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LEWISTON CITY COUNSELOR and GUEST COLUMNIST FOR SUN JOURNAL; time, to . . . . . wake up. Is, for Merging.

23 Sep
  1.   The Lewiston, Maine City Council will answer no questions put to it in the New Business public forum; as I learned the hard way; by, being gavel silent, though I kept talking.   And, Ward 5, kristine cloutier would not answer my question.

  2.    Lewiston, Maine Bond Rating falls on stock market Standard’s and Poor’s rating scale to Double “A- minus” from a possible Triple “AAA+” high.

  3.    Lewiston, Maine is still paying on debts obligations of 2009, 2014, 2015 and 2016 while creating more bond issues for 2017 – 2018 budgets.

  4.    Lewiston, Maine City Council; still, pondering Mr. Charles Arthur Soule’s request to hire new Lewiston Police Chief from outside the Lewiston, Maine police system and preferably a women.  This request by Mr. Soule was made due the Lewiston Police Department being reprimanded by Androscoggin, Maine; Superior sitting Justice Mary G. Kennedy for losing evidence and withholding crucial evidence due a Defendant (Go to Policing; category, Soule, Lewiston, Maine. And, web-site will show up.

      Then, their was the Alleged, Illegal Search of an Immigrant’s home; without, a Court Ordered Search Warrant; by, Ex Police Chief M. Busseier and Corporal T. Murphy of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department whom are now being sued in Maine judicial litigations. WAS, SETTLED OUT OF COURT; and, cost city millions.

  5. Lewiston,Maine’s Androscoggin Bank Colisee’ over $36 thousand dollars in unpaid taxes to City of Lewiston, Maine.


EXTRA: *Racketeering: definition; is the act of offering of a dishonest service to solve a problem that would not otherwise exist without the enterprise offering the services. Investigation required ? Click, on anything red. 16 June 2016, first published date.

15 Jun

For, some years; I have watched the City of Lewiston, Maine Municipal Government with advise of the hired City Attorney negotiating without option of an exit clause for the City of Lewiston, Maine; pump, millions of Taxpayer’s money into the Bates Mil Complex.

Gives a $360 thousand dollar park; that, was built at Federal taxpayer’s expense .

City of Lewiston, Maine, City hired Attorney; allow, City to enter a Parking Lot Association; where, the city only had two (2) votes and the other three (3) votes were allegedly controlled by the developer.

2004 – City of Lewiston, Maine Bates Mill Exit Strategy, transferred Bates Mill to Developer it hired to operate; with, $27 million dollars. And, in the agreement promised to build three (3) parking garages and pay for assembling parking spots.

Then, issues a letter of option and then extension agreement to developer to the Bates Mill Number #5 complex without proper notification of any others might want to be an interested party.

Then, the City of Lewiston, Maine assumes an agreement to take control of a worthless; 1.5 mile canal adjacent to parts of the Bates Mill Complex needing millions of dollars of restoration for the bottom and sides leek, wood work timbers are rotting in place, concrete is showing ware and medal strapping is rusting in place.

Androscoggin Bank Colisee; Lewiston, Maine: over $9 million invested in renovations by city.   Sold for $1.2 million, new owner given 5 years before 1st payment due to City of Lewiston, Maine.  After, 5 year new owner ask for extension before 1st. payment; made, with owner behind in property taxes by $27,000.00. The City of Lewiston, Maine approved the request and resumed some control -of the facility that it was selling.

Now, owner is about $45 thousand behind with a looming payment due ?

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Is there an inference; to, Lewiston, Maine’s, previous City Administration Officials participating in RACKETEERING ?

NOTE:  There are several Mills in Lewiston, Maine such as the following: Bleachy at corner of Adam  (Willow) Avenue and Liston, Street, Lewiston, Maine, Continental Mill, Cedar and Oxford Street and the Martins warehouse mill on Lisbon Street across from Adam Avenue in Lewiston, Maine.These mills are being neglected by the City of Lewiston, Maine or owner do not wish help.

