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WORD SALAD 17 March 2017: Lewiston, Maine School Budget to increase 7.2 percent over 68.8 2016-2017 of last year budget to 74.2 million for 2017-2018 School budget. And, with Lewiston Taxpayer’s to pay $6 million dollars of new K1-K8 school construction cost. “WHAT IN YOUR WALLET ?” F/

15 Mar

Still, no word on if U. S. National Parks Service will grant wavier to Lewiston to build school on designated Roux football field to make way for new K1-K8 school @ $40 million school and city taxpayers to pay $6 million towards construction cost.


Mayoral candidate Charles Arthur Soule said he was trying to make a point about local elections when he challenged a group of Bates College students registering to voting on a Bates College Identification (only) at the polls Tuesday, 5 November 2015.

“I explained the facts, about how would they feel if I went to their family’s home district and started voting in their elections without changing my driver license to their State or other college financial information,” Soule said Wednesday.

But that’s not how Bates students Kristen Kelliher, Monata Song and Sophie Samdperil took it. ( Why did the reporter (Not a Pulitzer Prize Winner) not include that Nation these girls were from ?

He also did not include that the only reason they left the Lewiston Armory Men’s Room was that I had pulled out a Phone Camera recorder and failed to mention the witnesses I had , Maine advised the at time Managing Editor / Days:  Judith Meyer about ?

Ms. Samdperil said Soule was never exposed and was not using the restroom facilities (She is a liar.) but was attempting to escape.  ( I was attempting to extricate myself from the situation in the front of the building and went to the Restroom where I was relieving myself as the girls interred the restroom.  It was only after one of the girls; said, “This is not cool” did they leave the restroom.  They were trying to hold me at bay in the Men’s room at the Lewiston Armory on Election Day 5 November 2015.


Newspaper and Reporter writes:  Soule is a local eccentric (“Eccentric” attempt at “Bullying” of a 62 year old at time: Vietnam Era Veteran and elderly mature citizen who has a right to run for office in today’s America as many time as he wants to. ) who has run unsuccessfully for multiple city seats over the past 20 years ( fact as printed in prior Lewiston, Maine Newspaper; it is 30 years, reporter, check your facts.)

Am, I an eccentric; because I am older and have not the new fad clothing or linguistics of today or does my age and the passing of time make one’s thinking and stature peculiar ?


Noun: a person who has an unusual. peculiar, or odd personality, set of beliefs, or behavior pattern.


  1. Nikola Tesla, Physicist and Engineer 1856 – 1943
  2. Lord Byron, English Poet 1788 – 1824
  3. Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance Painter 1475 – 1564
  4. Pythagoras, Greek Mathematician 575 – 500 BC
  5. Albert Einstein .. Need I say more?

Lewiston, Maine voters; to face “SOCIALIST POLICIES” in 2017. Mr. Charles A. Soule (R) and Mr. Benjamin Chin (D). Click, on anything red.

3 Mar
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He, has been resurrected from the Lewiston, Maine political ash heap.

Yes, Mr. Benjamin Chin will again attempt another run for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine with money $11,971.00 held over from his out of state liberal friends and last Mayoral Campaign.

And, once again he and jane lysen councilor for ward one who ward bates college sis in (1) will attempt to rally the Bate’s College Student into meddling; all, 1200 hundred who are allowed to force their will on Lewiston, Maine Ward’s 1 and 3 through just using their Bates College Identification Card and not changing their Driver’s Licenses or any of their Tuition Aid Information.

Mr. Chin will be hoping to attain his dream of opening an immigration office at Lewiston City Hall (F/check Lewiston sun Journal 10/ 2015) and his democratic liberal agenda.  Like when they rallied to push for a tuition free college education at taxpayer expense and then when Governor paid back hospitals the made a joke show of it. (F/check:

It was an eye opener to see the article of his mayoral announcement in the Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal’s City Section, Page 1, above the fold; to which no other candidate was able to obtain.  And, I should know for I have run for years and have never obtained this coverage

All, I have obtained was intentional miss quoting and I handed a copy of my speech to the reporter. (F/check: Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal 11/2004), off colored head shoot and being called a “gadfly” and an “Eccentric” for my year’s of endeavor to be Mayor of Lewiston, Maine and serve the residents.

Such bolstering is surprise for a job that is defined by Lewiston, Maine City Charter as nothing more than a position whose duties include running the city council, speaking out on issues, voting to break a City Council tie and cutting ribbons.  I salary is just over $4000.00 and is a stipend for out of pocket expenses related to the job.

Mr. Chim spent well over $90 thousand to will the Mayor Lewiston, Maine election to my Mr. Soule’s $244 if I remember right.

Reading the article I almost fainted; when, I read, “The decision to run was difficult because of his young family.  (Not that he had saved $11,971.00 dollars from his mostly out State over $93,000.00 – 2015 Campaign funds. (F/check: 207 513 3000 press 0 for operator; ask, Lewiston City Head Elections Clerk.)

