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26 May

Mr. Charles Arthur Soule of Lewiston, Maine age (59) gets a free medical checkup from Dr. Robert Show of Caribou, Maine on Saturday during the 15 annual Veteran’s Stand-Down at Togus Veterans Administration Medical Center. Mr. Soule, was previously an Adinistrative Specialist and United States Naval Trained Drug and Alcohol Command Representative for a Carrier Early Warning Squadron VAW-122 while in the Service of this Country.

Mr. Soule, is another example of a disabled veteran whose life was turned around by the Veteran’s Administration.

In 1977 while boarding  the USS KITTY HAWK CV-63 Mr. Soule’s left hand was partially crushed by a cruse box and his left him is unable to make a closed fist.

And, in 2012, when he was attempting to aid a young lady off of Crack addiction, he was accosted by her Dealer; which, left several of the bones in his face broken and a eye sinking into its socket.

Sent to Roxbury, Massachusetts Veterans Administration Hospital; doctor’s rebuilt the right side of his face.

Today, even Doctor Show at the Togus, Maine Veterans Administration Stand-Down could hardly tell that Charles had even been injured due to the procedure of operating from the inside of Soule’s mouth.

Mr. Soule stated that the Doctor that did the operation in Massachusetts was of Chinese decedent speaking Australian English and whom was named; Dr. Gooey.

While, on the operation table after meeting the Doctor an hour earlier or so;  Mr. Soule stated that while on the operating table as the operation was about to start that he had asked the Doctor to please make him look like Keanna Reeves of Richard Gere; as the operating theater broke out in laughter.   And, as the Anesthesiologist said,  “Mr. Soule I will be placing you under now”;  Mr. Soule stated, “I will see you on the other side; I mean, when I wake up” and laughter ensued.

The Doctor had stated to Mr. Soule that he may have to cut the corner of the right eye and along the right ear; as, to allow for expansion of the skin to complete the delicate operation.

To Mr. Soule’s surprise; the , cut were not apparent on the bandages being removed.


Originally published; 23 October 2012.


Maine Public Broadcast System; gives “thumb’s or was that Finger – UP. For new policy institution of “Death Penalty” for those dealing drugs providing it meets federal scrutiny.

20 Mar

Endorsed by the:  New American Nationalist Independent Peoples Party.

There has not been a Federal execution is 15 years in this country.

TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT “Stop” ALL “MARIJUANA” SALES IN THE UNITED STATES. Maine, Governor “Veto” pot as a recreational path to harder drug’s.

5 Jan

To make money by selling Drug’s just to have sales that pay taxes; at the expense of our young adults!     Should and could start Vigilante groups.

Then, there is the fact that this could lead to increase cost to Medicare or Maine Care (expansion ?) due to drugged out society.

So, Mr. Jeff Session, Attorney General of the United States get your finger’s out of your face and enforce FEDERAL Law over state law.


If the country wants recreational drug make it a Constitutional state vote.

Like the “Volstead Act”.  Which, established, Prohibition Act and 18th Amendment.

Let, the Nation decide and not just a few States for tax purposes.  Like, Maine, Colorado and 7 other states with the District of Columbia.

“FREE” HIV / HEP C TESTING @ TRINITY JUBILEE CENTER, 247 Bates Street, Lewiston, Maine. 2017 3 cases of HEP “A” in whole State of Maine Reported.

13 Nov

High Tech Testing done by cotton swabbing of mouth or blood.

With, results known in 20 minutes.

First, come 1st served.   Call, for times and dates.

Tel:  207 777 1863.   247 Bates Street, Lewiston, Maine.


Yes, I have and been negative for antibodies in twice testing at 3 months intervals.

Update: LEWISTON, MAINE’S “HIV, Hep B, C” EPIDEMIC ( these statics are from 2014 and are sorrowfully lagging.

3 Aug

Do, to the past and on going lack of policing in the 24 hour cycle in the “RED ZONE”; as police state that this is being handled by the Western Maine Task Force of the Drug Enforcement Agency and have been asked to ease from enforcement of Federal and States laws regarding drug running position and implements (needles, glass stems and other items associated with drugs.) Thus, “HIV” epidemic is an ever growing problem in the Lewiston , Maine area.

As, ladies of the night are allow to gather and perform their duty wright in front of the police officers.

How, ever it may be that some older officer are not getting involved do to; same old; same old. While, younger officer are not as aware as to who the prostitutes are like the older more officers and have not been schooled to the facts to known.