CRACKDOWN; on illegal immigrants will make cities safer. Click, on anything red.

17 Apr

Illegal immigration down 70 percent in first 100 days of Trump Administration.

I am the grandson of a immigrant from Canada who did it the right way.

From, the first grade we would say the “Pledge of Allegiance” you know “With liberty and justice for all” and that we were all created equal.

But, is this still the same United States of America; I knew?   “I think not.”

I am part of a local community that does not get in the media; as we do not take to the streets like the other ravel does we pool our energies peacefully.

When it comes to local governments participation in enforcement of this countries laws; I stand firm with this idea as that illegal immigrants have no right of law review as they have not correctly gone through the legal process that my grandfather had to confront.

L.D. 366.

  1.  Is not racial profiling as these individual are not legally here.

  2.  It does not set up a different treatment of the individual as they are not here legally.

  3.   It does not undermine the trust between the legal immigrant community and police.  But, rather confirms that the legal immigrants have followed the laws of this country.

  4.  It allows detaining of someone without proper identification if individual is a suspect under officer review which is constitutional.

Local government should comply with federal government laws at all time; as, they should be one in the same.

The United States of America greatest monument is the Statue of Liberty.  “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses; yearning to be free.”  It is our most visible symbol.

But, no where does it say, “Give me your illegally immigrated; immigrants to the United States of America.

Erosion of Liberties: “USE OF YOUNG ADULTS CHILDREN FOR POLITICAL MEANS”. Click, on anything red.

1 Apr

The use of children in politics by Lewiston, Maine school Superintendent is troubling to me as it should be for you.

In Augusta, Maine this past week the scene was regrettable and sent chills up my spine.

This was accomplished by political operatives and attack on the Maine House Speaker by use of shadowy black and white photos that are the allure of now political attacks.

What was illustrating was that these attacks were launched by young adults (10-21) and edged forward by adult organization like Maine Peoples Alliance which pampered the young adult child into this business of cut throat tactics against their rivals and to gain notoriety or donation for their causes or salaries.

A young male about 10 years old was trying to appease the adults in the group by holding a 3 foot sign against the Speaker; that, should have been above his intelligence level or interest.

Elsewhere, a youthful young lady was holding a sign taking issue with another legislator of a different political party while the adult accomplice yelled “Traitor” and ironically, “Liberty”.

In, Lewiston, Maine the Superintendent of School’s, mr. william webster; allows, student to not attend classes, stand along the busy street holding signs without parents authority; and, then take up arms by allowing the printing of sign at public school cost to be use in a community election against the Lewiston, Maine resident taxpayer’s.

Thus, the Lewiston, Maine tax paying residents paid for there own defeat and paying for their oppositions defeating them cost.

There are many countries that have children soldiers in Africa and Latin America; is this the start of a new fascism way of governance in the United States of America?  Where, we allow our children to become radicalized by the political “right” or “left”.

Thus, I say it is time to rethink how we as a county donate to a cause (s) through money donations, manpower or children power to aid an organization that soul purpose is to drive an issue or their self interest with Federal, State, funding from the taxpayers or you.

We must safeguard against the use of the elderly techniques; as to be used as tools to be bargained with as we see in housing projects for the elderly just to gain financial aid in construction of a project that has nothing to do with the elderly.

It is up, to you: now.

“NO” VOTER FRAUD; ASK, ” Al Gore ” about hanging “CHADS” and “DIMPLED” ballots. But, this was not considered by media as voting fraud ?

8 Nov

THE ACT OF ” BOOMING” THE  “TRUMP” CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS NORTH CAROLINA; is the first civil strife salvo; in, the coming  ” Civil Revolution ”  in the United State’s of America; as, this Presidential political season is pitting; women, blacks and all foreigners against another American demographic group; and, American media bias is playing to this discord.