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18 Oct

How,  ,  , , lonely sits the United States of America; that, was once full of like minded peoples.

And now; it, has become like a single drugged out raindrop from once many non drugged out like minded raindrops on a scorching hot summer day.

America, who once combination of races; were once great among nations; and, now it’s people weep bitterly in the night; and, the nation labors for good government; which, has become a force of labor; for, political and corporate profits.

Among all the United State’s once allied nation’s; all, have dealt with it treacherously and have become a secretive United States of America enemy.

With that said; the, once great United States of America, has gone into exile with its affections; and, under harsh financial foreign military servitude; dwelling, among the world’s nation as a pawn or spectator and can find no rest; overtaken, by all pursuer while in its agonizing distress.

In these days of the United States of America’s affliction’s; with, child homelessness, child starvation and absent parent; structural reared non tolerance judicial attorney led; non tolerance of Religion in society; and, put into place by its own government; Department of Health and Human Service’s, liquidation of family values through effects by easy money aid.

It now remembers; reminiscing, on all its previous glories of old.

While its peoples; fall, into the hands of its adversaries from its under vetted, non tolerance of religion, illegal migrant population, faltering military, unsecured border and with congress – senatorial government politically “Wall Street” aided financial Jewish media manipulation.

While no comes to America’s aid; and, all it’s borders are decimated; being, overrun to the destruction of the white and black  years of reconciliation.

The United States politician’s are roaming in circles; in self interest; and it’s once political adversaries have become its master while its world business enemies prospering at the expense of the United States working and elderly classes.

All America’s majestie’s have departed it; and, it’s once feared military; through, hand shackling by bureaucracies have become; like a deer, that heard a noise and flees without strength before the pursuer.

Therefore, in less than forty-five (45) year or my generation the United States of America government has become an unclean thing; with, no one coming to help due to special interest monies levied against them by media and corporate corruption; for, the almighty dollar.

All those who had once honored her and now despise by all its citizens; the United States of America, its adversaries mock its strife throughout the world.

If, another 11 million more Illegal immigrants sneak into this country under the  h.clinton presidency; as, was the case of  william j. clinton; presidency; and have, 5 children that become citizen for having been born in this country; though, one or more parents should not have been here; it will kill the social welfare programs for the elderly and all citizens; as the children, will qualify for section 8, food programs and Obama care; under, the 14 Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.


LEWISTON CITY COUNSELOR and GUEST COLUMNIST FOR SUN JOURNAL; time, to . . . . . wake up. Is, for Merging.

23 Sep
  1.   The Lewiston, Maine City Council will answer no questions put to it in the New Business public forum; as I learned the hard way; by, being gavel silent, though I kept talking.   And, Ward 5, kristine cloutier would not answer my question.

  2.    Lewiston, Maine Bond Rating falls on stock market Standard’s and Poor’s rating scale to Double “A- minus” from a possible Triple “AAA+” high.

  3.    Lewiston, Maine is still paying on debts obligations of 2009, 2014, 2015 and 2016 while creating more bond issues for 2017 – 2018 budgets.

  4.    Lewiston, Maine City Council; still, pondering Mr. Charles Arthur Soule’s request to hire new Lewiston Police Chief from outside the Lewiston, Maine police system and preferably a women.  This request by Mr. Soule was made due the Lewiston Police Department being reprimanded by Androscoggin, Maine; Superior sitting Justice Mary G. Kennedy for losing evidence and withholding crucial evidence due a Defendant (Go to Policing; category, Soule, Lewiston, Maine. And, web-site will show up.

      Then, their was the Alleged, Illegal Search of an Immigrant’s home; without, a Court Ordered Search Warrant; by, Ex Police Chief M. Busseier and Corporal T. Murphy of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department whom are now being sued in Maine judicial litigations. WAS, SETTLED OUT OF COURT; and, cost city millions.

