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AN, OUNCE OF PREVENTION; is worth a “POUND” of cure. And, a “POKE” in the eye with a sharp stick.

26 Jun

1. Prevention of “CANCER”.

Do not use “TOBACCO”! Puts, U on collision coarse with Cancer.

Eat, lighter and leaner. Eat, plenty of fruits and vegetables and base your diet on them.

Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active.

Protect your self from the sun. Besides that the sun will show age quicker; as, you age.

Get your immunization shots will protect your from certain viral infection that will induce Cancer.

Avoid risky behaviors that can lead to infections.

Get regular Medical Care . . . . even if you can not afford it . . do it.

2. Saving your “VISION”.

Get your eye checked.

Eat vision enhancing foods. Like, Spinach high in vitamin A and lutein(found in eye yokes), citrus fruits, melons, eat, your; broccoli, salmon and “yes” carrots high in vitamin A and lutein(found in eye yokes). Soup is “good”.

Give the screens a rest. TV, Computer and other like phones. It is the lighting effects.

Ware the right eye protection at work and for the sun. Take care of your children eyes.

Kick that cigarette habit or smoking friend (s). They are addictive, they yellow your teeth and shin, and above all they destroy you vision. Did not know that; did, you ?

Smoking can cause several severe eye conditions kike “Cataracts”, “Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy(retina, loss and blindness) and Uveitis(infection of the uvea(pigment, layer of the eye).


BLAST FROM THE PAST of July 18, 2016: I, would like to thank; the 59,598 of a population of 59,647 combined Auburn and Lewiston, Maine; population; that, did not attend the Black Lives Matter Rally held at the Simard – Payne Memorial Park; and, buy into the HATE MONGERING.

21 Jun

It is approximately one hour before the Lewiston, Maine Black Live Matter Event; and, a young adult girl (Somali) of the age of around 16 years old walks through the Simard- Payne Park towards the walking trestle bridge between Auburn and Lewiston, Maine with no apprehension or fear.

Maine’s local Television station’s of a second rate in my opinion, are arriving or already on site to air the event of the Lewiston, Maine; Black Lives Matter Rally.  WCSH – 6, WGME – 13 and WMTW – 8.

I have notice a lot of high school age young adults and high school aged immigrants arriving.   Upon, asking these impressionable young adults; whom are mostly not attended by their parents.  I find that Edward Little High School, Lewiston High School, Oak Hill High School and Levett High School students are in attendance.

As to why; Black Live Matter are subjecting the new immigrants population and high school student to a,” WHAT DO WE WANT, JUSTICE “; and “WHEN DO WE WANT IT” ; “HOW ” event is in my theory to bolster the Black Live Matter numbers and thus importing hate to our community and instilling a political will to our children.

The fact that an associate of Maine People’s Alliance; is, receiving Social Security at so young and age; is speculative, as to why she is allow to influence our young impressionable minded children and found that the Black Live’s Matter people would not show tolerance.

And, the fact that I was at the Black Lives Matter Event with a “TRUMP: sign attached to my bicycle and was ask to remove it from the Simard – Payne Memorial Park; which, I did with some mumbling.  And as requested, I moved it to the street a block away; and, then being asked again to move it by associate of the Maine People’s Alliances Ms. Mrs Dunn again as if she owned the entire City of Lewiston, Maine.

 And, not, wanting to be confrontational; for, I was not at the Black Lives Matter Event to be confrontational.   I removed the ” TRUMP ”  sign from my bicycle; and, placed it hidden away as not to have the “Black Lives Matter” discard it.

I asked why they were asking me to remove the sign and they stated, ” It would intimidate individuals from attending and taking part in the EVENT on people’s RIGHTS ?

To the Officer and Officer Philippon of the Lewiston, Maine Community Based Policing Unit. I commend you on being in the middle of the two opposing sides and allowing some freedoms and latitudes in airing their opposing views.

SIT IN – discussion literature handed out.

