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EXTRA ( OVER $35 MILLION DOLLARS PUT INTO BATES MILL EXIT STRATEGY SINCE 2004: *Racketeering: definition; is the act of offering of a dishonest service to solve a problem that would not otherwise exist without the enterprise offering the services. Investigation required ?

15 Jun

For, some years; I have watched the City of Lewiston, Maine Municipal Government with advise of the hired City Attorney negotiating without option of an exit clause for the City of Lewiston, Maine; pump, millions of Taxpayer’s money into the Bates Mil Complex.

Gives a $360 thousand dollar park; that, was built at Federal taxpayer’s expense .

City of Lewiston, Maine, City hired Attorney; allow, City to enter a Parking Lot Association; where, the city only had two (2) votes and the other three (3) votes were allegedly controlled by the developer.

2004 – City of Lewiston, Maine Bates Mill Exit Strategy, transferred Bates Mill to Developer it hired to operate; with, $27 million dollars. And, in the agreement promised to build three (3) parking garages and pay for assembling parking spots.

Then, issues a letter of option and then extension agreement to developer to the Bates Mill Number #5 complex without proper notification of any others might want to be an interested party.

Then, the City of Lewiston, Maine assumes an agreement to take control of a worthless; 1.5 mile canal adjacent to parts of the Bates Mill Complex needing millions of dollars of restoration for the bottom and sides leek, wood work timbers are rotting in place, concrete is showing ware and medal strapping is rusting in place.

Androscoggin Bank Colisee; Lewiston, Maine: $9 million invested in renovations.   Sold for $1.2 million, new owner given 5 years before 1st payment due to City of Lewiston, Maine.  After, 5 year new owner ask for extension before 1st. payment; made, with owner behind in property taxes by $27,000.00. The City of Lewiston, Maine approved the request and resumed some control -of the facility that it was selling.

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No, inference; to, Lewiston, Maine’s, City Administration Officials participating in RACKETEERING ?

NOTE:  There are several Mills in Lewiston, Maine such as the following: Bleachy at corner of Adam  (Willow) Avenue and Liston, Street, Lewiston, Maine, Continental Mill, Cedar and Oxford Street and the Martins warehouse mill on Lisbon Street across from Adam Avenue in Lewiston, Maine.These mills are being neglected by the City of Lewiston, Maine or owner do not wish help.

SPECIAL WORD SALAD: State of Maine to raise sales tax $

29 May

Do to the shrinking population, Maine economy, and reallocation of the Federal budget it is expected that Maine will have to raise the “Maine State residents Sales Tax” and “Tourism Tax” in the near future.

This is attributed to; and, not exclusive to their not being able to fund the right; of a person that can not afford an attorney in legal judicial action.

University of Maine in state resident’s tuition increased; by, $400 a semester for 2018.

I also expect an increase in electric bills. And, take issue on large users of electrical power (Example: radio station – Maine Public 6 Station’s, television Station WGME13 – 4 station’s, so on) being given a “More you use the cheaper it is” and that the average home owner does not qualify for and has to pickup the cost of the large electricity user “discount” . This will be a problem as the home, apartments numbers drop.

*If,elected as Mayor of Lewiston, Maine Fall 2017; and, should the State of Maine not levy a deposit on the alcohol container call a “Nip” it is my intend to levy a recycling handling fee in Lewiston, Maine.

Issue, how is it that a beer is cheaper than a beer? This should not be allow in this state.

QUESTION 5. RANK CHOICE VOTING; “Guess who was right, “me”.” of Word Salad of 02 April 2016: Voted “DOWN” by Maine Supreme Court ! Can I hear an “AMEND”. . . . Democratic Party “FODDER”. Press on anything red.

2 Apr – Political reporter for Lewiston, Maine is Rank Choice Voting “DEAD” in Lewiston, Maine. “YES”

Question (1): “An Act to Legalize MARIJUANA. ” U, DOPE.

In the seventh (7th) grade, I grabbed one of my stepfather’s PALL – MALL non filter cigarettes.

As, I attended Webster School in Auburn, Maine at the time and lived on top on Goff Hill; I had to walk up the hill at the days end to get home.

So, I light up on the climb up the hill to get home; and, was overcome by the climb and ingesting the smoke from the non filtered cigarette.

What, if persons start leaving their marijuana roaches (buts) in their ashtrays at home and their children; do as I did; grab one and light up.

Then, will this lead to packaging of DOPE (A gateway drug); like cigarettes ?


