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LAND TRUST, LAND BANKING and National Monuments; adding to your tax bill as more out-of-stater’s buy property and drive up land values of surrounding areas and tax’s of native Maine residents. Perhaps, to retain our young people we should allocate a piece of land to them at “No” cost ?

10 Mar

300px-trinity_episcopal_church_in_lewiston_maine      All these items;  Land Banking by Cities, Land Trust and National Monuments are adding to your overall level of taxation at local, county and state levels and are enriching a very few at Native Maine’s average income earners expense; who, are taxed out of their saving while a few benefit and children may not be able to live in the community they grew up in.

Governor of Maine Paul Le Page is correct in being apprehensive about State monies being spent of gratification of special interest at your expense as this is speculative land valuation and removes land from Maine Tax Roll’s in many communities.

More building are falling under the city of Lewiston, Maine administrative control – privy as of this date.

MY, BLAST FROM THE PAST of 2013:    I would like to at this time suggest that the City of Lewiston; Maine offer that the City of Lewiston, Maine will demolish the structures and give the property to acquirer.   If, the individual acquirer will pay the Lewiston, Maine City and State’s yearly Tax’s (incramental) due on the property after transfer to them.

This, without inclusion of the structures at the time of acquisition by the purchaser from the City of Lewiston, Maine or State.

The purchaser will pay the prior owner’s yearly taxes without structure on transference from then on to the City of Lewiston, Maine from then on and no prior owner’s property taxes to the City of Lewiston, Maine.

It would also allow no cost properties to the buyers and they would not incur mortgages to financial institutions with interest on loans.  Or, loan interest allowing the new owner to pay the taxes on the property with no loss of tax revenue to the residents of Lewiston, Maine.   And, would aid in recovery of loss revenue quicker by the Community.

All property being sold shall be transferred by a licensed property Reality Broker.

Currently, Lewiston, Maine is selling to repeatable buyer’s as they are being given a heads up by City Administration first.  This was mentioned by the prior Finance Committee Member a Mr. Reed.

No, prior property owner will be eligible for this program.  As, it is my intent to have it be used for keeping young Mainer’s in Maine.



5 Jan

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