I LOVE MY BLACKNESS AND YOURS FREEDOM RALLY. * (Indicate: Mr. Soule’s interjections. )

  1. What does race mean to you ?
  2. What does privilege mean to you ?   *( Takes, you into class struggles.)
  3. How did you learn about your race.* ( Mother, was not a raciest.  Taught to be open to all. )  ( Mom, dated black Army officer during WWII. )
  4. How old were you when you first saw another ethnicity or culture different from  you.  *(12ish through television; Tarzan movies on television with Mr.Johnny Wesmuller.)
  5. Is there a connection between racism and other ism – class-ism, sex-ism ?   *( Pulls you into class struggle and feminism.)
  6. Which has more impact on a person’s life: class or gender ?  *(For men Class – For women gender. )
  7. Do you experience racism and how did it affect you.  *(Did, as I was called a “Frog” by my stepfather; because I was part French made me more determined to treat other equally. And, that just because me speak of racial things; does, not make you a racist. )
  8. Is racial homogeneity racism ?  *( Takes you into homo-alities )
  9. How have others beliefs about race affect your life ?  *( Major influence was Uncle stating, ” Beware of Jewish business practices. This has stayed with me all of my live and I am always on guard not to judge all by the actions of one. ”  )
  10. How have your beliefs about race affected the lives of others ?

DANGER-DANGER-DANGER: Dew point for today expected to be; “96% percent – 100% percent Rain” ! Please check on the elderly member of the community and your own families, cat and dogs. As, we age breathing is hampered by “Humidity”. *Click, on anything red.

19 Jun

Humidity today, is expected to by 96% percent humidity to Rain.

Signs, you are have a problem: 1. Headache 2. numbing of arms. 3. feel light headed. 4. sweating (cold and clammy)

Seek, Medical attention ASAP – NOW ! I would not like to loose a vote.
Just, kidding.

DEW POINT DEFINITION: The atmospheric Temperature (varying according to pressure and humidity) below which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form on the ground; then Rain. Part, of this moisture is retained in the air. Thus, displacing Oxygen and with mans carbon problems (smelling Bakery right now) being added to the air well do I need to say more? It will make it difficult . . . . .to breath.

To all who labor to breath in this climate. Please, be advised that your local city halls (No, Saturday – Sunday), hospitals, Malls, Schools, Churches (Saturday – Sunday) Department Stores are in most part; air conditioned spaces and Public Spaces.

So, get out and into these spaces should you require aid in breathing and body heat reduction.

Right now, I am on the second floor of the Lewiston, Maine City Building on Park and Pine Street and enjoying temperatures of 72 degrees with light humidity.


This, paid for by mine and your local share of tax revenues. School and Municipal !

Be, happy; think healthy and wise.

Temperature out side 87 degrees with high humidity.

Just, talked to a city administrative worker at city hall. I said, “What a warm day.” She states, “It’s a beautiful day”. She, is working in an air conditioned space and having lunch inside?

WHAT ARE SCHOOLS IN TODAY AMERICA ? Click on anything red.

8 Jun

Schools are not longer institutional facilities of academia. Rather,they have become progressive indoctrination laboratories for liberal societal progressives thought.

These years students must go through a gauntlet of societal conflicts that are over flowing into our tutorial instruction from the non populist society. And, these issues should be left to at home discussions.

Some classroom instructional’s; tapes, books, teacher assignments and other topic avenues are being introduced through-the-back-door to children that do not need to know and are circumventing the normal three “R’s”; reading, writing and arithmetic.

In, the last Maine Assessment Exam’ Lewiston, Maine was graduating 37% percent of student’s that could not read, write or do math at a twelfth (12) grade level and Lewiston, Maine High School was graded as an “F” school by the State of Maine.

On, of the contributing factors is that Lewiston, Maine allow students / children with parents permission to opt out of assessment exams and the school schedules the exam on a Saturday. Thus, the parents are “prod” into allowing children to opt out of Assessment Exams to enjoy their Saturday.

With, his said,”Is it any wonder our society is being sub divided into conflicting camps and governmental party conflicts ?

we the citizen of each community must take back control of our schools cirriculum and get back to the basic Reading, Math, Science, English and leave the politic’s at home; not, to be brought into the classroom.

VOUCHERS ? : 34% percent of all Lewiston, Maine graduates; cannot read or do mathematics at a 12 grade level upon graduation according to last Maine State Assessment Testing ?

5 Jun


We want to begin by saying that we come here this evening to address our Lewiston, Maine District Policies on Assessment Examinations.

We have complete confidence in our Principal’s leadership; and, do not want our statements to reflect our thoughts on their leadership for they are a gift to our schools. student and teachers.

Fidelity is defined as ” faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support. “

We are asked; to teach with fidelity, by following specific scripted lessons and assessing students learning, using time consuming, cumbersome tools that interfere with; what feels best for our students.