QUESTION (2) :  “An Act of Insanity” to establish; “The Class Warfare Fund to advance the Pay of Teachers in Public K-1 through 12.  Question:  Do you want to add a 3% tax on individuals Mainers who make $200,000.00 and above to create (Start a Class Warfare and a Special Interest Groups $40,000.00 a year Teacher starting salary for teacher; who, just got a raise to $35,000.00.) a state fund that would provide direct support for student learning in K-1 through K-12 grade public education ?” Lewiston, Maine average salaries $43 thousand a year with 3% raises a year while with Lewiston, School System.

Problem 1.  My young adults goes to a Private School; why, am I being signaled out.

Problem 2.  Will not stand up in a court of law.  Class Warfare – Class discrimination.

Problem 3.  Who will be signaled out next; over $5,000.00 or so ?



………………………………………YES, I DO…………………………………………..


QUESTION 4: “An act to raise the Minimum wage.”


” NO “





QUESTION 5.   Definition of “Rank”; foul smelling.    And,” Ranked Choice Voting” is…..  VOTE ” NO”  !    PLUS, the cost of re-voting and unconstitutional.


HARVARD UNIVERSITY AGREES WITH “TRUMP” AS TO LOWERING; Corporate Taxes, to 25 percent as the Donald wants 15 percent levied.

Voting, straight Republican Ticket; for my first time ever .  And, especially for Mr. Bruce Poliquin; for it is good to elect a person with a foot in the past and one in the future and knowing the past.

**WORD SALAD EXTRA** Who am I to speak; a speech to be given 21 March 2017 by Mr. Charles Arthur Soule.

16 Mar
My name is Charles Arthur Soule an I want to be your next Mayor.
135 Bartlett Street, Lewiston, Maine
Please, Google:  Charles A. Soule, Lewiston, Maine to find me on the Web .

Who am I to speak?

I am not overly educated or overly successful; I am a Veteran of a Military Police Action gone by a citizen of Auburn – Lewiston; Maine, and the United States of America.

In November 2015 Mayoral Election; I was served a none harassment of a reporter and a no trespass by a daily local newspaper Lewiston Maine Sun Journal though the Lewiston, Maine Police Department./tag/news

The next day an article appeared in the local newspaper calling me a “Eccentric” for pointing out that College Students from out of state in were voting in the Lewiston, Maine election by registering with just their College Identification and a piece of Mail without changing their drivers license; or any financial forms indicating their home addresses.

So, you will not read of my appearance here tonight in your local newspaper for the aforementioned reason.

I am here tonight to declare my candidacy for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine in 2017 as a “NO CONNECTS-IT ” in regards to Consolidation of the two cities of Lewiston – Auburn, Maine.



BLAST FROM THE PAST: I PLACE MYSELF IN DANGER BY TAKING ON THE ESTABLISHMENT . . .Lewiston, Maine Police Department and the Western Maine Task force of the DEA.

1 Mar

Well, school is under way in  Lewison, Maine.

And evidently so has the Lewiston, Maine School of Prostitution.  Classes are held on the corner of any street in the Inner City of Lewiston, Maine that begins with an “Ho”. and intersecting with Ash Street from 4:00 am and all day  and well into the night.

And to think, this intermingled in full view of the Inner Lewiston, Maine City children walking to school !

I live in the Inner City of Lewiston, Maine and concur with the Governor of the State of Maine on three fronts.

  1.   In this City and in my estimation the percentage of Dealer brake down  85 percent Blacks too  15 percent white.

  2.   I, also reject the Calling of the Governor of Maine a racist; as,  he and his beautiful wife have a adopted black child.  Ho, did the Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal not mention that fact…mr. drew gattine is a glory hunter as election are coming up.

  3.   Alleged, Prostitutes know to Lewiston, Maine Police Department on full view this morning giving instruction on how to walk a corner.   First, there is C with a black eye given to her by she B – friend; they run the police department for they walk everywhere without incursion, E. S. doing business at corner of Prince St. and Walnut Street,  K., D. F. on bail condition for prostituting in Portland, Me. and C.  V. in pink.

  4.   When, it comes to policing in Lewiston, Maine. I, like Pontious Pilate and Jesus;  I wash my hands of the Lewiston Police Department and the old boys network; not really I do not bury my head in the sand.

  5. Ms. DJ a 21 child in Lewiston is in need of help.  (I asked the Lewiston Police Department aand Western Maine (DEA) to intercede) as she walks, the street with drug shooting implements in her purse.  Since, the Western Maine DEA is not intervening with the Lewiston, Maine Police Department (LPD)….   This child is in a usury position as the dealer is fronting her the drug in an effort to keep her in his control and servicing his clients…………….for the drug. And, since I have asked the DEA and LPD on several occasions to intervene for the sake of girls to no avail and was given the excuse that they are following them to the Dealer’s house.  Thus; using, the young girl in a usury way; just, like the Drug dealers !

