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Build Maine Organization, PAID $7000.00 dollars to Foreign artist over Local Artist.

12 Jun

“Build Maine” . with “L-A chapter of the Union of Maine Visual Artist” are making him feel at home.  lift donated from “Easy Rental” and accommodations provided by the “Hilton Inn” are helping Mr. Arlin Graff prepare a Zebra mural on the Centreville Parking Garage off Pine Street, Lewiston, Maine.

The Artist is being paid $7.000.00 dollars for the painting of a Zebra.  And, stated that Zebra represent community;  life, in groups and are rarely seen alone.

Just, goes to show that Lewiston, Maine is a Zoologist’s dream.


And, this would be proved by Policing of the City of Lewiston, Maine if you have been keeping up  with the Articles on Shooting, Beating, taking ove of of areas of city my minorities.  While, Police do not perform and are “Derilact of Duties” as to policing.



Cow Patty Alley

19 Jan

After, being laid off from a Purchasing Agent’s job I had; had,  for 3 years after schooling and qualifying for a Instructor License do to imports and the exportation of manufacturing jobs for cheaper labor in 1986.  I qualified for a Maine State Commercial Drivers License with Hazardous Material Handling in 1987.

After driving local for awhile I went “Over the Road” transcontinental all 48 states and Canada.  As, I have no felony criminal record.

Well, I picked up a load that was to be delivered to the great State of Texas upon reaching Huston, Texas along Highway 10.  I missed a turn down 35 west.  So, thing that Texas was so big a State I headed South on the next South highway I saw.

And, that is ware I made a big Texas ass mistake.  For, I drown more mile on that highway than I care to admit as it turned into a one way sand road to with barbed wire on each side of my new 1997 Condominium Freightliner truck with 53 foot trailer making the whole truck seventy (70) foot long stuck on a one way sand road to no where.

So, being an experienced driver I decided to attempt to not drive backward for 30 miles or more.  But, I would rather attempt to “Jackknife” the Freightliner cap and trailer and pull the trailer around with the Freightliner cap.

So, with this in mind I attempted to climbed into the cap of the rig and then noticed that I had gather an audience on both sides of the barb wire road.  My, audience were Steer; cattle who were a fixed on my every action.  As, if they were thinking that the hell as is Human up too?   Or, they thought I was there to pick them up as a taxi?

I paid them no mind and continued to climb into the Frieghtliner’s cap to begin my adventure by starting the truck.  Started, I but, it into gear reverse to start the jackknife process.  upon having do this action of the process and looking as if I was making the letter ” L “.    I began to pull the 53 foot trailer around when my rear tandem axle tire’s began to spin out in the sand creating a deep hole.  I shut of the engine get out of the Cap and take a look at the problem.

Then there they were my audience think, “Look, at this stupid human and see what he has done.

I at this time was thinking.   How and the hell, am I going to get out of this mess without calling TRISM Company Headquarter’s in Joplin, Missouri.

And, then I though I am an experienced driver and thought .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .    .  .  . I would apply my sets of snow chains to the tandem axle tire’s and pull myself out of my predicament.

Applying the Chain’s is a feat in it’s own right and upon doing this.  I, climbe back into the Cap of the vehicle and started it and continued to then straightened out my seventy foot (70′) new Condominium Freightliner Truck with trailer and mooed at the Steer, cattle a good by.

Thus, ending my humiliation in front of a standing audience in Cow Chip Alley an open air theater in Texas, United States of America.