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GEEK’S SOLITARY; a new game by Mr. Charles Arthur Soule.

31 Aug

I have invented a new superstitious game.

Everyday; anywhere, you could find a playing card; such as Tarot Cards, (Hearts, Diamond, Club’s, or Spades Deck, pinnacle and other gaming cards such as Uno, Magic Duels Original, Dragon Ball Z, Magic-the Gathering Cards, Die, Domino, super market spot holding number, dry cleaning number or any indication of situational position number  anywhere on the ground or anywhere else.

That numbered card or Item mentioned above will be your ´Indicator Day Value Card¨ or ¨Indicator Day Value Item¨ should you pick it up.

But, you could ignore it; and keep on walking.

How your day will go or not go will be determined by the Card or Item if you pick it up.  The Card, Domino, Die, Ticket Stub or Parking Validation Stub number will be your ¨Indicator Day Value Card (IDVC) or Indicator day Value Item (IDVI) and, thus the game begins; you GEEK.

You may find a 3 of Club Card on the ground; then your IDVC is Indicating a day not looking so great.

Higher; the face card or number card or IDVI the higher your IDVC or IDVI is and better your day will be.

You can only attempt to overrule previous IDVC or IDVI by finding another IDVC or IDVI of higher value or could be lower value.

REMEMBER; if you pick-up a Card, Die or Domino; you must keep the Card, Domino or Die on your person until you try to better the IDVC OR IDVI by picking up another new IDVC OR IDVI.

If you do not keep IDVC or IDVI on your person; you loses the effect of the Card or Item.

The Card or Item shall be in effect from point of time you picked up the Card or Item and as long as 24 hours.

Unless: Card, Domino or Die are with a 2 or 7; for they are wild card number’s and they shall have a 48 hour life period; for it might take you a period of time to locate another IDVC or IDVI which will or you may decline; increase your new found IDVC or IDVI.

Die with 2 or 7 ; may be thrown if you like; but, I would rather wait for a finding of a new IDVC or IDVI to add to the 2 or 7, too increase its value; thus, increasing you next new IDVC or new IDVI.

Be careful you may not find an IDVC or IDVI for two or more days and the 7 and 2 wild card or Die will loose energy and expire in 48 hours.

To determine IDV, of just found Di; you may accept the value on Die or throw; just one more time you geeks.

Find and ace of Hearts Card; love is on a heartfelt high.

All Heart’s Cards are LOVE  Day Value Cards (LDVC) or item (LDVI).   As some Die; are stamped with Club, Heart, Diamond or Spades indicators.

The only way to overcome a low IDVC or IDVI or LDVI is to take a chance of picking up a new Card or Item.

Someday, you may find a number of cards astounded all over the place, ground or floor;  you may pick-up as many LIDVC’s, LIDVI, IDVC’s or IDVI’s; chances as you wish or until you find the IDVC, LIDVC, LIDVI or IDVI you like.

But, don’t get stuck with a low IDVC, LIDVC, LIDVI or IDVI on the last pick.

Say you find; a card of same value on 2nd attempt to overcome 1st; IDVC , IDVI or LIDVI found, add the two Day Value’s (DV’s) or Die together for a new IDVC, IDVI, LIDVC or LIDVI.

Example: Found a 3 of same numerical value on 2nd attempt to overcome 1st. attempt; so you found another 3; add both numbers together for a new day value of (6); found another 3 on 3rd. attempt; just keep adding for IDV (9); nothing over a 10 is permitted in this game.

If one of the Cards or Die is of a Heart Suit; change value to a Love Day Value Card.

Sometimes you may find a piece of paper; with just a number on it; just ignore it or pick it up.  Number on paper indicates Day’s Value to you.

Remember;  2 and 7 are wild numbers.

Crazy 8’s of Crazy 8’s Deck are allowed to change your next new Indicator Day Value Card,  Indicator Day Value Item, Love Indicator Day Value Item or Love indicator Day Value Card to Ace of Hearts or anything you choose.

Crazy 8’s have a 48 hour life period; should you not find a Indicator Day Value (Card or Item).

All other Indicator Day Value’s will have a 24 hour time span; commencing when you pick it up.

Card Suit;Crazy 8’s, change suit and numbered value and to Love Indicator Value.  Arrows going in opposite direction symbol means day value could go in any direction; good or bad.

Infinity symbol on Day Value Card, means day Value is subject to Change around; that is start good go bad at anytime; at any time several times a day.  Changes when it likes.

Gaming Cards:  Read the sediments on the Card that will indicate your Day Value.

Domino’s shall be the highest value of dats on the domino.  One dot a divided Domino shall equal an ace, sixes are high value; and be the highest Day Value as in a deck of Playing Cards.

Child’s stacking wooden block; as numerated and maybe thrown as if a die. But, just once – Geek !

Blank Domino’s will be your choice to turn into a wild card or any Day Value; take a 1, which will be as an ace. (Heart?)

Find a Die you may accept the Day Value shown; or, you may throw / roll die once for your new day Value Number.  Only, one throw.

All, cards that are separated; because they were made of two ply; shall be your Day Value Card (DVC) if you find the numbered side of the card and wild if blank.

The blank side shall be considered a card that you can make anything….I make mine that I find an ace of hearts…. WHY, BECAUSE; all heart’s are Love Value Day Cards and an Ace is the highest Love Value Day Card I can find.

All; Pool balls shall follow the aforementioned rules;  I just found an 8 ball; so….that would you do ?

HAVE  –  FUN  –  YOU – GEEK’s

Created by Mr. Charles Arthur Soule:                                                                                                         WWW.SOULE2017MAYOR.WORDPRESS.COM and    WWW.ONLINEWEBFIRE.WORDPRESS.COM or LINKEDIN.COM