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“WEALTH BUILDER” Business Network International (BNI) of Maine does not get it. Lewiston / Auburn, Maine: LOCAL BUSINESSES TO BE HURT” ? And, more.

23 Sep

Attempted, to address; “Business Network International”  (BNI) on Merger or Consolidation of Lewiston, Maine with Auburn, Maine and they refused to listen.    2nd, rate Organization. Their, logo is “Build Relationships to help grow your business.  And, they refused to listen.


If, you think that the restriction on a “One L/A city” bidding purchasing will aid your business than “Vote” for it.

It, would seem to me; that, one Consolidated city bidding process would reduce some opportunity of the local business communities of Maine; Androscoggin County and the Greater Lewiston and Auburn METRO Chamber businesses as there would only be one city to do a bidding business with.

Thus, eliminating several Businesses from the equation of bidding or winning a city bid.

Will, you go out of business first ?

SOULE4MAYOR2017 –  Can you help.  No money please. Use, your “Webfluence”. (My, definition of new word: using the influence; on the “Social Internet Web as Media” to influence other (s).



22 Sep

If, on passage of the alleged merger on a vote to beheld “7 November 22017” in both cities of the Auburn, Maine and Lewiston, Maine the following will occur as for my crystal ball tells me so.

1.  The Bates Mill Number 5 will become a structure housing the combined police of  the once cities and it shall be than known as the “Bunker”.  The structure will and  is large enough to facilitate the housing of all police vehicles.  The Bunker will have  three (3) entrances one opening to Maine Street with one opening to Lincoln Street  and one opening to allow Patrol Torpedo Boats (PT boat) to catch the speeding  “Gondolas” on the Canal.

2.  The Auburn, Maine Library will be put up for sale to be used as a “Disco Night Lounge” ,  “Dinning Room Facility” with accompanying “Bed and Breakfast”.

3.   The city hall in Lewiston, Maine will be prepared from sale with written instrument to be prepared by the Lewiston, Maine City Administrator with issuance of a written instrument declaring that the building can and only  purposed usage shall be as a “Mosque” as the structure has a number of  minarets that accomplishes the usage as a ‘Mosque”.

4.   As . . .  for the Lewiston School Superintendents building in Lewiston, Maine.   I  would recommend that it be burnt to the ground.  As, to not allow  the contamination of over spending to spread throughout the new city.

5.  Central Fire Stations,of both cities shall be handled as follows.  The one with the “Longest Poll” shall  be turned into a “Gentleman’s Club and be designated upon sale.

6.  After, 3 year’s upon completion (Completion, date 2019) of the New preK through K8 school being built at the Lewiston, Maine High School Complex the New Mr. Robert V. Connors School will revert into a new high school for Edward Little High School Student’s.

     This, action will be taken as the school student “Bubble Breaks” and will have served it function as for over crowding of grades preK ( Pre-K kinda garden should the school system be going there) through K8 will no longer require a school it’s size.  Thus, allow room for the school to be used as a High School and any preK  >  K8 student to be transferred to Farwell School or other schools.

All please laugh together; as, I want to hear you.

Update: LEWISTON, MAINE’S “HIV, Hep B, C” EPIDEMIC ( these statics are from 2014 and are sorrowfully lagging.

3 Aug

Do, to the past and on going lack of policing in the 24 hour cycle in the “RED ZONE”; as police state that this is being handled by the Western Maine Task Force of the Drug Enforcement Agency and have been asked to ease from enforcement of Federal and States laws regarding drug running position and implements (needles, glass stems and other items associated with drugs.) Thus, “HIV” epidemic is an ever growing problem in the Lewiston , Maine area.

As, ladies of the night are allow to gather and perform their duty wright in front of the police officers.

How, ever it may be that some older officer are not getting involved do to; same old; same old. While, younger officer are not as aware as to who the prostitutes are like the older more officers and have not been schooled to the facts to known.

White the highly acclaimed Community Base Policing headed by one highly acclaimed Officer Joseph Philippon of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department. One, would suspect that byknow they would know all participating “Ladie of the Night and where they are Getting their durgs.

It, lead me to thing that the Lewiston, Maine Police Department is involved in the Drug Trade.

Remember, there has been a vast number of gun firing at persons and building in Loosestown, Maine in just the last 3 months.


