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UPDATE: DAY FOUR (4): Sex trafficked ! Here are you my Nation’s child.

28 Feb

Understand, police stopped car that she was traveling in on or about 2:00 ish am Thursday night 28/02/’19.   Concerned Black Individual, told me this.

Was. reported that she was seem on Walnut Street,  Lewiston, Maine 2/28/’19 and a COP car just rolled on by in a hurry to get back to the state.  Victor.

According to my sources she was out last night and this morning walking at about 8:30 am under two (2) so we been told man police camera’s.

Thank, it was reported that she was visiting an apartment complex on Bartlett St. Lewiston, Maine and police responded slowly.

Do, not know if arrest was made.

Published, 28 February 2019 by Mr.Charles Arthur Soule’

Down in the Drugged out excrement bowels of the small city in Maine in the United States of America.

Where people have become self absorbed,

Where, life has taken on an emaciated struggle and while all is for once self.

And, where they the drugged out miscreants have no will of their own but to use everything and all.

They, do not care or are not the keeper of their fellow man for others lives that could be them.

Thus, the cravings of the drugs now rules their day.

And, the flesh of others has become cheap.

For, not even too preserved life will they make a difference !

Nor ,  will they interceded, interact or intervene to save another’s from the drug’s or so called disease which includes sex trafficking.

Thus, they will not intervene even to safe a life that has been seen in need that might safe their in return deed.

The pail staggering figure, hollowed, near starvation and death’s door individual.  Seen, but just yesterday.

And, who was said to be fed by a store personnel do to extreme  extremities .

But still no individual !   Down in the drugged out excrement bowel city would to come forth to save the little princes queen a community child.

For, all have “scheme” of things for her.  That we have not seen.

Editor’s note;

I’m in F/book.con Jail for posting this.

I Need clear under ware.  Can you swing some by.



My, network of operative’s will spare “NO” energy or lives in attempting to keep your Child or Grandchild safe from Drug Dealer’s. Even, at the cost of “Night Operations” as we were once “U. S. Military”

20 Sep

Western Maine Task Force of the DEA. Need a phone number’s.  207-783-5333. – LPD Chief; of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department.  911 or 207 786-6421

Or, me @

I would like to thank the number of individuals that have aided me in collecting the information in the articles.   And, even the number of “Working Girls” and other’s that have contributed as they are tired of being abused. 

Editor”s Note:

Have advised, Western Maine Task Force of the DEA and Lewiston, Maine Police Department officer Rose of Individuals involved in Human Trafficking for Heroin 14/2/2019.

Welcome, viewer’s from Singapore.

ON STREET PROSTITUTION COUNT and RUNNING “CRACK COCAINE ALL NIGHT : Today, in Lewiston, Maine at 4:30 am on 28 July ’18 is “9” at corner of Pine and Horton Street under police camera in Lewiston, Maine. Katie, Chrisy is alleged to be delivering all night according to her. Open, drinking of Alcohol at 9:36 am in Poirier’s market area not policing this day.

22 Jul

21 July – 5 on duty

19 July – 12 on duty.

14 July – “9”  even with Gun shoots fired Friday, 13 July ’18 at corner of pine and Horton near WEBB’s Market.

2 July – “8”

22 June ’18 is now “10”.  And, they should be on the spot a 4 am on corner @ 81 Horton St.,  But, camera are gone so police will fall off.

01 June ’18 is now “7”.

30 May ’18 was “8”.

9 May 2018  was “6′.

24 April ’18 was “8”.

28 April ’18 was “o”.

Well, hot weather has arrived in Lewiston, Maine temperature hovering in the 80’s.

With warmer weather prostitution is back to life and this will drive the Inner City crime rate as individuals are using basements / apartments hallways as staging areas at night and day.   With, the heat an sweating the drug run through their system more rapidly and thus requires more drug.  Which, leads to more thief, prostitution and drug people sweat more and must replace the drug in their system more often.

Update, a prostitute with child and on crack just passed me and is heading into the Trinity Jubilee Soup Kitchen for and alleged “Nap” before returning to her drug’s.  Time 9:35 am and I am at the Trinity Church intersection of Spruce and Bates Street.


Poliquin, Moody and La Chance in Lewiston, Maine.  Vote “YES” in deed for more policing and a secure neighborhood.


BETRAYED (1): The “SKANKY BITCH!” overdosed and raced to my house. Because, I would look out for her. And, had training while as a Drug and Alcohol Councilor in the United State Military for my Military Unit VAW-122 Hawkeye, Carrier Early Warning Aircraft Command aboard the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63).

31 May
Published, 31 May 2018 by Mr. Charles Arhur Soule’

She, wasn’t always a “skanky, HO Bitch”.

Until the Lewiston, Maine Police Department and Western Maine Task Force of the Drug Enforcement Agency, took “NO” action in my effort’s to save her (Diana) at age 18 (now 23) from drug dealer’s in 2014.

