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MOMS and DADS, upset ?

22 Feb

A number of dead beat “MOMS” (*Higher, total than Men.) and DADS”  are concerned about Federal and State Aid being given to new immigrants; as, they attempt to repay their Financial “Deadbeat” Labels off.

A number of “DEADBEAT” complaint that they are not receiving anywhere near in financial assistance that  new immigrants are receiving to be competitive in the new economy.

And, that most of them have fallen behind due to the Maine economy and their having to work two(2) or three (3) jobs just to make ends meet.

Another, issue was the fact that Maine General Assistance is affording some people rent, electric, food and daycare at no cost; and, making us citizens as third World citizen.  Even though we were born citizen of the United States of America.

A few stated, If the United State’s and Federal Government were not involved in immigration.   Perhaps, the monies that the foreigner are receiving could aid the Dead Beat “Mom’s” and “Dad’s” in getting a new foothold on their problems.

If you look at the job market over the years and lived the experiences of losing a job do to outsourcing to a third world nation you American’s might not be so inclined to label your children or grandchildren “Dead Beat Mom’s and Dad’s” .

We even fall behind if we attempt to retool by going back to school .