White the highly acclaimed Community Base Policing headed by one highly acclaimed Officer Joseph Philippon of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department. One, would suspect that byknow they would know all participating “Ladie of the Night and where they are Getting their durgs.

It, lead me to thing that the Lewiston, Maine Police Department is involved in the Drug Trade.

Remember, there has been a vast number of gun firing at persons and building in Loosestown, Maine in just the last 3 months.


In another issue, the Lewiston, Maine Police; “NO” longer have to report “Child Endangerment” to the Official State of Maine Agency handling on any contact with children being in danger. As, stated in my interview at the Lewiston, Maine Police Department.

Meeting, 2 B held on the issues at Lewiston, Maine City Hall; 7 PM, 15 August 2017. All, angencies involved are welcome to attend and give comment.

NEWS FLASH: Maine Advisory Committee; to, the United States Commission on Civil Rights meeting of 14 June 2017 at Lewiston, Maine City Hall. Chairperson, Ms. D. Khiel, other committee member’s are as follow: Mr.Muhidin Libah, Mr. Paul Robinson, Eric Mehnert, Ms. Catherine lhamon, Mr. Carl Toney, Ms. Judith jones, Maurice Gilbert and Akintoye Akinjiola, Maine Advisory Committee. Click, on anything red.

14 Jun


I. Welcome and Introductions.

Studies Laws concerning one’s; age, sex orientation, race and mental ability.

Ground rules;
……………10-12 minutes for opening statement.
……………There will be no belittling of individuals or organizations.
……………Public session at end of committee meeting.
……………Written Statements maybe mail to the committees home office; or, by written statement to this committee in public session.


Opening: Tearful statements by Anthony Reed (age 42) father; to the committee as to treatment of his son by the Department Health and Human Services and Maine Judicial System.

Panel One: Advocates for People with Mental Illnesses.

Ms. Tonua DiMillo, Long Creek Youth Development Center. Views quality of treatment to Long Creek patients. 67% receive special education service (Low fund formula in State of Maine (Me.) takes a year to get Me. State funding, many institutionalized for mood disorders, drug substance abuse, self inflicted harm or remanded by court system. Programs, needed to retain individual child in home community based housing programs.

Ms. Jenna Mehnert, Executive Director, NAMI-Maine – Mental Health and Wellness. Dealing with issues such as criminalizing survival habits of the youth. Diversion from going to jail; but, rather alternative treatment programs should be sort. Crisis Intervention Certificate training for Maine policing. Example, if a problem person with mental health issues goes to jail; chances, are they will spend 2/3 longer in jail then a non problem person.

Mr. Bob Reed, Father, of Anthony Reed who was allegedly a mistreated youth in Maine.

Panel Two: Law Enforcement at the front Lines.

Darrell Crandall, Sheriff, Aroostock County.
Jason Maddore, Commander, Maine State Police, Crisis Negotiation Team.
Michael Sauschuck, Police Chief, Portland.
Tyler Stevenson, Commander, Maine State Police, Tactical (SWAT) Team.

Break: 11:50 am to 12:01 pm.

Panel Three: Critical Decision Point – Diversion for Treatment or Jail.

Maeghan Maloney, District Attorney, Kennebec and Somerset Counties. Programs – Veteran Court- no recharging of individual, Disorders Court – aid mentally persons. – Drug Court. Mental health Hospital. Point to be made: there is a 75 percent re jailing of individual that are not associated with some sort of program. Differed disposition sentence = stay out of trouble for a period of time all charges dropped. Maine Pretrial, she is out to lunch. Why, should the police arrest an individual; just, to have the residents of Maine pay to bail them out. So, that the police see them back on the streets doing the same thing in a short period of time.

Troy Morton, Sheriff, Penobscot County. Issues, over population in jails. Doing a duty that should part of our mission. Jail, have become a institution for drug and alcoholic peoples. We, are not Mental Health trained professional and nor should we be. We arrest Mentally challenged. Has, 70 out on Maine Pretrial and violating and amassing new charges on top of the original charge.

Kevin Voyvodich, Managing Attorney, Disability Rights Maine. Mobile crisis units, youth housing units – charges coming out of health housing units that are responsible for the cause of being placed in the Healthcare placement housing. 7-14 days in jail for most cases. Placement in holding cells for periods of time for their own good. We protect the rights of the incarcerated: 1. Hospitals restraints. 2. Augusta Mental facility agreement. 3. Up hold standards of care to clients. 4. Is this a recurrence of event.