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Word Salad; for 6 January 2017. * * Important #5. – #9.

29 Dec

WORD SALAD: Pending Business left over from 2016 and previous years.

  1.   Vote in 2017 on Consolidation of Lewiston and  Auburn, Maine this has been pending since 2014.  ( I  say “No”.)

  2.   New Police Chief for Lewiston, Maine.  (Women)

  3.   New Lewiston, Maine School Superintendent.

  4.   11 / 2017 Lewiston, Maine Mayoral (Run for) Election and City Council Election

  5.  Create an infrastructure bank with money from United States penalized companies like Volkswagen and  Deutsche Bank of Germany, Wells Fargo, Intel – 1.5 Billion $, Abbotts Lab’s  – 1.5 billion $, Enron 1.5 Billion  $,  Siemens A. G. – 1.6 Billion $, Johnson and Johnson 2.2 Billion $, Pfizer 2.3 Billion $, and Time Warner 2.4  billion dollars and so on.    These monies should be earmarked for the creation of jobs in all states; through,  repair and upgrade of our bridges, roads and associated infrastructure.

  6.  Look into having quarterly meeting at Lewiston, Maine’s Androscoggin Bank  Colisee’  if elected Mayor .   Includes meal, talking on direction of city and  generational dancing as my mother is approaching 89 years young.

  7.  Maine State and Municipalities Taxable Economy will  be declining and revenue sharing to Municipalities  will be dwindling as Maine economy reconfigure’s .  State Budget for  2016 was 6.7 Billion and this with a  population of only plus or minus 1 million – 300  thousand including children.

  8.  Remember, Maine has the fastest growing Elderly population in the Nation.

  9.  Take a look at the Peoples initiatives system as to are  we going from a State Legislative system to a Peoples  Voting initiative rule by the citizen that can be  manipulated by interest by money and media  manipulation as opposition forces can not gather  money to combat their foes  .

  10.   Ask governor to enforce Federal Law over new states Drug Law.

11. Check on effects of freezing local government and            school spending cost for Lewiston, Maine.  Yearly              step raises to teacher of Lewiston School system.

12.  Lewiston, Maine using high tech listening devices in police cars to ease-drop on                   inner city and neighborhood’s in Lewiston.

 13.  2018 Lewiston, Maine City Budget non replacement          of Assistant Lewiston, Maine City Administrator                Mr. Phil Nadeau due to budgetary restraints.

    14.   Maine State showing cards as to Lewiston, Maine’s;  Lewiston / Auburn Arts program not funded and shrinking revenue.

Word Salad: of 7 April 2017: “MIX TO THE FUTURE 2 THE PAST” “TRUMP” to bring back “Glass – steagall Act of 1933. This Act was to affect the outlawing of “Bundling of Mortgages” what was placed in effect by then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt after the “1929 stock market crash” which lead to the depression of the 1930’s by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And, was signed out of law by President william jefferson clinton and is believed to be the reason for the 2008-9 world recession as put by Maine Public Radio of 4/06/2007 and me in 11/2016.

28 Oct
  1.  There are 65,060 varieties of trees on the planet.

Source: WORD SALAD: AS, A VIETNAM ERA VETERAN; IF CLINTON “WIN” I WILL BE BUYING A SNIPER’S RIFLE TO PROTECT MYSELF AND BE ON THE FRONTLINE FOR THE NEXT REVOLUTION. The fact; that, Clinton wants an open immigration border; and, a free trade zone in the Western Hemisphere will be the dilution of the black and white race to extinction. WIKIPEDIA; ( And, an affront to the son’s and daughter’s of the people that won World War II like me at 64 years old; for we see through our lives that which has occurred to this Nation and you do not; like, outsourcing to other Nation to better the Wall Street crowd; capitalization by money effusion into our elections and the Media bias. To think this is being done in less than one generation thanks to the Liberal Jewish controlled Media and Democratic Party; what I thank have seized control of the American Economy in less than 70 years. And, this being done through the manipulation of the economy; for instance Bernie Madoff (Ponzi scheme), Martha Stewart (insider Trading), Mike Millikin (Junk Bond King), Lemen Brother’s, william jefferson clinton’s (Arkansas whitewater scandal; and, part (2) his signing out of law; a profession, that did not allow for bundling of mortgage securities. And, placed in effect after the 1930 depression by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ), Well Fargo (Fake accounts.), TD Toronto Bank of Canada (If, overdrawn occurs; on weekend; they post the overdraft amount first on Monday; first, to incur $15.00 fee for non overdrafts that were not as weekend started before they moved the larger overdraft first.) and Bank of America (Paid American Government fine) with their insider governmental operatives through campaign financing earning million of dollars at your expense.