  5. Lewiston,Maine’s Androscoggin Bank Colisee’ over $36 thousand dollars in unpaid taxes to City of Lewiston, Maine.

DANGER-DANGER-DANGER: Dew point for today expected to be; “76 percent humidity – Temp 79 degrees > up” ! Please check on the elderly member of the community and your own families, cat and Dogs. *Click, on anything red, white or Hot.

19 Sep

Humidity today, is expected to by 76% percent humidity and 79 on up to “Hot”.

Signs, you are have a problem: 1. Headache 2. numbing of arms. 3. feel light headed. 4. sweating (cold and clammy)

Seek, Medical attention ASAP – NOW ! I would not like to loose a vote.
Just, kidding.

DEW POINT DEFINITION: The atmospheric Temperature (varying according to pressure and humidity) below which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form on the ground; then Rain. Part, of this moisture is retained in the air. Thus, displacing Oxygen and with mans carbon problems (smelling Bakery right now) being added to the air well do I need to say more? It will make it difficult . . . . .to breath.

To all who labor to breath in this climate. Please, be advised that your local city halls (No, Saturday – Sunday), hospitals, Malls, Schools, Churches (Saturday – Sunday) Department Stores are in most part; air conditioned spaces and Public Spaces.

So, get out and into these spaces should you require aid in breathing and body heat reduction.

Right now, I am on the second floor of the Lewiston, Maine City Building on Park and Pine Street and enjoying temperatures of 72 degrees with light humidity.


This, paid for by me and your local share of tax revenues. School and Municipal !

Be, happy; think healthy and wise.

Temperature out side will be 79 and up; degrees, with high humidity.

Just, talked to a city administrative worker at city hall. I said, “What a warm day it’s going to be”.   She states, “It’s going to be a beautiful day”.  She, is working in an air conditioned space and possibly taking / having lunch inside?


12 Sep

1. Insure all doors close properly. (Self closing?)

2. Can a better flourescent Compact light bulb be used? (They have a coil shape.)

3. Turn off equipment when not using. TV, Radio, Room lighting and computer’s.)

4. To hot in Summer close the Drapes as not to use up the air conditioning.

5. To heat open the drapes and let the sun in.

6. Still, to hot. But, not hot enough for air conditioning. Use a fan. (A slow fan can direct heat from a heat register (Baseboard, metal radiator to heat a cool spot in your home if use correctly.)

7. WARE HEAVY CLOTHING IF NEEDED. I, ware socks to bed.

8. Turn off faucets cold and hot will save money.

9. Check for leaking water fixtures. As, the pump may run continuously adding to the electric bill.

10. YOUR RIDGE. Think before opening as to what you want out of it.

11. DISHWASHER. They are said to use less energy than washing these days.

12. CARS. Think of the shortest route. Never, Idle your care for to long.
Can, you walk, run, bike or get a ride from someone going the same place as you?

13. RECYCLING. 5 cents bottle return equals more money to use for other purposes. Plastic bags reusable.

14. Seal windows if possible and cover in winter causes a weather barrier from cold air.

15. For people that are or have used air conditioning (A/C) please remember that you have cooled the studs and walls of your home or dwelling and now should be allowing your house to reheat by opening the windows shades on a warm day. The house will take sometime to reheat. And, September is an off-on-month as is October.

LOTS OF REWARDS COME FROM SAVING energy. For, saving energy helps save money for “ICE CREAM”.

Mr. Soule’s Central School paddling lesson. Click, on anything red.

30 Aug

All I can say for myself is; that, I was a miss understood matriculating student.

If, you have ever been to the Auburn Community Little Theater in Auburn Maine; you come upon a remnant part of the old Edward Little High School and Central School that has been turned into a part structure of of an entire building. That being the community theater.

At one time the building situated on the corner of Academy Street and So. Main Street; Auburn, Maine was a Basement class first floor class, second floor classed brick school structure with a gymnasium with perhaps a 100 seat staged auditorium.

