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Dedicated; to Mr. Collin’s my 12 grade English Teacher @ Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine. Can, I change “How Green was My Valley” too “How green was my “Androscoggin Valley, Maine”. An, adaptation from the original novel by Mr. Richard Liewellyn.

17 Jan

I grew up and graduated from Edward Little High School in 1973 and lived for the most part on Goff hill in the All American City of Auburn, Maine in the northern most eastern part of the United States of America in the State of Maine.

And, this is my story as I remember it at age Sixty-Six year’s young.

This area was once a fertile Manufacturing industrial power house from 1809 through to 1989.  And from that point all seemed to evaporate as if the morning sun’s light was to harsh eroding or erasing the industrial factory power house of the once great green Androscoggin River Valley with lives of the roughly fifty thousand culturally diverse mixed individuals that inhabited the area with witch I happened to be one.

I, say this as I grow up among the Irish, French, Polish, Hebrew, Blacks, English and Oriental’s with little dis harmony of my youth in the 1950’s through the 1970’s.

My name is Charles Arthur (Dube) Soule’ and this is my recollection of my once beautiful great green Androscoggin River Valley of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine.

I am not saying that all was as peaceful as an Euma Lumba in a movie. But,I did not encounter an overwhelming intolerance of any other’s; such, as the Irish, French, Lithuanian, Hebrew, English or Black’s that came to work in the cultural mix of multi-manufacturing facilities of Auburn and Lewiston, Maine.

Shoe shops, like Fancy Stitcher’s, Knapp Shoe (Whom my father worked for twenty year of his live after his military service to the nation. And, I on my summer break in 1972 as a Chalk applier to steel toe of boots; applied to make easier the stretching of leather over the nose of the boot to be sown.), Cushman Hollis Shoe, Falcon Shoe, Bell-Moc Shoe (Where I worked after school as a cutter of tread bearing tire reminisce to make soles for sandals and recycle tires.) Shoe, Falcon Ruler Company, Stride Right Shoe and Etonic Shoe.

Then their were R. I. Mitchel Plumbing, Bower Hardware, Tire manufacturing company, Bates Mill Manufacturing ( I worked in the spinning room after school and can still remember the smell of the mill. Which I hated at one time as it permeated my clothing as well as nostrils.) with other big names.

There, were linen Shops Reed & Hugh’s and other assorted support shops like cobbler, stationary, small hospitals, linen, hardware – Bower, R. I Mitchel, ice cream shops, groceries stores, jewelers, restaurants, The Grand Orange a psychedelic Shop, Pawn shops – Lewiston Pawn – Wise Pawn, thrift shops – St. Vincent, Barber Shops, Barber Schools, Beautician Shops, Beautician Schools – Mansfields – Bernards, roller drome, ice cream parlor – Herbs variety – Mac’s Variety – Gowler’s Variety – Seavee’s variety sold U.S. Stamps for 3 cents, Natriss Mattress / bedding and so many more shops that is it difficult for me to remember them in the Auburn and Lewiston, Maine area of old.

The number of churches was so numerous that it appeared to me that there was one on every corner. As,there were Catholic Churches; Scarred Heart, Saint Peters and Paul, Saint Patrick’s, Saint Lewis, Saint Mary’s, Holly Family and Saint Joseph’s and Saint Micheal’s to recall.

The Catholic Church’s like St, Patrick’s, Sacred Heart, ST. Louis, St. Peter’s and Paul, Holy Cross and St. Mary’s of my religion with Protestant Churches’s as follow; Episcopal such as the one I be friended in my mid age and Methodist, congregational, Baptist, Synagogue ‘s, Christian Science, Mormon’s, Lather day Saint’s.  And, so many other fine church’s that no longer exist as this nation has lost it’s faith.

The book, “How Green Was My Valley” is a book set in Ireland and how the people’s of  that land felt and dealt with a coal strike and the closing of the mines by the owner’s in the  19th century .

I, an equating their times to the outsourcing that has occurred in Auburn and Lewiston, Maine of the 20th Century.