberts.  I will say that he injured his right foot and now is truly a flat foot (humor, please) and was making a serious effort to resolving the issue.

(Just, a thought I guess that their is no know one to follows up if an officer is incapacitated.  And, that is why few things gets accomplished by the Lewiston, Maine Police Department.  That, and their are few honorably discharged ex military police Officer’s.   For, if you are a good responsible police officer.  You, move up quickly and move on to bigger assignments or are left behind stuck in Lewiston, Maine.)

Recently, after 6 weeks or more I have reported to the Lewiston, Maine Police Department Officer Corporal Raymond Roberts a stolen bicycle that I had used in the 2017 Mayoral Lewiston Election in 2017.   And, was photographed with the Bicycle in question by the “No Consolidation” group their sign’s on the Bicycle  that was posted to the their web-site that was posed to the consolidation “No” Site on the consolidation of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine.

The reason for my not mentioning to the police sooner was that I thought my friends would fine it.   And, they did in the window of the “Lewiston Pawn Shop” on Lisbon Street in Lewiston, Maine.

Although, a girl earlier had stated that she had seen it trashed and in the Canal Street, Bates Mill City Canal System that was donated to the City by Brookfield of Canada so the city taxpayer’s could rehabilitate it at residents cost.

Another, thing was that I have had bicycles stolen prior to this one and an Officer was call to there I found the bicycle.  And,the Officer did not even get out of this vehicle to contact the steeler of the bicycle.  And, stated how can you prove it is your.  I stated that I could take him to the individual that gave it to me.   He, couldn’t take the time.   So, though I had found my bicycle the Police Department through him.  Would not do any investigation.

Thus, this delaied my reporting to the Lewiston, Maine Police Department.

However, the bicyles is 22 years old and a Volvo.   I do not remember the manufactures serial number.

So, I continue.

So, upon a friends sighting of the bicycle in the window of the Lewiston, Maine Pawn Shop.   I called the owner of the Pawn Shop as I have know him for 30 years and have been doing business with him even longer through the previous owners.  Just, to be given a run around.

Not, having the manufacturing number I described the marking on it to him (Rick) and that I had used woman’s finger nail polish to cover the imperfections on it.  As, the red I sued (polish) did not truly match the red that was applied by the factory.  And for the white, I used house paint (white) to spruce up the rest of the bicycle.

It, has now been over a week Cpl. Officer Roberts has not contacted me as to what was occurring in regards to the Volvo 1996 bicycle.  Though, he stated he would call me the next day after speaking to the Attorney James Howaniec a personal friend that posted to the “No” consolidation of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine website.  As, I had wired a sign advocating the “No” consolidation side of the ballot question.

I shall wait another week and keep you posted as to proceeding’s.

New, details will be post at top of the article.

Businesses, that give “Amarican’s” the “Business”.

13 May

These, businesses below are Companies; that, I would not associate with.


     Toronto Dominion Bank = Post, overdrafts prior to one that would keep your account from over drafting on weekends.  So, they can collect overdrafts on one that would not have placed your account in over draft mode.

  1.  Wells Fargo = Created fake accounts for customers.
  2.   Bank of America fined by Federal Government 76 Billion Dollars. (All banks Nation wide since the 2008 financial crises have been fined $243 billion dollars.)
  3. JP Morgan Chase = $44 billion dollars fine
  4.   Goldman Sachs = $7.7 billion fine
  5.   Deutsche Bank = $14 billion fine
  6.   RBS = $10.1 billion fine
  7.   BMP Paribas = $9.3 billion fine
  8.   Credit Suisse = 9.1 billion fine
  9.   Morgan Stanley = $8.6 billion fine
  10.   UBS = $6.5 billion fine

    All above as of 14 February 2018.

    I am looking into Credit Bank One for posting violation that may be on level of Toronto Dominion Bank of Canada.

LEWISTON, MAINE’s; Library and it’s subversive ways. * * * * * * * * * * Advocating for “Lewiston, Maine Sanctuary City” through policies.

9 May

Is the Lewiston, Maine Library aiding and abiding those peoples who are hear illegal and subversively aiding and abiding a criminal element with my / your tax dollar’s ?

A meeting was held at the Lewiston Library on topic’s that had to do with new immigrant right and health issues according to an individual I was taking to a Mr. Luke Jensen, who is running for Ward 5 Lewiston, Maine School Committee.

Now, let it be known that I have no problem with the Library being used for constructive purposes and I consider in most part that this meeting was so.

However, portions were in the line as to how to avoid the “Laws of this nation”.   And, as far as I am concerned “We, are a nation of Laws”.

For, the Library to allow edification of the violation of the United States Law’s is not it’s purpose.

How, was the aforementioned accomplished by the knowing or not knowing that was to be addressed on Lewiston, Maine City controlled property what is contradictory to national interest and security.

My, main argument is that this meeting addressed the following issues.

– – – – – – – – – -WHAT, TO DO IF  –  I. C. E  –  COMES TO YOUR DOOR ! – – – – – – – – – – –

United States of America, Department of Homeland Security (Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Documents were handout as to stating the following:

FIGHT BACK (How, guns, knifes, fist and this could get someone killed in Law Enforcement.)


This was promulgated by “United we Dream” and, so we do.  24 August 2017

But, there is a legal process as we are a “Nation of Laws” and no Federal subsidized government financed entity has a right to place a United States Enforcement Agents in-harms-way for fulfilling the legal duties to their job and country.

Silence !

18 Apr

In, respect for Mrs. Barbara Bush and wife; and, mother to President’s number 41 and 43 and mother too a Nation.

May the presents of Angles be with you always.

Ms. M. Peres new Head Director Liar of the Lewiston, Maine Library is avoiding my reentry into the Library that I have gone to since 1972. She, asked me to leave the Library on a lie and did not give me an opportunity to produce the Librarian on duty that day. Who, would have vouched for my side. And, now she is giving me the run around. And, I believe it is on a Political basis.

6 Apr

soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

Ms. M. Peres, is alleged to have been hired do to her being a minority woman and not a member of the older community of Lewiton, Maine.

We, all know how far Lewiston, Maine administration will go to appease the new community over the older community.

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12 Mar

Why, are certain families allow to sell “Crack Cocaine” and be suing unofficial vehicle sticker in Lewiston and Auburn, Maine area. Because, they are being followed ?  To who; when have you heard of a big shot dealer being caught?  While, the COP’s and DEA follow the small guy they create 100 more young prostitutes are children.

All, you have to do is go to and check friend’s out.

They, run crack house all night and are according to my source’s are “Beating Up on a Lot of Young Girls sexually”.  Which, allows girls to get “Crack” for sex.

Families are as follow.

The alleged Pontoo brother’s.

The alleged Erbby’s family.

And, alleged “Jamaican” Vincent at corner of Pierce St. and Pine “The Smoke Shop” and local drug store.

Alleged, 209 Pine St. 1st floor a Shawn who is on the Pedophilia listing.

Alleged, 66  Howe St. 2nd fl. rear.

Alleged, 33 Jefferson St. 2nd fl.  with children an a neighbor’s input.

I would like to thank the are community residents for their input to me on the ever growing drug problem in Leiwton, Maine.