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UPDATE: Path to Citizenship after thorough security clearances and vetting. PLEASE FACEBOOK; or E Mail it to your friends. “Copy at will. ” I do the best I can; but, can not do all and can with you.” Click, on anything red, white or blue.

9 Aug



Illegal aliens: Individuals that have transgressed our borders without permission and do not have legal right to be here.

Undocumented Immigrants:  Individuals that are here legally; but, do not have sufficient documentation as yet; and, may have legal children born under the 14 Amendment to the Constitution of the United States are creating a United States social welfare nightmare.

Asylum seekers:  People here seeking legal entry for reason permissible under United States Immigration Policies. Do to extreme cruelty and that are waiting for clarity and documentation of their atrocities against them.

My views on Illegal Aliens and undocumented immigrants and the road to citizenship to the United States of America.

Illegal immigrants; without, 14 United States Amendment children shall be searched out and deported for violation of our territorial boarders.

Asylum seekers if not already here; shall, be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization that brought them to this country; and, the United States Federal Government as a country shared commitment; while, a discussion is made in regards to their asylum questions of entry.

Asylum seekers will not be included in this promulgation; as, they are still in review of the United States Government for resolution of their question.

Even though they may have had children (s); that, are full United States Citizens under the 14 Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and do to the procrastination of this nation on the question at hand.  ( And; everyday more of the children are being born (Anchor Children ) as they attempt to gain legalized status through procreation and their newborn children; now, United States Citizens under the 14 Amendment of the United States Constitution. )

On, this I propose a course of action; I now outline:  It is my resolve that this issue is not to further; set aside our national duties; as, to our responsibilities to these influx peoples and ourselves as a United States of America People.

I now with a  higher calling; promulgate, the following to you the great American public for your deliberations, review and input.

1.All Undocumented peoples and illegal Aliens shall have the right of citizenry of the United States of America if they have United States born children under the 14 Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America upon the participation; and, completion of a program of legalized acquisition of a job for 10 consecutive years (review able) and does not necessarily have to be with the same hiring institution .

2. Legalized job holding does have to be in consecutive years order; unless, medical or court approved exemption is granted; or, extension is granted.

(Federal Courts shall decide the questionable action of the merit and shall be at no cost to the Federal Government for Legal Counsel or court cost.)

3.All Federal Income Taxes; and, State Income Taxes will be forfeited to the Federal and State where employment occurs for that period of 7 consecutive years; and, citizen seeker will be allowed to claim one (10) dependent and no earned income credits.  These monies will be used to facilitate the documentation process, legalization or medical expenditures while being process; and, help off set any other expenditures borne by the Federal and State’s documentation process.

4.Any, Undocumented Immigrants; or, Illegal Aliens with United States Constitution, 14 Amendment children and applying;  for, citizenship Program; upon, completion of tour of duty in the United States Military Service and upon qualifying for an Honorable Discharge from any United States Armed Forces Branch of the United States of America; shall, have immediate Citizenship to these United States of America.  Enlistment to be of a duration of six (6) years, which will consist of four (4) years active duty honorable service to the United States of America and two (2) years as a reservist in that active duty reserve branch of military and no State of Federal Income Tax will be withheld for the period of active duty United States Military Service.

5.  All children; of, said Undocumented Immigrants; born in the United States shall have full acceptance into American Schools and Medical Programs.

6.   Illegal Aliens with no felony criminal record; with United States born children under the 14 Amendment to the Constitution of the United Sates of America; shall, full have access to all United States of America School’s and Medical Program’s.

7.  All documented Immigrants; and, legal Aliens; non-citizen children shall be immediately afforded the opportunity of citizenship of the United States of America upon passing an examination to be administer and institutionally orchestrated by their prospected State certified Department of Education; Elementary School and High School (K1-K12).   If not qualified in Elementary School, High School or College for Citizenship under the Citizenship Program; and, 21 years of age to the Citizenry Programs eligibility criteria will apply or be deported to country of origin.

8.  All 21 year old that have not attained citizenship shall have the opportunity of participating in the same Citizenry Program that was levied upon their immigrant descendants; and, will be offered the same qualifying requirements as was offered the other people of Undocumented Immigrant Status and Illegal Aliens Status at age twenty-one (21), completion of college or equivalent or attainment of full time employment or deported.