You, “Skanky Bitch”

 I heard these words this morning on my walk through the urban jungle of Lewiston, Maine as I walked by a crack house that has been operating all night near the corner of Pine Street and Horton Street at 4:30 am on 30 May 2018.  And, to think I knew the “Skanky Bitch Crack Ho” as once an innocent girl with dreams of better thing and no tears.

She, was not always a “Skank”.   That took a “Village” to create and it took only a two (2) year period after high school for her to start shooting-up in her neck.

She, was a flag girl for the band.   With hopes of going to school to be a photographer after attending Edward Little High School according to her and the old Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal Newspaper.  And, a happy go lucky girl with dream of a bright future.

But, now those dream are gone and she a selling her self for $20.00 dollar to anyone that will help her feed her addition an hunger for “Crack”.

I first met her at the 100 Pine Street, Lewiston, Maine a social club for individuals that were in need of a place to go.  Where they could get a phone, shower, meal, cloths and laundry done with counselling if you wanted it.

She being about 18 years old and I was quite take with her as she was full of life.  And, we harmonized as if kindred spirits as I had been for a while foster out and her after her parents had died.   

But, her for good!

Well being a rescuer, I attempted to make her life easier by cooking her meals at the social club and watching her laundry so people would not walk off with it.

“Yes”, I was infatuated with her and I will admit it.

But, as often in life!  The choices we make sometimes lead us to destruction as drugs and alcohol take control of our action and then our lives.

Next, I was she and talked to her she was sleeping in a tent by the Androscoggin River in Auburn, Maine with a young man drinking everyday and doing drugs such as Pot, ecstasy and crack.  And, this she did for about 6 months wearing the same close for days if not weeks.

When, I checked and confirmed the fact she was prostituting with drugs being fronted to her to keep her locked in a cycle of usury.

I notified the Lewiston, Maine police Department as I had done sooooooo many time before to no avail with other girls of my inner city neighborhood or other neighborhoods.

Too, date the Lewiston, Maine Police with the Western Maine Task Force of Maine Drug Enforcement Agency (MDEA) have never moved to help one of the girls that I mentioned to them or young woman from their “NIGHT MARE”.

And, they have  themselves been using the girls in facilitating their own needs.   

By, stating that they the Western Maine Task force of the Drug Enforcement Agency (MDEA) use the girls by following them to a dealer spot and then the dealer to his sources.  

 I, am in contention that these young women should be their first priority in as much as getting them the help they need and out of the situation they are in.

And, that they (Police, DEA) should knock off the “B _ LL  SH _ T” .    As, we all know that they never get the “King Pin” of the drug organization.

Perhaps, if it were one of their children or grandchild, wife, son they would take action.

Editor’s Note:

I will admit that I was the 1973 Edward Little High School Class President, Student Senate President and at Maine State “Boy State” in 1972 was elected to be the Chief Justice of the mock Maine State Supreme Judicial Court.  So, I feel for the Individual I address in the above.  I, left college as the Vietnam Military Police Action was under way……..

Since the typing of this article the young individual has dragged herself to my home several time.  I have asked why she continues to come to my residents.  Her answer, ” I feel safe here.”   And, I could start crying right now 1

Today, they young lady is on the run from a non caring judicial System.  And,could fall prey to Drug Dealer’s and sex Trafficking which has been proved to be in Lewiston, Maine ( Dirty LEW) through the courts.

I am so glade that I am 66 years old young and not afraid of nothing.

After all that are they going to do.   Take my birthday away, place me in prison or kill me.

As, I see it death is better than watching young America and the (Trumps words) “Shit Hole” America has become in my life time.


What not to do in the New Year: NEW LEWISTON, MAINE. As, of 29 August ’18 (Just 4 months ago) there were “2” (stadding / beating) deaths in the Lewiston Inner-City. 42 shoots fired including pellet gun shoots taking out windows of area businesses.

29 May

**  (Please, excuse the new patrol officer as they take orders from the brass.)  Cop Shop, is only 5 city blocks away ?  Maybe, they don’t have enough “gas” money ?  As, the police chief makes more than the governor ?  Right, O’Malley.


The Lewiston, Maine Police Department is falling behind on their game and culpable for any excessive number of prostitutes.   As, we all know there is always a few that will get through in the early mornings.  But, this number has increased dramatically throughout the day.

TODAY, is Lewiston, Maine’s Resident Bullet Proof Vest day .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    . as a few weekend their were 42 gun shoots in different areas of the City.  The, shooting usually start on a Friday night and go until  Saturday.  They have been about 9 different shooting incidents within the last 8 months.  Why, take chances is weekend ware a bullet proof vest.  (see, police department for your’s)


It has been relaid to me that the same (John’s) vehicles are circling the neighborhood every morning or afternoon and racing up and down in search of prostitutes while there is not policing.

Call, 207 784 6421 or 513 3001  Lewiston, Maine Police Department and ask for location of “Crack” Houses so you can watch as to what the Police do. Western Maine Tash Force 207 783-5333 no answer  leave message for Pete or Cashmen.