In another issue, the Lewiston, Maine Police; “NO” longer have to report “Child Endangerment” to the Official State of Maine Agency handling on any contact with children being in danger. As, stated in my interview at the Lewiston, Maine Police Department.

Meeting, 2 B held on the issues at Lewiston, Maine City Hall; 7 PM, 15 August 2017. All, angencies involved are welcome to attend and give comment.

NEWS FLASH: Lewiston and Auburn, Maine Consolidate Charter Commission Chairman suggested a postponement November 2017 Vote on CONNECTS-IT / Consolidation may be at hand. States, “Charter Commission” still has work to be done. Click, on anything red.

27 Apr

It is my speculation; that, the Charter Commission on consolidating Auburn and Lewiston, Maine headed by Gene Geiger, Chip Morrison will attempt to postpone the 7 November 2017 “CONNECTS-IT Vote”  in an attempt to have a special “Election Vote” .

This being as an attempt to get a lower turnout to the polls.  As, the Mayoral “Election” scheduled for 7 November 2017 will have a greater voter turnout than a “Special Election” with one item issue.

Lewiston and Auburn, Maine “CONNECTS-IT”; like, Europe “BREXIT” . (Click on anything red.)

3 Apr

Source: Lewiston and Auburn, Maine “CONNECTS-IT”; like, Europe “BREXIT” . (Click on anything red.)


28 Nov

The Joint Lewiston and Auburn, Maine City Council workshop this week is a con job on the respectable residents of the Lewiston and Auburn, Maine area.  In that; it, allows no input from the public and displaces a regular meeting for the cities.

The following would have been my orientations to the Joint Lewiston and Auburn, Maine City Councils.

1.  That the date for the Consolidation “Vote” on whether both Lewiston and Auburn, Maine should consolidate be set !   This question has had ample time to development to fruition; and, should be directed by the Auburn and Lewiston City Councils to a conclusion date and put out to vote to the public of both towns by the next Lewiston, Maine Mayoral Vote which is November 2017.

2.  That, the Joint Auburn – Lewiston Councils orchestrate a resolve to generate a letter to the Governor of Maine; as, to the fact that both cities will be enforcing ” FEDERAL LAW ” over Maine Law as to the promulgation of any drugs.

3.  That, the Laws allowing college student from out of State; that, allows them to vote with just a college identification in Maine election be reviewed.

4.  And, that the State of Maine should issue a United States Supreme Court Constitutional challenge to the passage of the Special Education Interest Tax; under, current recount in the  State of Maine; as, to rather it constitutes a form of class Economic Class singling out.

5. Appointment of new Lewiston Maine Police Chief from outside of the Lewiston Maine Police Department and preferably a women.  Women are less likely to play the “Old Boy Game. ”  Go to: and press on category ” Police”.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: to the Lewiston, Maine Newspaper by Dee Chapman, Auburn, Maine.

22 Jul

Shame on chip morrison and Lewiston, Maine’s attorney Elliott Epstein for their criticism of Auburn, Maine’s Mayor Jonathan LaBonte and the Auburn, Maine City Council, chip morrison in particular, should particularly be condemned for publicly calling for a “recall” of Auburn’s elected official.

What is the great crime committed by the Auburn officials according to morrison? They dared to vote against allowing Auburn city employees, on city time, to work on reguest for information from the Lewiston-Auburn Joint Charter Commission, of which m0rrison is an elected member.

The Commission is pursuing the ridiculous, pie-in-the-sky notion that the cities of Auburn and Lewiston, Maine should merge into one city.  That is a terrible idea for both sides of the river and the commission has already wasted tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars *(Governor gave $70 thousand dollars to commission) on the  harebrained project.

As an elected official, morrisson needs to understand that he doesn’t just get to dictate  the way things are going to be.  People have a right to disagree with him.  *( morrisson, is getting older and falling out of stile; he wants to feel note worthy after leaving the chamber of commerce and does not realize his; time, has passed.   We all will feel this. )

Congratulations to Mayor LaBonte and the Auburn City Council for standing up to morrisson and his friends from the Chamber of Commerce who are so obsessed with seeing their pet project * (Consolidation of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine) passed that they feel they must resort to personal attacks upon decent, hard working, duly-elected city officials.

………………………………………..Mr. Tom Fallon, Rumford, Maine

*( Consolidation of L / A is futile.-fruitless, vain and useless. )

Asterisk (*); is input by Mr. Charles Arthur Soule; whom’s, time is passing also.