9.  No United States; State institutions, shall be granted any authority to abrogate or pass laws to restrict any prevision once passed into United States legalized Statues.

10.  Any felonious law breaking incurred while in the parameters of seeking citizenry; while executing the requirements of Undocumented Immigrants or Illegal Aliens to acquire full citizenry to the United States of America will lead to full; deportation or imprisonment then deportation of Undocumented Immigrant or Illegal Aliens that are participants in the Citizenry Program.

11.  On, accepting Citizenship of the United States of America; all groups shall be given the option to hold one countries citizenship passport; and, no other passport under the threat of deportation.  All groups; shall, surrender their previous countries documentation (Passport) and shall from that point on not be allowed to be considered a citizen of that original origin country; and, if caught using their any origin country passport; they, will surrender their rights to be a United States of America Citizen and returned to origin country.   And, this includes Israel and all other countries; as of the date they are sworn in as United State’s Citizens and passage of this Programs date of acceptance by the Governing bodies of the United States of America.

12..  No new citizen under the Citizenry Program of the United States of America; shall hold dual citizenship with any other nation and the penalty for such behavior will be immediately deported without American Judicial review.

13.  All dual passport citizen of any nation; with a United States Citizen Passport;  shall forfeited it origin passport book; on, acceptance of a United State’s Citizenship.

Should, I have have made an error; I am not omnipotent and all knowing. I encourage you; the, reader to assist me. _________________________________________________________________

To you new immigrants of the emerging new demographic United States of America; I, wish to remind you that you are not the first to be granted a path to full Citizenship.

On, my mother side of the family; we came over on the Mayflower Ship; year 1615 (George Edward Soule) as indentured servants to the Colony for Seven (7) to fifteen (15) years. The Black community come over as slaves and waited years; to be full citizens and in some area of the united States are still struggling to achieve it fully.

So to you new perspective American; do not, think your path to citizenship is more difficult; as, to the past struggles of the fore runner to a Path to Citizenship of the United States of America.

I would like to thank Mohamed A. Ibrahim of the Trinity Episcopal Church for our decisions; which, led to the aforementioned; which, led to our discussion on that other prior immigrants; had, to endure.


7 Aug

1.  The Genesis God Hydrogen fusion Atom; conjoining with another and causing a splitting action was the start of the Universe and all Hydrogen ignitions after that point.

As to the reason for the splitting of the Genesis God Hydrogen Atomic Atom in space; this, is due to the Creator’s involvement in the process as initiator of process.

 2.  The earth’s shape is due to it’s velocity directional stopping and surge cooling in spaces at minus 455 degree Fahrenheit temperature and the small extrusion that forms the pair shape of earth is due to the magma surging to the far side of the earth traveling direction.

It is my opinion that all subsequent; Hydrogen fusion atom’s division blast are minimal in comparison to the Genesis God Hydrogen Atomic Atom “Big Bang”.    Hydrogen in space 0.1 per cubic centimeter – Oxygen is Zero (0) per cubic centimeter in space.

It is also my opinion that space prior to the Genesis God Hydrogen Fusion Atomic atom was much colder as there was no source of heat and that minus 455 in space is a lot warmer than it was at the time of birth of the known universe of today.

3.  It has dawned on me; that, Mr. Albert Einstein’s Theory of orbits and gravity; does not explain his conclusion clear enough  for me; that, planets or objects reside in a depression in the fabric of space and this is why we have orbits and gravity.

It is my theory that he is partly right; and, that this occurrence depression in fabric of space is due to the ” Big Bang Theory “.

And that in fact the rotation of the universe, planets and objects is due to the creation of a solar directional – unknown directional revolving motion caused by the explosive power of the forces released by the ” Big Bang ” and that the heat caused by the explosion; initiated a firestorm of gases and burning matter (planets, space elements) caused a revolving super heated whirling outward vortex with force of thrust on subject matter against a atmospheric counter force that creates the rotation of spatial objects.

