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354 views out of 10,000: TOO: LEWISTON, MAINE POLICE CHIEF Brien T. O’Malley “Get Off Your ASS”.

12 Mar

Why, are certain families allow to sell “Crack Cocaine” and be suing unofficial vehicle sticker in Lewiston and Auburn, Maine area.

All, you have to do is go to and check friend’s out.    You, mental midget’s.

They, run crack house all night and are according to my source’s are “Beating Upon a Lot of Young Girls PUSSY” for “Crack”.

Families are as follow.

The Pontoo brother’s.

The Erbby’s Family.

“Jamaican” Vincent at corner of Pierce St. and Pine “The Smoke Shop”.


IN, Honor of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2018 I did the following. Can, I have a sense of “Humor”?

10 Mar

I,  sat to urinate rather than stand.

Joint:  Twitter #Metoo.

I bitched about everything.

And, I did not beg for Sex without paying for it some how.

And, did not expect a woman to open all doors for me.

I washed the dishes and dried them.


When, I can become a “Transgender woman” ?  And, congratulate my self for having male sex organ’s.


251 views by 12 March 2018.





HOW, I STARTED BEING 65 YEAR’s OLD. I must admit I am not as sharp as I use to be.

6 Mar
  1.   The night before my birthday a friend steals my Credit Cards and automated payroll deposit card !
  2.   Through, something was wrong when she left in  a hurry.
  3.   Had, to cancel credit cards that night and make police report.

Bay of my birthday spent calling credit card companies and pay deposit card company to give Police Incident Number.

I think I will get a accountant / payee to assist me in bill paying and financial matter.  As, getting older is not easy and I could use the help.

If, any of you could recommend an organization that could assisted me as to being a Payee or accountant.  It, would be appreciated.

Too, blazes with Trump’s “Son-In-Law” having to downgrade his Security Clearance ! It, a wonder that he has a security clearance at all !

1 Mar

Since, Mr. Jared Kushner is Jewish even if born in the United States and as a Jew he is allow to hold an “Israeli Passport” to by birth as a Jew.

This, means that should he turn into a Spy, Kills a U. S. Citizen and can make it to Israel.

Israeli’s, does not have to hand him over to the United States for prosecution of any crime.  Because, Israel was no extradition treaty with the United States of America.

“NO” person holding a United States Passport should be allowed to hold another countries passport while a citizen of this country !


The Russian got their Atomic Bomb information blueprints from a Jewish Citizen of the United States.   And, they were executed as the Mr. Julius and Ethel Rosenburg.   Who, thought it was not right for the United States to be the only one with the “Atomic Secret”.

Jew’s, will surly bring down the Trump Administration down.

Welcome, to the viewer’s from the Country of Chile.


GUN; Controlling of person’s “Right to Acquire Firearms. “

26 Feb

Which test would you like to see used as a determining factor to abolish a person’s –  2 Amendment Right to bare arms on a mental complaint ?

Psychoanalysis, or some other alternative to “Psychoanalysis” testing ?

Some forms of psychotherapy use the Freudian technique of having the person patient free associate while in a relaxed position, usually on a couch, but reject Freud’s theories of the structure of the mind and the causes of personality disorders.

Other’s, retain the Freudian theory but use different methods of therapy; still others have abandoned both the theory and practice of psychoanalysis.

These brief and necessarily simplified descriptions emphasize the way, theoretical or practical, in which various psychotherapies most sharply depart from classical psychoanalysis.

1.  CHEMOTHERAPY –  Concentrates on chemical imbalances in the nervous system that maybe the cause or result of mental disorder (s) and attempt to treat these disorders with drugs.

2.  DIRECT PSYCHOTHERAPY – assumes that the person is not in condition to work through his own problems or to establish therapeutic goals, and the therapist undertakes these responsibilities.  The therapist uses any techniques that seem indicated and tries to base his plan of action on all available scientific knowledge.

3.  EXISTENTIAL THERAPY – is based on the existentialist philosophical belief that each individual has to choose his values and decide the meaning of his life.  The therapist attempts to achieve an authentic, spontaneous relationship with the patient to help him discover his free will and make his choice (s).

4.  EXPERIENTIAL THERAPY – is a system in which therapist and patient jointly enter the patient’s fantasy world, often acting out fantasies together.  The resulting emotional experience (s) aim at re-educating the patient on the deepest level of his psyche.

5.  GENERAL SEMANTICS – postulates that neurotic behavior results from unrealistic use of words, especially the error of identifying the word with the object for which it stands.  The therapist tries to teach the patient to use language more accurately and realistically in thinking and communicating, thereby achieving a more effective orientation.

6.  GESTALT THERAPY – focuses on the patient’s difficulty in forming meaningful, organized “whole” (Referred to  by the German word “Gestalt”) out of experiences that have left him with unresolved problem (s).

