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BLAST FROM THE PAST: “Big words from a small man!” YOU, WILL NEVER BE AMERICAN. BUT, BY IMMIGRATION or YOU ARE A NATIVE AMERICAN! Click, on anyone that is not an immigrant.

28 Oct

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Big words from an old small man; by, Mr.Charles Arthur Soule, second generation Franco – American Citizen.  But, my father worked everyday of his live and fought in World War 2 and Korean Police action.

And thus, I will represent all immigrants that are here legal; as, if they were my father ! (However, Lewiston is struggling with a tax burden placed on it because of this immigration and it is causing a problem to the elderly population and renters of the community.)

But, advocate for non immigration for now.

Thus, I say; I, will be attempting to hold down municipal and school budgets to allow the community to get some readjustment from these new burdens, licensing fee, water and sewerage increases and waste water run off fee’s (Different for apartments and houses.)

You  will never be accepted to any of these countries if you move there; France, Russia, China, Japan, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Finland and so on; because, they are dominated by a nation racial historic lineage.

But, the only way one becomes an American Citizen; is but by immigration.   As, like our own ancestry forebears did.

Think about it . . . . . we are perhaps the only nation on earth that is defined by the trait of “legal immigration” and once accepted as a citizen you are entitled to all aspects of citizenship under the laws of the United States of America.


“WEALTH BUILDER” Business Network International (BNI) of Maine does not get it. Lewiston / Auburn, Maine: LOCAL BUSINESSES TO BE HURT” ? And, more.

23 Sep

Attempted, to address; “Business Network International”  (BNI) on Merger or Consolidation of Lewiston, Maine with Auburn, Maine and they refused to listen.    2nd, rate Organization. Their, logo is “Build Relationships to help grow your business.  And, they refused to listen.


If, you think that the restriction on a “One L/A city” bidding purchasing will aid your business than “Vote” for it.

It, would seem to me; that, one Consolidated city bidding process would reduce some opportunity of the local business communities of Maine; Androscoggin County and the Greater Lewiston and Auburn METRO Chamber businesses as there would only be one city to do a bidding business with.

Thus, eliminating several Businesses from the equation of bidding or winning a city bid.

Will, you go out of business first ?

SOULE4MAYOR2017 –  Can you help.  No money please. Use, your “Webfluence”. (My, definition of new word: using the influence; on the “Social Internet Web as Media” to influence other (s).



22 Sep

If, on passage of the alleged merger on a vote to beheld “7 November 22017” in both cities of the Auburn, Maine and Lewiston, Maine the following will occur as for my crystal ball tells me so.

1.  The Bates Mill Number 5 will become a structure housing the combined police of  the once cities and it shall be than known as the “Bunker”.  The structure will and  is large enough to facilitate the housing of all police vehicles.  The Bunker will have  three (3) entrances one opening to Maine Street with one opening to Lincoln Street  and one opening to allow Patrol Torpedo Boats (PT boat) to catch the speeding  “Gondolas” on the Canal.

2.  The Auburn, Maine Library will be put up for sale to be used as a “Disco Night Lounge” ,  “Dinning Room Facility” with accompanying “Bed and Breakfast”.

3.   The city hall in Lewiston, Maine will be prepared from sale with written instrument to be prepared by the Lewiston, Maine City Administrator with issuance of a written instrument declaring that the building can and only  purposed usage shall be as a “Mosque” as the structure has a number of  minarets that accomplishes the usage as a ‘Mosque”.

4.   As . . .  for the Lewiston School Superintendents building in Lewiston, Maine.   I  would recommend that it be burnt to the ground.  As, to not allow  the contamination of over spending to spread throughout the new city.

5.  Central Fire Stations,of both cities shall be handled as follows.  The one with the “Longest Poll” shall  be turned into a “Gentleman’s Club and be designated upon sale.

6.  After, 3 year’s upon completion (Completion, date 2019) of the New preK through K8 school being built at the Lewiston, Maine High School Complex the New Mr. Robert V. Connors School will revert into a new high school for Edward Little High School Student’s.

     This, action will be taken as the school student “Bubble Breaks” and will have served it function as for over crowding of grades preK ( Pre-K kinda garden should the school system be going there) through K8 will no longer require a school it’s size.  Thus, allow room for the school to be used as a High School and any preK  >  K8 student to be transferred to Farwell School or other schools.

All please laugh together; as, I want to hear you.

NEWS FLASH: Lewiston and Auburn, Maine Consolidate Charter Commission Chairman suggested a postponement November 2017 Vote on CONNECTS-IT / Consolidation may be at hand. States, “Charter Commission” still has work to be done. Click, on anything red.

27 Apr

It is my speculation; that, the Charter Commission on consolidating Auburn and Lewiston, Maine headed by Gene Geiger, Chip Morrison will attempt to postpone the 7 November 2017 “CONNECTS-IT Vote”  in an attempt to have a special “Election Vote” .

This being as an attempt to get a lower turnout to the polls.  As, the Mayoral “Election” scheduled for 7 November 2017 will have a greater voter turnout than a “Special Election” with one item issue.

Don’t read this “Word Salad” : “No” CONNECTS-IT. Click, on anything red.

20 Apr

Consolidation; questions.  Possible; grade, $100 million dollars ?