We stand here now, with fidelity to no one else; but our students.  We are speaking from the heart, from our expertise, from experience and not one of us wish to ever be administrators of a school system.

We have reached our professional goals of being a classroom teacher and we are completely fulfilled in our roles as teachers.  When we share these thoughts to night; keeping in mind, that our concerns;  may be seen as being NEGATIVE or NON-COMPLIANT; yet, we only wish to do what we feel is right for our students.

We have been openly sharing our concerns for THREE YEARS with school administration.

In the fall of 2016, we met with Lewiston, Maine Superintendent of Schools; Mr. William WEBSTER and shared our concerns as to the aforementioned Assessment Examinations.

We rejected, the merit pay; associated with Student Assessment Test Scores and delineated why we felt paying teacher for high test scores was detrimental to our students.

We appreciated the time MR. WEBSTER gave us and hoped our voices would promote change and give us more time with our students.

Equally, upsetting are the number of MAINE teachers who are leaving the districts or resigning early due to the unreasonable demands put upon teachers.  We are concerned for our profession and the result of losing qualified teachers in Maine.  If this trend continues in Lewiston, Maine and elsewhere; that, will the future hold for our state and students.

Sadly, the art of teaching, feels lost to many Maine Teachers.  We do not feel that we are allowed to use our taught college talents as teachers.  We feel that the current practices in education are attempting to turn us into facilitators of STATE SPONSORED DOCTRINE.

At the beginning of the year; is a time to connect with our students for most of us teachers. The goal of every teacher should be to get to know our students within the first few weeks. This is done through opening activities, interest surveys, and our observation / interactions with our students.  There is no time for this; nor, is here time to use information we would have gathered about what moves out Students; what they care about and what they could be motivated to participate in or interests.

Rather, the beginning of the year; finds us bogged down with formal assessment testing; which leaves our students feeling overwhelmed and anxious at the start of the school year. Rather than feeling comfortable in their new grade surroundings among the peers their feel anxiety and frustration .  Please remember we are talking about students who are six, seven, eight, nine and ten year of age and could extend to grades above.

Moreover, managing student behavior in our own classrooms has become more challenging than ever *  ( Lewiston, Maine has the highest poverty level in New England. ) We strongly believe that our students struggles are fed; by, the increased amount of testing and rigid curriculum we are forced to administer.

No, longer do we work to help our students meet GRADE LEVEL STANDARDS; through methods and materials that we know will motivate our students to succeed; we deal with anger, aggression, defiance, disrespect and noncompliance in our students daily or depression.   * Living environment or Media  (TV, games, excedra) influence or latch key young adults as parent work confusing hours.  We, teachers struggle with chronic absenteeism and wonder specifically; when, this became a problem for so many of our students.  *  (lOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL BUDGET RESTRAINTS NO TRUANT OFFICERS ?)

Certainly, with the data we have collected in the past ten years we could investigate if there is a direct connection between increased testing pressure, rigid curriculum; and, the DESCENT of young adults.  We have little doubt; that there will be a correlation as to their circumstance and causality.

Another concern, we have about assessments; is being asked to quantify everything our students do.  There are so many things that we teach that are not quantifiable.  These are the most meaningful leanings for children and includes things such as perseverance, work ethic, understanding the qualities of a friend, healthy risk taking and developing personal strategies for academic and civil success.

Regarding the quantitative data we do collect; we often find the various results conflicting. The inconsistent data is not surprising to instructors; since, there are so many variables at play for each child. * (Home stability and poverty levels.)   In every classroom, there are children who come to school with many distraction and more pressing matters.  Even, children who come to school with all their needs met; express resentment, about the over testing.

We teacher do our best to impress the importance of performing well; but, what is important to DISTRICT LEADERS is not always important to six (6), seven (7), eight (8),  nine (9)  and ten (10) years old and above grades.

These are our and your children who,  by our calculations are test assessed for a minimum; of eleven (11) full school days, and his figure; does not include our common assessments or Teacher Created Unit Assessments.

We are expressing our concerns, because due to the District’s expectations; we are not able to adequately plan for our students and create meaningful lessons that are differentiated; nor, can we consistently engage in ongoing formative assessment in a way that informs our institutions.

We understand, that standardized testing serves a specific purpose; but, we also believe that we are going BEYOND what is REQUIRED BY THE STATE OF MAINE and UNITED STATES FEDERAL LAWS.