  • 7.  HORNEY AN PSYCHOLOGY – was developed by Karen Horney, who believed that neurosis springs from basic anxiety acquired in childhood.  (attempts, to over through the idealized self-image the patient is try to live up to, making patient face their actualself and release their potential for a healthier personality development.  How, many or Us can never life p to our mother’s or father’s expectation’s.   I “Love” this one and am glade I have overcome my families expectation year’s ago.

8.  HYPNOTHERAPY – use of hypnosis to increase the Patient’s suggestibility and to lift repression, to remove neurotic symptoms when they prevent progress in therapy or to persuade the patient to adopt more constructive general attitudes.

9.  TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS – Postulates that all interpersonal communications spring from specific ego states called, Parent, Adult, and Child.  Looking, to replace ego state (s) with correct state of mind.

10.  PSYCHODRAMA – is a form of improvised play-acting of a certain role (s) and dramatic incidents resembling those situations that produce problems for the patient (s) in their daily live.  Produces, in patient (s) theoretical insight (s) and corrective emotional experiences should it be required in future.

These, are just a few of the many “Psychoanalysis Alternatives” that are out there for individuals to consider.



“Update” SPECIAL WORD SALAD – “SILENCE”: School Shootings and Why ?

15 Feb

My major reason for “happenings” are as follows.

  1.   Size, of School’s foot print is to big.  Like Lewiston, Maine New Campus on East Avenue.  +3000 students.

    (3 thousand students, plus , students with driver’s, teaches + cars, support personnel (teachers , janitors, cooks, ed. tech’s, nurse, psychologist , etc.) all crashing in on site at same time in morning ?

  2.   To many student’s.

  3.   Have become impersonal due to size.
  4.   To much testing.

  5.   Changing class room’s all day or Mass movement of student..   (For, different purposes.)  Leads, to no stability.
  6.   Allowance, of specially challenged student to attend regular schools from being of schooling age.  (I know this will not be agreeable to all.)  But, still I say.    It is like putting a round wooden block into a square non conforming hole in some situations.

  7.   Length of school day in some cases children are getting out of school a 1:45 pm.  And, then there is the number of vacation days, teacher’s work shop’s and summer vacation time.
  8.   Then, there is social media, tech gaming, sexual and violence on Television.

  9.   To much Liberalism education in schools and schools have become political theater for Liberal agitators within the school system’s.
  10.   Lack of “Morality” based education in public schools and Homes.



Viewer, from Ireland.

WORD SALAD: for 6:00 am; Friday, 9 February 2018 and 11 February 2018.

9 Feb

-7 degrees on the land in Lewiston, Maine and I am out checking the Prostitution scene for you.  In an attempt to wake the “COP” up as they sleep in the station at night while waiting for a call that a crime is occurring instead of on the street’s in a preventive status.

As, I proceed down Pine Street in Loosestown, Maine a girl; Crack “HO” is yelling at the top of her lungs and chocking on crack exhaust as she spits or more on the side of the road.

And, her poor caring boyfriend is attempting to verbally ask her to go home while having his heart torn out through his mouth.  And, eventually decides to give up and go home.

All a while; hoping, she does not call the police as they usually arrest the wrong person.

As, they usually attempt to “pleasure the girlfriend need’s over the boyfriend’s.  Possibly, hoping to score later.

After, that I move to the front of WEEB’s Market at the corner as they have a camera covered store front.

I watching from the store front noticing a SUV with Me. plate’s “stevze” parked across the street in front of the Community Credit Union with a crack “HO” named “Kelly” sitting in the driver’s seat.  I think to myself; as I am proceeding to the front of the Community Credit Union; she, does not have a driver’s License and as I approach she starts to back up from a parked position.

While, yelling that are you doing, “You, are making my friend nervous!”

I state to think, “Who the hell are you” .  But know better than to say anything to a cracked out Prostitute waiting for her drug dealer on a busy street in Lewiston, Maine with “NO” policing.

And, just then a Red truck with Red snow blow show’s up; and a Patrol car rounds the  corner.

This, should have been a slam dunk for the officer.  But, “NO” he sat there for a long while.   As, I un-hooded so he could see who it was.  Then, he left doing nothing.

Which, is the usual for the Lewiston, Maine Police Department when it comes to the street “Crack Scene” and “Prostitution Scene” in Lewiston, Maine.

I hope their “Children” end up as Crack “HO” at 22 year’s of age and are pimped out to their friend’s.

If not their child; maybe, their grandchildren  .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   . Can, I hear an Amen ?



I will be talking about this at the Next City Council Meeting. On, Tuesday, 20 February 2018 and have let the Police Chief know,

Also, foreign views from Turkey and Canada; welcome.