Tim Zerillo,Defense Attorney, Hallett Zerillo & Whipple, P.A. Attorney, to Mr. A. Reed at one time.

James lysen, is here. So, I though I would ask a question. Well, he would not answer the question. james lysen is the Lewiston, Maine Ward one (1) City councilor. But, I hope not for long.

Panel Four: Legislature: Legislature Developments and New Forensic Unit.

Mark Dion, Maine State Senator, District 28. . . . . . ” No show”.

Drew Gattine, Maine State Representative (Rep.). . . . . . . . . “No show”.

Charlotte Warren (D), Maine State Rep. District 84. Criminal justice Committee, Chair. My, using criminal justice committee fight the same battles in an on going battle alone party lines. The issue is that the Governor wants to stop the trafficking in illegal while holding down Maine property tax payer’s.

Daniel Wathen, Court – Master, River view Consent Agreement. Progress Report no court finalization as to Consent Agreement -Largest Mental Illness institution are Jails and Prisons same since 2012. 44 bed at river view allocated to forensic unit patients. How, they get to be forensic mental institution through cort ordered mental evaluation or found by courts; criminal, not responsible for deed (s) or form jail to violent for jails. This year 30 mental Forensic evaluation to Dorothy Dick’s facility though facility is not constructed for Forensic. River View Psychiatric Facility, does not do evaluation on mental evaluations lack of support. LD162 – Produces a facility in August or Bangor, Maine over the Governor’s proposal. New mental health facility will be constructed in 2012 . . . for, what purpose is in questionable. Violent or on way out facility ? In general the out look from mental health to jail or Jail to mental health; we just do not have the capacity to handle the situation. It is not satisfactory in any scenario. Not criminally competent are taken first into the system. The State has control of how to provide medical attention by hiring outright or private.

Vote, on Racial Disparity made quickly – Why.

III. Public Session Speaker:

Mr.Charles Arthur Soule (R), 135 Bartlett St., Lewiston, Maine 04240.

1. I wish to take issue with Maine pre trial.
2. Mental issues do to Drugs in am in hope will be reduced by the rehab facilities.
3. Maine has the fastest; growing, older population in America average age is 43 and growing.
4. Maine pretrial, the residents of Maine (mostly) and some organization pay to release jailed individuals; with, Maine Taxpayer’s tax dollars on a written promise and a clap on the back. Currently, there are an average of 70 persons per Maine Counties in Maine. And, are now in your neighborhood because your tax dollars freed them; after your tax dollar arrested them through policing.
5. If the Federal government would so please provide the revenues to fund the wish list of the many great programs. It would be greatly appreciated.

IV. Adjournment.

OBAMIANATION ; LePageianation = Abomination !

12 Jun

President Obamianation-LePageianation; is when the President of the United States and Maine’s governor PARDONS; drug dealers and others.  Why read on; Democratic Party Liberalism.


Recently, I had a discussion with my oldest daughter and husband; upon their visit for the holidays to Maine.

As, I was working on this piece, I mention that I would confiscate any car caught with Illegal drugs in it and uses the monies from sale of the vehicle for fighting drug trafficking at local police levels.

My daughter was quick to point out that; prostitution, gambling and illicit drug use were victim less crimes.

I than proceeded to inform her that I did not adhere to this philosophy; as a child being born to a drugged out prostitute  / mother, itself needing measure to wean it from the poison in its system was a defenceless victim.  And, that the mother in the clutches of a dealer / pimp being trapped in a cycle of addiction; selling themselves, to anything or chances of being murdered; for the drugs was the victim of the dealer / pimp and client and unable to inform the police due to the stigma.

After that; I pointed out that the taxpayers of a community were the victims of having to pay for the treatment of the mother at a rehabilitation facility and in most cases with the children born to these miscreants; it would have to be weaned from the drug and placed in foster care or adopted out with accompanying social services (Medical, Disability education) at the expense of the community taxpayers.

The mothers and fathers / grandparents of this victim less crime; watching, their child or new born grandchild and feeling every anguish and anxiety; was another victim.

As, was the individual (John) using the prostitute and being possibly killed, beaten or robbed was a victim; thought they could not profess it too law enforcement.

I than had to admit, I DID NOT KNOW ALL; as, Gambling is legal in Maine….But, I saw problems with this to ……