We are qualified; we are experienced; and, we are CARING.  We once felt confident in our knowledge of students and how to best understand and meet their educational needs; and now we feel like we fail our students daily and we are constantly playing to navigate feeling; conflicted between doing what our college expertise and work experience tells us we should do; and, that which the DISTRICT EDUCATORS and UNRELIABLE test results demand we do for students.

  • TEACHER OF  ” MAINE ”  UNITE AND BITE BACK !  Back to basic in education….the problem is that every generation feel they must improve on the system; THAT CAME BEFORE, to get a promotion and this is not necessarily so.

Signatures of your educator’s; name withheld do to privacy issues.  * (GO BACK TO BASIC)

NOTE: * Indicate, Mr. Charles Arthur Soule’s; input views.  Know a teacher; ask and Facebook, Email or copy at will; and, distribute to a teacher, TEACHERS HAVE A VALUED OPINION.






BLAST FROM THE PAST: They say that crying is good for the Soul. “WHEN DID YOU; LAST, HAVE A GOOD CRY ?”

30 May

“I awoke in a deep crying; this morning.

My face scrounged; as, if being pressed together from bottom to top and where your whipping of your tear covered eyes; coated, your hands as you whipped your face.  Your naval passages become partially blocked with your throat becoming constricted and the muscles under your chin become so strained what you can feel your stomach tensing.

It was after a dream in color; where I was driving; my old 1964 Ford F-650 Truck of 24 foot in length; and, I had just drove through, two (2) buildings with debris floating by the closed windows of the cab (Driving compartment) and down a farm pasture; swerving, to miss objects with loss truck breaks and coming to rest; due, to a hill incline.

I then awoke with my pillow damp.

The tears kept coming; for at lease a half hour or more and an old song playing by John Lennon; with lyric of, “Brotherhood of man.”  brought me once again to tears after just getting under control.  All this at three-thirty – 3:30 am.

The whole episode could have been brought on by events in my life, events around me as well as the long winter, now rain, my life struggle’s to be Mayor of Lewiston, Maine or my 12-17-12 court case and Acquittal at Androscoggin Maine Superior Court; or, watching the Boston Booming Trial?

(We will not; issue the death penalty.  But will show the world our, “Marcy” by issuing a “life sentence” due to the influence on the younger Mr. Tsaranaev; mentally, by his older brother.)

It maybe; that I am growing older with all its problems; arthritis, heart palpitations, memory recall not as sharp, or, that watching the American society disintegrate; which; brings on my irritability and lashing out at people and friends.

And, still my eyes water, throat tightens and breathing is labored as I wrote this and now type it.

I must admit, I do not know; if at going on sixty-four years of age; if I have lost the stamina to do the job and become the peculiar old man written about in books or seen on the streets of any town.



MEMORIAL DAY; remembering the dead. I am an accumulation; of, all the peoples I knew.

26 May

1. My Dad and Step mother Doris.
2. Uncle Tom/Aunt Helen
3. Uncle Norman and Aunt Theresa.
4. Uncle Dick and Auntie Vie.
5. Uncle Armend / Aunt Rose.
6. Grandpa Soule / Grandma Soule
7. Grandfather Dube / Grandmother Dube.
8. Friend James Rand.
9. Uncle George and Aunt.
10. Uncle Roger / Aunt Rita.
11. Chum and Maze.
12. Aunt Rita.
13. JP
14. Mr. Swift.
15. Don Dixon
16. Mr.La Rock – teacher.
17. Mrs. Woodard – Teacher.
18. Mr. Logan – Teacher.
19. Mr. Chick – Teacher.
20. Friend Jamelia Wilson
21. Friend Micheal Edwards friend to a brother.
22. Friend Vincent Edwards.
23. Friend Walter Edwards.
24. Friend Don Trinity Episcopal Church.
25. The Right Honorable Rev. William Baxter – and wife -Trinity Episcopal Church.
26. Pedrich Rae – Trinity Episcopal Church
27. Mr. Jollymore – Trinity Episcopal Church.
28. The Honorable Mr. Jerry De Der bedrosian.
29. Nelson – WWII Veteran friend and father figure.
30. Pam – Friend.
31. Paul – Friend.
32. Bob – Friend.
33. Margaret Farnum – Girlfriend.
34. Robert Smith – Gay friend.
35. Roger my double legs amputee friend. Who had a great humorous attatude;
through his experiences.

And, the rest that I may have forgotten. May you all rest in peace.