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Looeston Sun Blocking Journal, as they have had to do a correction of a “speech” I gave. As they changed the content of the speech I printed and handed to the reporter to suit their needs from a Mayoral Democratic Forum.

24 Jan

LEWISTON SUN JOURNAL NEWSPAPER FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2015: by “Staff Reporter” who is now gone.

Mayoral candidate Charles Arthur Soule said he was trying to make a point about local elections when he challenged a group of Bates College students registering to voting on a Bates College Identification (only) at the polls Tuesday, 5 November 2015.

“I explained the facts about how would they feel if I went to their family’s home district and started voting in their elections without changing my driver license to their State or other college financial information,” Soule’ said Wednesday.

But, that’s not how Bates students Kristen, Monata and Sophie took it. ( Why, did the reporter (Not a Pulitzer Prize Winner.) not include that Nation these girls were from ?

He also did not include that the only reason they left the Lewiston Armory Men’s Room was that I had pulled out a Phone Camera Recorder and failed to mention the witnesses I had.  And, I advised the at time Managing Editor / Days:  Judith Meyer about ?

Ms. Samdperil said Soule was never exposed and was not using the restroom facilities (She is a liar.) but was attempting to escape bygoing into the mens restroom.  ( I was attempting to extricate myself from the situation in the front of the building and went to the restroom where I was relieving myself as the girls interred the restroom.  It was only after one of the girls; said, “This is not cool” did they leave the men’s restroom.  They were trying to hold me at bay as an assaultive group in the Men’s room at the Lewiston, Maine Armory on Election Day 5 November 2015.


Newspaper and Reporter writes:  Soule is a local eccentric (“Eccentric” attempt at “Bullying” of a 62 year old at time: Vietnam Era Veteran and elderly mature citizen who has a right to run for office in today’s America as many time as he wants to. ) who has run unsuccessfully for multiple city seats over the past 20 years.

Am, I an eccentric; because, I am older and have not the new fad clothing or linguistics of today or does my age and the passing of time make one’s thinking and stature peculiar.

The fact that the Looseston, Maine Sun Journal had coupable  ally Lewiston, Maine Police Department serve me with a “No” trespass and non harassment of the reporting; reporter.    A day before the article was released calling me an “Gadfly” and “Eccentric” is  in line as to the alleged cover up of incidents that have gone not reported by the Looseton, Maine; Sun Blocking Journal as to happening involving the Lewiston, Maine Police Department of past or present.


Noun: a person who has an unusual. peculiar, or odd personality, set of beliefs, or behavior pattern.



  1. Nikola Tesla, Physicist and Engineer 1856 – 1943

  2. Lord Byron, English Poet 1788 – 1824
  3. Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance Painter 1475 – 1564

  4. Pythagoras, Greek Mathematician 575 – 500 BC
  5. Albert Einstein

  6. Charles Arthur Soule’      “Need, I say more.

News Flash: IMMIGRATION; Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA) protest engagement held without City Administration knowledge or Permit?

13 Sep

I attended a staging of people that are looking for answers. But, are not taking in the information in the answer.

Along the upper Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine on the once 1950’s through 1970’s Miracle Mile there was a protest.

I did not mind joining this protest for a while as the protest was for the Deferred Action for Children Arrival (DACA) immigration government policy procurement.

This issue interest me as I am a Republican and wish to see the question resolved in a favorable light for the Democratic and Republican Parties.

However, when the demonstration moved from the Dufresne Plaza across from the District Court House on Lisbon Street to Congressman Poliquin’s Office on Lower Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine.  I quickly deferred not to participate.

My reasoning was that the Congressman Office has issued that the Congressman is for a form of DACA.

As to allowing a one time issuance of the Deferred Action for Children Arrival as it would place many an illegal child in jeopardy as they would be seen as an American and an outsider in the origin country of their parent (s).

As, I understand it, the Congressman is attempting to secure a policy that will not allow or be construed as a policy for greater interpretation for more “Illegal Immigration” with children just to gather a United States Citizenship (s).

It is my contention that Congressman Bruce Poliquin truly has the best interest of the State of Maine, Country and the welfare of the effected children – young adults at heart.


I also believe that a Lewiston, Maine City permit (s) to hold such intrusions of an assault nature should be required be the City of Lewiston, Maine and notification of Lewiston, Maine Police should be given.

It is not my nature to hinder “Political Free Decent”; but, to attempt to intimidate by number (s) of individuals moving to a location from a different locality to an opposing institution / group or political party facility should not in anyway be allowed.

Did I speak to soon; to, the virtues of Michelle Obama. “YES” — soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

15 Oct

This article was published earlier in the month; when, michelle was not trying to influence the black and women “Vote” and the legacy of her husbands failed foreign policy. I am a Repub… Source: Did I speak to soon; to, the virtues of Michelle Obama. “YES”

via Did I speak to soon; to, the virtues of Michelle Obama. “YES” — soule2017mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

LETTER TO THE EDITOR, Lewiston Sun Journal of 08 December 2014; What’s happening in Lewiston, Maine

9 Dec

Is it me, or is something amiss in Lewiston’s City government?   I am talking about the acquiring of a canal from Brookfield of Canada, but handing over a Lewiston owned electric generation plant to Brookfield, plus surrendering Lewiston’s water rights.

Then there is the talk about a mega -size elementary school in Lewiston that would be for more than 1,000 students.  How can the students keep from feeling impersonalized, overwhelmed and treated like a number?  In the Sun Journal story, December 1, the proposed school was referred to as a “big school with a small school atmosphere,” but that’s just an oxymoron.

Then there are the recent dealings with the owners of the Androscoggin Bank Colisee, with Lewiston taking part interest in it.  So now Lewiston is a part manager of property it sold?  That is troubling.

I have heard that Auburn officials, in consideration of the mutual study on consolidation of the two cities, are freezing city spending in anticipation of a possible merger of the two cities.  Meanwhile, Lewiston officials are taking a spend-happy attitude.  That leads me to think that a vote against consolidation is required, as Lewiston should be showing good intent so as to not financially burden Auburn in the process.  Then Auburn could reject the merger on merit.

Charles Arthur Soule