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*Up-Date*: LITTLE CHICAGO, LEWISTON, MAINE. “97” year old women attacked in home.

3 Aug

Once again, violence has struck the East Coast’s, Little Chicago. Lewiston, Maine the epicenter of violence for the State of Maine.

As, a 97 year old woman was attached and robed in her home and has succumbed to her injuries.

Then the repeated knife fighting is still resulting in hospitalizations as I type this addition up-date on 4 September 2018.

Shoots were fired on the U. S. East Coast’s New Chicago, Illinois’s, Lewiston, Maine yesterday (2 August ’18) on Bradley Street in the Inner City of the City of Lewiston, Maine.

According to street people three individuals dead.  And, two suspects were being held and questioned at the police station.

According, to the streets of New Chicago the shooting’s were a drug related incident between a group of individuals and a motorcycle gang that was being stiff as to payment.

More to follow as details come in off the streets.



19 Mar

The Lewiston, Maine Housing Authority, Resident Advisory Board met under the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; Public Housing Agency; Annual Plan Section 511 of the United States Housing Act and Regulation’s in 24 CFR Part 903.

Item 1:  Acceptance of the meeting Minutes of 3/11/2015;  Accepted.

Mr. Adbullahi M. Abdulle was present to interpret for Arabic and Somali.

Chair of the Board, Mr. Charles Arthur Soule of the Lewiston, Maine Housing Authority; Resident Advisory Board was present as well as was; Mr. Adbullahi M. Abdulle, Mr. Thomas Mcdonald and Mr. Amer Abbood.

Topic of discussions of meeting are incorporated in this final report to the Lewiston Maine Housing Authority.

Suggestion and recommendation for the transference to the Public Housing Agency; under the Annual Plan Section 511 of the United States Housing Act and Regulation’s in 24 CFR Part 903; through the Lewiston, Maine Housing Authority from the Lewiston, Maine Housing Authority, Resident Advisory Board of 2015; are as follow.

1.  Application for Section 8; be in double-up languages and under each other; English and required nationality other languages.

2.  We, through a consensus; purpose that the State of Maine Housing Authority state wide system; be, allowed to be of a collective nature as to distribution of vouchers.  Example:  Lewiston, Auburn, Brunswick, Lisbon, Mechanic Falls or entire State of Maine; wide voucher in-turn-list participant program list and offer top of the list; candidates, option to move into other areas; if, location of voucher is desirable.  We also believe this to be an aid to facilitating full utilization of Section 8 Vouchers for the State of Maine residents and distribution of shared participants.

3.  Lewiston, Maine or State of Maine wide Section 8; Housing Authority be allowed to acquire Federal Community Development Block Grant monies through the City of Lewiston, Maine or participating communities for placement of cameras and fire extinguishers for Lewiston Housing Voucher Program participating landlord’s properties and other communities in common areas to insure tenants personal safety.   And, as common areas ( Laundry room, hallways, etc.) are deemed; where, no expectation of privacy is expected it is granted under law.

4.  Telephone access; by number for Lewiston Housing Authority; by language.  Example:  (Press (1) for Arabic; (2) for French; and-so-on.

5.  Recommendation; that, Maine State Housing Authority have to be published; as to instruction on operations of for fires, thermostatic apartment control operation, refrigerator operations and stove operation instructions.

6.  Lewiston Maine Housing Authority; allow, if so acceptable to property owner of Section 8 Voucher holder; a variety of wall color covering.  As Mr. Amer Abbood; put it for “Fung Shui”.

The Chairperson, Mr. Charles A. Soule’, wishes to commend; the effort of the encompassed member’s of the Lewiston, Maine Housing Authority; Resident Advisory Board and Lewiston Maine Housing Authority for their efforts on behalf of the larger Lewiston, Maine Housing Authority Community.

He would also notes, a special thanks to; Mr. Thomas Mc Donald and Mr. Amer Abbood for their input, “Well Done”.

Also noted, for special thanks is; Mr. Abullahi M. Abdulle, in chairperson’s opinion; of an expert quality interpreter, whose aid was most valuable.

FINAL REPORT and MINUTES of 18 March 2015 incorporated in this document; are hereby accepted and submitted this day.

X______________________________Mr. Thomas      Mc Donald

X______________________________ Mr. Amer     Abbood

X____________________________ Mr. Charles  C. Soule’