To my reculation it was a Spring day and I was on a recess in a field at Moulton Field Park which abutted the Central School where I was attending in the year of our Lord; 1967.

If you know anything about Moulton Field Park than you may realize that there is a steep embankment that abuts the old Central School; the, renamed old Edward Little High School which occurred after the completion of the newly constructed New Edward Little high School at Auburn Heights; situated at a location atop of Court Street, on Goff Hill in Auburn, Maine.

I do not fully recall that the problem was; but, I had done something that had got me in big trouble with a recess teacher on the playground in Moulton Field Park.

Somehow, I had been called a liar perhaps by a fellow student or a teacher and I hate being called a liar when I was telling the truth. But, who ever had did it incurred my wrath and it had been noted by the Central School Principal a right Honorable Mr. Logan who was at the top of the embankment and was watching from on high as the embankment was about fifty (50) feet above Moulton Field Park.

He, with a loud voice instructed me to come to him at once; so, as I was in a state of high emotions and not realizing that he wanted me to use the same path that I had gotten to the field by.

Not wanting to delay I darted up the fifty (50) foot embankment with a bust of speed that I now looking back at; at, the age of 64 years old I am amazed that I would under take this rough. At one point I doubled stepped or spun out about two-thirds the way up; and, the teacher and Mr. Logan were alarmed; as, as I could hear them utter concern that I might tumble back to the bottom of the embankment and severely hurt myself. But, with the grace of god; I recovered at make the trek to be standing beside the Principal Mr. Logan who I admired as he was an orator of reading for he had read the poem, “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe with such invigoration to the class that I to; to, this day think he was one orator what encouraged me to be the best orator or speaker in front of an audience that I could be.

Well, that which it may be; did not spare me from a trip to the Principal’s Office for a Paddling that I deserved and a lesson of, “Spare the Rod; spoil the Child.”

To Mr.Logan, Mrs woodmen, Mrs. Hempstead, and Mr. Bigelow you are missed; and,1 now much appreciated.

“NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” 1969 – 1973 Edition. Click, on anything red, white or blue.

25 Aug

Those, years were 1969 through 1973; at the time, ninth grade was completed at an entirely different School, Webster School in Auburn, Maine and I was now attending Edward Little High School, Auburn Heights, Auburn, Maine.

It became a  banner years for me as I entered the start of my Junior year; and, completed my Sophomore year at Edward Little High School; just keeping up with the curriculum, with not too much going for me and then I was elected to the position of Junior Class President; in my Senior year; I was elected as Senior Class President, President of the Student Senate, winner of the Daughter of the American Revolution “Good Citizen Award”, Delegate to the State of Maine Boy’s State, President of the Young Republicans and President of the Sacred Heart Parish Auburn, Maine; Christian Youth Organization and selected to the Interact Club all this at a prominent academic school.


At the time, the Vietnam War was raging and of the 27 million draft age young men between 1968 and 1973, 40 % were drafted into military service, and only 10 % were actually sent to Vietnam.  This group was made up almost entirely of either work-class or rural youth.  Combat deaths were over 45 thousand by 1973.

There, were a lot of others who were not as fortunate as I;  who’s spirit was left behind in the Jungles of Vietnam (41 thousand); in, a Military Police Action and who were lost; but, are never forgotten; as,  the years go on.


It was not for some years; that, I understood a phase that Mr. Alfred Saviagnano, Principal of Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine had stated to me; “YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE HAVE DONE FOR YOU”.

The others were Assistant Principal, Class Adviser Mr. Wallace A. Laehy and Guidance Councilor Mr. Carsley, office staff and councilor / teachers.

You see,  I had been to six (6) schools prior to Edward Little High School and had been late to start first grade due to my birthday being in March.  Then, there was the fact; I had been left behind / back twice (2) once in the first grade; and, another time in the third grade.