**Do not believe that the counter pressured atmosphere existed prior to the God Genesis Hydrogen Atomic Atom ” Big Bang ”  and was created by the ” Big Bang ” vortex revolving  on pressure space walls caused by the “speed” of the blast; much, as a jet pilot encounters on ejecting from a troubled aircraft.

And, that after 4.54 (+/- 5) billion years explains why the universe is beginning to increase in size as the counter pressures against an object decreases; the universe expansion increases and may explains why the Earth is slowing as to it’s rotation as the fabric of space depression decreases do to expanding Universe.

**Example;  White Bed Sheet,  pulled taut; BALL rolls OFF or lingers.  With less tautness;  Bed Sheet Depression occurs and BALL remains on sheet or rolls down.

I surmise; that, the speeding up of the expansion of the universe is either;

1. Less counter pressure against object in space.

2.  No atmospheric pressure in area of Universe new expansion area.

**For example; in the “Big Bang ” God’s Genesis Hydrogen fusion Atom explosion, heat was generated from gases and burning matter sufficient enough as to cause a rotating vortex explosion much like a whirlwind of a forest fires up drafting.

It is my conclusion that it is the force on a planet or objects (Matter) are lessening; but, are still being affected by the energies exerted upon them by the effect of the ” Big Bang ” explosion to some degree for now; that creates the depression in the fabric of space gravity and if the Universe is increasing that the effect on the Universe may be that the depression in the fabric of space will decrease allowing objects to ease or stop their orbits for now, the orbits and planets which are still being affected by the thrusting explosive power on them will continue as before until the fabric of space is no longer depressed with depressions.

**Much as a curve ball acts, as it is thrown through the air at high speeds; the speed and counter pressure determine the curvature of the ball.

NOTE:  That the closer position of the Moon as to 48 years ago; as, seen last month (11/2016) is due to the tension of Einstein’s string theory becoming more taut and is creating a slowing of the rotations of planets and all other matter in space.  And, this is due to speeding up of the expansion of the universe.

–  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Two (2) day’s ago; I asked in a-round-about-way on my site; should a country highest gross national product (GNP) be affixed to it permanently for a tax revenue generating to the Country and would it create a monetary world stability?  (In the country’s monetary currency exchange rate.) ?

3.  I have this day concluded that the only way for this to see-light-of-day; is, if it were instituted; or part of a United Nation’s world order resolve.

And, that it would encompass an enforcement mechanism by a United Nation’s Organization and a world national; composite standing army; made up of major world power nation’s contributing manpower to this standing army and all training as a simple housed unified entity.  (This would form a brotherhood; as soldiers in arms do.)

That a dispensing of a monetary currency in that nation’s exchange rate currency would be dispensed by the United Nations Organization in that amount of the taxable fixed percentage rate on the National Gross Product of the affected country.

Hence, there would be no contraction of individual nations economies and or world recession’s; do to loss gross nation product monetary revenue income should the nation have a loss in GMP for any reason or circumstance.

Even after a catastrophe the affected area could be rebuild.

However, no nation at war (Civil or other would receive funds); but, would rather have it’s fund’s disbursed out by the United Nations to secure the outside national interest of other countries.

And any nation, affected by catastrophe will only be capable of securing to it prior high; National Gross Nation Product.

***A confederation of nations; or trading partner’s could experimentally participate in this cause of action.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  –

WHALES BEACHING:  Beaching due to hereditary instinctive evolutionary wanting to return to land.  As, they were once land based mammals.

I, would like to thank; Professor John Nash of Princeton University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

WORD SALAD 1 ; for 4 August 2017: If elected mayor of Lewiston, Maine in 7 November 2017. ” I, WILL BE ASKING Lewiston DEPARTMENT HEAD’S TO DECREASE THEIR MUNICIPAL; CITY AND SCHOOL BUDGET BY BETWEEN zero (0) AND 10 (ten) percent. Either, break even or DECREASE. AND, I WILL SEEK 2 HAVE BUDGET FOR CITY; FOR, FOLLOWING FISCAL YEAR BEGAN EARLIER.