  1.  How many members on new city council ?
  2.  Who, are the biggest winner ?
  3.  What will happen to one of the city hall ? (Don’t need 2.)
  4.  What will happen to one of the police stations ? (Don’t need 2.)
  5.  Will, mr.  william webster be new city school’s superintendent ?
  6.  What is the actual savings of Connects-it ?
  7.  Will there be a reassessment of everyone’s property taxes ?
  8.  Will all city Union’s agree to consolidation / connects-it ?
  9.  Will city share cost of attorney fee’s if problems arise ?
  10.  What is the cost of changing a cities signs after connects-it ?
  11.  What is the cost of local business rebooting their websites ?

  12.  What is the cost of Businesses reprinting all business forms ?

  13.  What is the cost of new city reprinting all it’s business forms ?
  14.  What is the cost of new city rebooting all websites ?
  15.  Will we all have to renew our Federal useless Maine State Driver’s License ?
  16.  Will we all have to get new Birth Certificates at $15.00 each for member of the f  family ?
  17.  Will Auburn, Maine become liable for Lewiston, Maine’s General Assistance ($500  thousand), Canal project rehabilitation ?  (estimate long term $35 million dollars)  and cost of new k1 -k 8 school cost to taxpaper  of Lewiston, Maine not covered by  State ($6 million  dollars) ?

  18.  Any, exit strategy; for either city down the road ?

  19.  New town name ” SOULEVILLE ” ?   He, he, he, he.


28 Mar

Many river side communities in Maine are banking on improved river fronts;  through, walking trails, bicycle trails, canoeing and other recreational activities to aid in their viability, produce commerce to increase their growth and needed tax revenue.

Chattanooga, Tennessee; San Antonio, Texas; Burlington, Vermont have seen vast improvement in economic development due to a sustainable community involvement .

There was a time when Lewiston, Maine and Auburn, Maine realized the way forward was the Androscoggin River and the major component for this action was the combining of the needs of the two communities.

This was accomplished in 1852 be the realization of the conquering of the Androscoggin River Front (Bates Mill and Canals) to benefit the two communities through water power for the new mills and generation of power to the needed production of jobs.

As, you can imagine; the Androscoggin River for a century and a half (150 years.) greatly fulfilled it task for the betterment of the local areas communities from Lewiston, Maine, Lisbon, Maine to Brunswick, Maine for that generation and beyond for a century and a half.

But today, we must think; of what benefits shall the Androscoggin River serve for the betterment of today’s and tomorrow’s citizen’s.

Therefore, I will promulgate this suggestions:

  1.  That, the five (5) electric generation plants now located on or about the Bates Mill Canal (1.5 miles of canals.) on or about Canal  Street, Lewiston, Maine be brought forward in a revitalization of the Androscoggin River to a point of  regeneration of electrical power to accomplish the lighting of the Auburn and Lewison,  Maine’s; street lighting, municipal buildings and school building.
  2.  That, this project realize the saving to the two cities through the saving from have to pay   a foreign entity’s electrical generating company which is in occurrence this day.
  3.  This would yield a saving of on electricity for the communities involved and would aid       in the paying of the Bond debit.

Thus, this would create much needed jobs; construction at first and then reaching out to serve a higher purpose for the revitalization of and reclaiming of the river water front properties alone the mighty waterway of the Androscoggin River.


The last time, I checked; the city of Lewiston, Maine was paying the electric company better than four (4) hundred thousand dollars a year and rising.

By, reclaiming Androscoggin River water front properties; I mean, the ability to place housing along non flood zones of the Androscoggin River.  (Private homes, Recreational Business usage, scenic views, )


27 Mar

I have addressed the Lewiston, Maine City Council on many occasions as to the watching of their tax base decrease !

In that, I have stated that they are coming into control; through purchasing, tax leans and bank acquisitions of to many parcels of property and creating a whole in their budget.

To my knowledge, the city has assumed control of over one hundred (100); multi unit building parceled properties.

To, which they have paid for the removal of wooden structures and hole basement filling, removal of asbestos siding, asbestos covered piping, roofing asbestos shingles and lead at a “significan” cost to the taxpayers of Lewiston, Maine.

Who, would I be if I did not mention that some of this was necessary.  Some do to fire quick removal, structural hazards and other problems.

However, it is my thought that some of these multi unit buildings could have been salvaged and returned to the tax paying role of the City of Lewiston, Maine.  Lewiston, Maine City Budget paying Resident’s have seen and average taxable increase of about four ($4) million dollars for the past three (3) years.

And, with all taxes School and City budges being paid by between 31 through 34 percent of the resident and businesses.

Lewiston,Maine has about 1200 apartment and individual home paying part of the entire $120 million dollar Lewiston, Maine city budget.  Sorry, I do not know the percentage of Businesses that help to make up the roughly 31-34 percentile paying all of the $120 million dollar Lewiston, Maine City Budget for fiscal year 2018.

It has crossed my mind; that, the City of Lewiston, Maine maybe attempting to rid itself of “Poor” Mainer’s by demolishing these multi unit building and by granting low cost loans to landlords to take a building off line for the rehabilitation of the building.

Thus, evicting tenants and causing extreme hardship on some elderly occupants who have lived in their home for years; because, the landlords do not have to worry about paying the mortgage and creating a non surplus of apartments to drive the rents higher and I hope this is not so.

And then again, the landlords after completion of the renovation process; rents the multi unit building to a Federally guaranteed subsidized Section 8 recipient (F/check: for a $1250.00 two bedroom first floor apartment, $850.00 for second floor and $650.00 for one bedroom third floor Section 8 recipient.

Thus, making it more difficult for a “working family” to rent; as, some families with children do not receive Section 8 Federal subsidization due to artificial inflating of rent by the federal government through “Subsidization”.