The facts were that I was twenty (20) years old; when, I graduated from Edward Little High School and that when I register for the draft at the Lewiston, Maine Post Office at the age of 18 years of age; I, could have been drafted at anytime.

Can you see; that, by allowing me to remain in school at the age of eighteen (18) to twenty (20) years of age and not allowing; my, drafting into the service of the United States Police Action in Vietnam; and, these WWII War Veterans allowing me to graduate from Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine at TWENTY (20) years of age possibly saved my life ?

They, allowed me to be; and, I was the first (1): “no child left behind”.  These MENTORS and TEACHERS were saving my life.

I volunteered; and, left in December of 1973 with Orders from the Department of Defense stating, ” Needs of the Service come First “; with, my sister’s crying and mother showing a stern resolves.

I served honorably as my father did in Korea and World War two and thought of it as an obligation and right of passage as a citizen of this “Great Country”; winning, Military Citations Awards and 5 promotions in three year and was “TOP Soldier” at a joint command of American and British Armies; until discharged in 1979 and now receive a compensation of $1075.00 dollars a month from the Veteran Administration with Medical; which, I am  “grateful for”, at the age of going on 65 year old from a grateful Nation who did not forget me; you, the American Citizen.

GOD BLESS YOU; MY BROTHERS IN ARMS; MENTORS and TEACHERS and YOU THE CITIZEN OF AMERICA.   I hope this humble person; naive in youth, am worthy of your sacrifices.

UPDATE: Path to Citizenship after thorough security clearances and vetting. PLEASE FACEBOOK; or E Mail it to your friends. “Copy at will. ” I do the best I can; but, can not do all and can with you.” Click, on anything red, white or blue.

9 Aug



Illegal aliens: Individuals that have transgressed our borders without permission and do not have legal right to be here.

Undocumented Immigrants:  Individuals that are here legally; but, do not have sufficient documentation as yet; and, may have legal children born under the 14 Amendment to the Constitution of the United States are creating a United States social welfare nightmare.

Asylum seekers:  People here seeking legal entry for reason permissible under United States Immigration Policies. Do to extreme cruelty and that are waiting for clarity and documentation of their atrocities against them.

My views on Illegal Aliens and undocumented immigrants and the road to citizenship to the United States of America.

Illegal immigrants; without, 14 United States Amendment children shall be searched out and deported for violation of our territorial boarders.

Asylum seekers if not already here; shall, be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization that brought them to this country; and, the United States Federal Government as a country shared commitment; while, a discussion is made in regards to their asylum questions of entry.

Asylum seekers will not be included in this promulgation; as, they are still in review of the United States Government for resolution of their question.

Even though they may have had children (s); that, are full United States Citizens under the 14 Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and do to the procrastination of this nation on the question at hand.  ( And; everyday more of the children are being born (Anchor Children ) as they attempt to gain legalized status through procreation and their newborn children; now, United States Citizens under the 14 Amendment of the United States Constitution. )

On, this I propose a course of action; I now outline:  It is my resolve that this issue is not to further; set aside our national duties; as, to our responsibilities to these influx peoples and ourselves as a United States of America People.

I now with a  higher calling; promulgate, the following to you the great American public for your deliberations, review and input.

1.All Undocumented peoples and illegal Aliens shall have the right of citizenry of the United States of America if they have United States born children under the 14 Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America upon the participation; and, completion of a program of legalized acquisition of a job for 10 consecutive years (review able) and does not necessarily have to be with the same hiring institution .

2. Legalized job holding does have to be in consecutive years order; unless, medical or court approved exemption is granted; or, extension is granted.

(Federal Courts shall decide the questionable action of the merit and shall be at no cost to the Federal Government for Legal Counsel or court cost.)

3.All Federal Income Taxes; and, State Income Taxes will be forfeited to the Federal and State where employment occurs for that period of 7 consecutive years; and, citizen seeker will be allowed to claim one (10) dependent and no earned income credits.  These monies will be used to facilitate the documentation process, legalization or medical expenditures while being process; and, help off set any other expenditures borne by the Federal and State’s documentation process.