1 Aug


  1.  Establish constables to aid the Lewiston, Maine Police Department.  The Lewiston  Police receive 49 thousand complaints to investigate a year.  And, must police over 200; alleged, known prostitutes in the area.

    2. Establishment of a Police Commissioner to oversee the Lewiston, Maine Police Department . Reasoning: Peoples complaining against a Lewiston Police Officer should not have to address the issue with the police station that the officer works for; so, the department can investigate it’s own

    3. Over 100 building have been demolished by the City of Lewiston, Maine.  If the city control the property I would suggest to the City Council that this property be give to individual (one Piece per person.) if individual will pay taxes that were levied at time of city coming into control of property.  New owner would have no mortgage and no interest on loan. Thus, could invest in fixing uo building and restoring to taxable city revenue.

    This would also inspire staying in and settling  in Lewiston .  Thus, could build houses more readily through lending organizations.

    4. Lewiston / Auburn Maine Consolidation Charter Committee ?  Lets “Vote”  I say “no” .

    5. Investigate Opt out of Lewiston, Maine Public School System; with, that portion of the School Budget monies that would have been spent on your child in Voucher Form.  So you the parent can us Voucher (s) at Parochial / private schools.

    6. Creative Job by investigating outside the box thinking in a partial part time employment economy by the following example.  (Example:  Upon retirement of Lewiston Superintendent Salary $138 thousand would divide salary by 3 an hire three qualified individuals to share responsibilities.

    7.  Take a look; at, not-for-profits and their exemptions as to city of Lewiston, Maine for the 32 percent of people and business paying all the taxes in Lewiston, Maine .

    8.  Reallocation of Federally Funded Programs like Community Development Block Grant money to facilitate more programs.

    9.  Create a Lewiston, Maine City Lotto drawn once a week.  Estimated: Population of Lewistom, Maine; 36 thousand.

    10.  National Public Radio (MPR) was rebuked by two (2) United States Senators this morning (1/13/2017) for attempting to put words in the senator’s mouth .  Beware of News sources that include words like; should, possibly and if.  These words are used to slant the news.  Do you know more

Mr. Robert (Bob) V. Connors Elementary School expected completion date is in Fall / 2019.

28 Jul

Mr. Robert V. Connors Elementary School is expected to be completed and opening in the fall of 2019.

Mr. Connors was the Lewiston Principal of Montello School in his dignified career.
And, I should know as I attended this school back when I had to tell him. I was late to school; as the rabbits got loose and I had to round them up and that was a true story. My, father raised rabbits for eating as he was of a family of 15. It was the 1930’s after all.

Mr. Robert V. Connors, was a man of gentle virtue; with, one wondering why; why, he had been a Veteran of military service of the 1940’s and possibly the 1950’s.

Well, back to point;

Mr. Connors was also the Superintendent of School for Lewiston, Maine, a Ward 5 Councilor at one time and found government to be a challenge.

This, Elementary school will house grades K1 to K6 and will have the capacit of an enrollment of approximately 1000 student as addressed at City Council Meeting. Students, will have a $2.750 expanded gymnasium, cafeteria and library.

It, brings back fond memories of my brief; but, not wasted time with Mr. Robert (Bob) V. Connors.

This, was my; “New Year Resolution 2017.”

17 Jul

The following is my New Year’s Resolutions for this year.

1.  That, I shall not be a hypocrite; for, I am no Archangel; and, hypocrite this is a part I know all too well.

2.  Not, to define the whole; by, the miss doings of its parts.  Examples; condemning an ethnic group, religion, business or human for failures of a few or part of the whole.

3.   And, not to allow years of turmoil….to define the rest of the meaning of mine and your life.  But, rather correct my life and move on with hope for humanity.

4.  Correctly, interpret responsibility for one’s actions.

Like the recent turmoil throughout the Nation; in police and civilian confrontations; as the media drives a story to the wrong conclusion and initiates a firestorm of actions against protectors and the innocent.

It is my contention; that the Nation Press / Media, overly contributed to the fanning of flames, mistrust and violence towards our protectors.  And, should be held to the highest account under the laws of the United States of America.

Freedom of the press; or, journalism for journalism sake, ratings or financial gains shall and should not be tolerated!