  1. Corner of Pierce and Pine Street.   2.  Alley way parking lot @ 135 1/2 Bartlett Street  3.  And, old Bartleet Street Funeral Home across from 88 Bartlett Street.

    LOCAL “Hot Spots” CONCERNS: (Should,Drug Enforcement be place in Private Business Hands – “Yes”.)

Immigrant resident population afraid; as individuals using basement of building as Drug Dens at 129 Bartlett Street, Prince Alley way towards Walnut street.  And, 82 Bartlett Street, Lewiston, Maine.  1st. floor side entrance.

Prostitutes, should be arrested or hospitalized for their own protection.  And, then placed in treatment facilities in the rural setting as not to be reintroduced back into the problem communities their are escaping from. Thus, not being swept back into a life they left behind.

Remember, these girls are trapped into their situation (s); and, without adequate policing and Judicial Review (Home arrest with hours restricted.); will be introducing other vulnerable young girls into an ill fated life that will cost you citizen a great deal as they create unwanted children that may to introduced into a life of opiate addiction from their start and hospitalization cost of lifelong rearing that will be afforded to you the Taxpaying individuals of this nation.  Not to mention the loss of their other children to the State and the mother continual using of rehabilitation facilities.

These rehabilitation facilities only feed the addiction by substitution of another drug Sometimes for years; then, they sell the drug for about $21.00 at script to buy other drugs.) that is subscribed to ween them off of drugs already in their system. I would suggest self withdrawal in a normal time and only getting involved if medical attention is required.  No, pain no gain . . . a teaching tool.

The Inner City of Lewiston, Maine; from College Street to Sabattus Street to Webster Street to Pine St., Pierce St. to Jefferson Street to Walnut Street to Bartlett Street to Birch Street to Bates Street to Maple St. to Lisbon Street to Pine Street; must be a one constant patrolled area 24 hours a day and especially at night in the summertime.

I would like to thank.  The local area community residents and businesses people that wish to remain in the shadows; for, providing valuable information as an aid in my writing of this Article.  To, them; “My hat is off”  for their concern.

But, why are the Lewiston, Maine Police not catching the individual dealers.  Are, the Lewiston, Maine Police Department involved in drug dealing ?   You, should ask X-Chief Walsh or Lt. Micheal Mc Gonagle.. of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department this question.

Or, perhaps the Maine Judicial System is eating our youth of the State of Maine to financially support they salaries ?

As, the average age of an individual living in Maine is 43 and moving up every year.  And, this is also contributing to a shrinking economy and less tax revenue.


If, you can not police the streets and are afraid of the drug dealer Lewiston Police.   Step, aside and let my Military friends loose like the Philippine’s President has done in his drug policing.


26 May

Mr. Charles Arthur Soule’ of Lewiston, Maine age (59) gets a free medical checkup from Dr. Robert Show of Caribou, Maine on Saturday during the 15 annual Veteran’s Stand-Down at Togus Veterans Administration Medical Center. Mr. Soule’, was previously an Adinistrative Specialist and United States Naval Trained Drug and Alcohol Command Representative for a Carrier Early Warning Squadron VAW-122 while in the Service of this Country.

Mr. Soule’, is another example of a disabled veteran whose life was turned around by the Veteran’s Administration.

In 1977 while boarding  the USS KITTY HAWK CV-63 Mr. Soule’s left hand was partially crushed by a cruse box and his left him is unable to make a closed fist.

And, in 2012, when he was attempting to aid a young lady off of Crack addiction, he was accosted by her Dealer.  Which, left several of the bones in his face broken and a eye sinking into its socket.

Sent to Roxbury, Massachusetts Veterans Administration Hospital, doctor’s rebuilt the right side of his face through his mouth.

Today, even Doctor Show at the Togus, Maine Veterans Administration Stand-Down could hardly tell that Charles had even been injured due to the procedure of operating from the inside of Soule’s mouth.

Mr. Soule stated that the Doctor that did the operation in Massachusetts was of Chinese decedent speaking Australian English and whom was named; Dr. Gooey.

While, on the operation table after meeting the Doctor an hour earlier or so;  Mr. Soule stated that while on the operating table as the operation was about to start that he had asked the Doctor to please make him look like Keanna Reeves of Richard Gere; as the operating theater broke out in laughter.   And, as the Anesthesiologist said,  “Mr. Soule I will be placing you under now”;  Mr. Soule stated, “I will see you on the other side; I mean, when I wake up” and laughter ensued.

The Doctor had stated to Mr. Soule that he may have to cut the corner of the right eye and along the right ear; as, to allow for expansion of the skin to complete the delicate operation.

To Mr. Soule’s surprise; the , cut were not apparent on the bandages being removed.


Originally published; 23 October 2012.

Maine Public Broadcast System; gives “thumb’s or was that Finger – UP. For new policy institution of “Death Penalty” for those dealing drugs providing it meets federal scrutiny.

20 Mar

Endorsed by the:  New American Nationalist Independent Peoples Party.

There has not been a Federal execution is 15 years in this country.