4.Any, Undocumented Immigrants; or, Illegal Aliens with United States Constitution, 14 Amendment children and applying;  for, citizenship Program; upon, completion of tour of duty in the United States Military Service and upon qualifying for an Honorable Discharge from any United States Armed Forces Branch of the United States of America; shall, have immediate Citizenship to these United States of America.  Enlistment to be of a duration of six (6) years, which will consist of four (4) years active duty honorable service to the United States of America and two (2) years as a reservist in that active duty reserve branch of military and no State of Federal Income Tax will be withheld for the period of active duty United States Military Service.

5.  All children; of, said Undocumented Immigrants; born in the United States shall have full acceptance into American Schools and Medical Programs.

6.   Illegal Aliens with no felony criminal record; with United States born children under the 14 Amendment to the Constitution of the United Sates of America; shall, full have access to all United States of America School’s and Medical Program’s.

7.  All documented Immigrants; and, legal Aliens; non-citizen children shall be immediately afforded the opportunity of citizenship of the United States of America upon passing an examination to be administer and institutionally orchestrated by their prospected State certified Department of Education; Elementary School and High School (K1-K12).   If not qualified in Elementary School, High School or College for Citizenship under the Citizenship Program; and, 21 years of age to the Citizenry Programs eligibility criteria will apply or be deported to country of origin.

8.  All 21 year old that have not attained citizenship shall have the opportunity of participating in the same Citizenry Program that was levied upon their immigrant descendants; and, will be offered the same qualifying requirements as was offered the other people of Undocumented Immigrant Status and Illegal Aliens Status at age twenty-one (21), completion of college or equivalent or attainment of full time employment or deported.

9.  No United States; State institutions, shall be granted any authority to abrogate or pass laws to restrict any prevision once passed into United States legalized Statues.

10.  Any felonious law breaking incurred while in the parameters of seeking citizenry; while executing the requirements of Undocumented Immigrants or Illegal Aliens to acquire full citizenry to the United States of America will lead to full; deportation or imprisonment then deportation of Undocumented Immigrant or Illegal Aliens that are participants in the Citizenry Program.

11.  On, accepting Citizenship of the United States of America; all groups shall be given the option to hold one countries citizenship passport; and, no other passport under the threat of deportation.  All groups; shall, surrender their previous countries documentation (Passport) and shall from that point on not be allowed to be considered a citizen of that original origin country; and, if caught using their any origin country passport; they, will surrender their rights to be a United States of America Citizen and returned to origin country.   And, this includes Israel and all other countries; as of the date they are sworn in as United State’s Citizens and passage of this Programs date of acceptance by the Governing bodies of the United States of America.

12..  No new citizen under the Citizenry Program of the United States of America; shall hold dual citizenship with any other nation and the penalty for such behavior will be immediately deported without American Judicial review.

13.  All dual passport citizen of any nation; with a United States Citizen Passport;  shall forfeited it origin passport book; on, acceptance of a United State’s Citizenship.

Should, I have have made an error; I am not omnipotent and all knowing. I encourage you; the, reader to assist me. _________________________________________________________________

To you new immigrants of the emerging new demographic United States of America; I, wish to remind you that you are not the first to be granted a path to full Citizenship.

On, my mother side of the family; we came over on the Mayflower Ship; year 1615 (George Edward Soule) as indentured servants to the Colony for Seven (7) to fifteen (15) years. The Black community come over as slaves and waited years; to be full citizens and in some area of the united States are still struggling to achieve it fully.

So to you new perspective American; do not, think your path to citizenship is more difficult; as, to the past struggles of the fore runner to a Path to Citizenship of the United States of America.

I would like to thank Mohamed A. Ibrahim of the Trinity Episcopal Church for our decisions; which, led to the aforementioned; which, led to our discussion on that other prior immigrants; had, to endure.