There can never; be, an excuse for Media over reporting faults hoods or misrepresentation of the facts; to, drive to incitement to national violence against the innocent of our Nation.

As, the New Year 2017 approaches us; let, us remember that all you need is a “Safe place to sleep”, “A meal a day” and “Your Health”; to be happy.  For all else; is, “extra.”

And, give thanks that we live in a “NATION” that provides this.

FOR A REALITY MOVIE; of Lewiston, Maine. Consciousness creates reality. Click, on anything red or blue.

15 Jul

For, a reality of Lewiston, Maine or fact similarity movie about what is going on in Lewiston, Maine.


” GANGS OF NEW YORK.” 2002 by; Martin Scorsese.

NOTE:  Movies similarities.

  1.  Hometown people vs. Immigrants. (For, wages, housing and right of longevity.

  2.  Somali’s vs. each other as there are 3 different  groups which are vying for acceptance.

  3.  With the other nations; immigrant, Congolese, Angolans, Nigerians and many others. .


    1.  Hometown country people vs. Irish Immigrants.

    2.  Irish vs. Irish several different Clans.

    3.  All Irish Clans vs. Hometown people.

    4.  Irish Protestant vs. Irish Catholic.

    And, in the end it was all laid to rest by the times and wars; and, events that unified all in grief and in happiness.

    Remember, all U need 2 B happy is a safe place to sleep, meal a day and your health; for all else is extra. For,at the end of live we all share the same amount out burial space and even U in the Vase.

TWO OF LIFES ROADS, DIVERGED IN THE WORLD; AND SORRY I COULD NOT TRAVEL BOTH, but now understand the results of the one traveled.

3 Jul

My generation has given-up a great deal in the last 63 years.

1.  EQUAL RIGHTS FOR BLACKS:  This led to affirmative action, bussing desegregation of schools, even if blacks or whites did not want and college or university school quotas. As I see it, the Whites and Blacks of this nation were just getting integrated and new highs were being established / obtained such as President Barack H, Obama, Adam Clayton Powell,  General Colin L. Powell, Guion Bluford, Douglas Wilder, Alice Walker, Clarence Thomas, Mae Carol Jemison, Carol Moseley Braun and so many more examples of that might have been if not for the Illegal Migration of Thirteen (13) to eighteen (18) million other undocumented and illegals into this country of the United States of America and all the problems ( Illegals having children though their the parents were not citizens; but, children are due to the U. S. Constitution’s; 14 Amendment as they the children now citizens qualify for Food Stamps, Medicare, subsidized rent…so.)  it brought once the 2008-2009 recession and job displacement of the black community as well as white commenced.

2.  EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN: This altered the economics of my time; as women, entered the workplace and displaced the one paycheck family; that led to prices going up as the realignment of the economy commenced. Things were based on one income; then with the coming of two paycheck families, the economy was changed to reflect a two paycheck family. I am not saying this was incorrect, but rather; in a recessionary economy with one or more of the two paychecks families losing their job; it is taking a toll on the family and societal structure.



5.  ROE vs. WADE 401 U. S. 113 (1973) – ABORTION: 1.2 MILLION ABORTIONS IN THE UNITED STATES EACH YEAR OF LEGAL UNITED STATES INFANT CITIZENS. While 13 to 18 million illegals are allowed to infiltrate our United States of America, Boarder’s?

6.  ASCENDANTS OF THE COMPUTER AND ASSOCIATED TECHNOLOGIES. National Security Agency (Phone, e-mail, exedra)

7.  THE GREAT SOCIETY OF THE 1960’S: Started by; President John F. Kennedy and passed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, this provided; Aid to Dependent Children / Mothers, Food Stamps, rent subsidies, Medicare, phone subsides, cable subsides, rides to and back from appointments, free child sitting and free college tuitions with ride provided. These Programs are being used to leave a relationship and are now a crutch towards divorce, breakup of the family and have morphed away from their original good intentions. Male and female are having multiple children; by different partners, due to the morphing of the good intentions of the, “Great Society of the 1960’s, launched by President Lyndon B. Johnson; and who’s intent and goals were to eliminate poverty and racial injustice.