Lewiston is a city where most of our ever day older and younger residents earned their education through hard work, home / overseas military service, family instruction and through physical labor, not merely through a book in the local libraries or off the internet.

Does, anyone surmise or think; mr. chins, is content to remain Director of the Maine Peoples Alliance and allied liberal organizations like Lewiston’s Visible Community, Lot to Gardens whom receive fund through donation, memberships fees and your federal grants. (F/check:

Mr. benjamin chin says he wants, “Lewiston, Maine to be ‘America’s great comeback story’.”  But, with his liberal policies Lewiston, Maine will become a welfare haven at the old and young taxpayer’s residents expense.

Lewiston, Maine is the poorest city in the state !  Lewiston, Maine has a square mile inner city that is the poorest in New England.

Let it be known; that Lewiston, Maine is not anti-anything but it’s elderly population are concerned that rising taxes cost incurred with immigration will force them out of their homes.

It, will be my resolve to “Freeze all city non required spending and freeze all city salary increases.”  (F/check:  Administrator received a salary increase of $3,000.00 last year; and, that he the Police Chief $95,000.00 with a number of other city employee’s make more than the Governor of the State of Maine who is content to receive $75,000.00 a year.)

NEWLY ALLEGED; BUSINESS, ADDED IS IT YOURS ? Bed Bug Menacing Lewiston, Maine homes and businesses.

3 Aug

Businesses:   1.  St Mary’s Senior Housing;  D’youville complex.

………………2.   Argo Telemarketing.

……………….3.  Birch Street Health Complex.

……………….4.  10 Oak Senior Housing, Lewiston, Maine.

……………….5.  Scores of Apartment buildings in Lewiston, Maine area.

……………….6.  Blake Street Towers:  And, because of this reason; support of outside services (Health Org. and housekeeping organizations; will , not serve clients; as, they do not want to bring them home.

……………….7.  Dominican Building, corner of Birch Street and Bates Street.

St. Mary’s Hospital has a special room that will heat to 300 degrees in effort to eradicate the night eaters.

REASON:  Trinity Church had a donation of Tractor  Trailer (53 ft.) full of Box Springs and Mattresses that were infested with “The Night Eater’s”.   Then, without knowing passes them off on to the Immigrant populations; with, good intentions  in mind and, “NO GOOD DEED; GOES WITHOUT PUNISHMENT.”

When, the out break first got instituted in Lewiston, Maine I circulated; that, their would be a Lewiston, Maine City Council Meeting and attending were a significant number of the Immigrant population.

I began speaking to the City Council of Lewiston, Maine with the force of  the Immigrant population behind me; to no effect.

Calling the “Bed Bugs”, a plight on the dignity of the community of Lewiston, Maine.   I communicated that the communities children were afraid to sleep; and, were sleeping with lights on which generating an electric bill that the residence of the community could not sustain.  (Leaving lights on makes the “Bugs” shy of the light; but, not for long.)

I requested of the City of Lewiston, Maine, from the Lewiston City Council; purchase an eradication heating Instrument at a cost of then $65,000.00 from the Federal Community Development Block Grant Money at $1 million plus to aid landlords and businesses who could rent it from the City of Lewiston, Maine in a effort to reduce the cost; of, a per unit apartment cost of $1,200.00 dollars with service agreement.

Thus, the need of business or Landlords or residents of Lewiston, Maine would have a way of affording he eradication of this infestation be for it became a health issue the the population children needing hospitalization.  ” WELL; IT, IS TOO LATE ! “

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Word Salad; of Friday, November 20, 2015 local newspaper misses the mark. (Just, because; I am talking immigration does not make me a racist !)

20 Nov

Once, again; a locally circulated Newspaper misses the mark of excellence and will not receive a Pulitzer Prize.

Point one (1):  mr. chin advocating for a U. S. migration Office in Lewiston City Hall, stated he wanted to raise the taxes on individuals; making more than $200 THOUSAND DOLLAR’S……however, the Mayor and Lewiston City Council do not have the authorization to raise taxes….other than; increasing Property taxes, excise tax on automobiles and user fee’s; such as water and sewer, business license’s and exedra.   Omitted by the local democratic newspaper and I was there.

Point two (2):   mr. chin had the room packed; as us older people (I am 3 months before 63 years of age and my mother is 88 years young in June.) have difficulties and obligation at night and it is difficult to attend in inclement weather and hoodlum’s hanging about the city hall at night.

POINT THREE (3):  All of the QUESTION WERE SLANTED TOWARDS mr. chin’s SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT AND ONE QUESTIONARER COULD NOT EVEN BE UNDERSTOOD AND WAS ASKING OF THE MOST HONORABLE Mr. Robert E. Macdonald A COMPOUND QUESTION THAT REQUIRED NULTIPLE ANSWERS.  (Even, the audience could not understand the African questioner.   Talking race ; does not make you a racist; and, both Mr. Macdonald, Korean Veteran and myself enlisted during the Vietnam War era and fought for an Oriental people’s future.  Our order’s arrived, stating; “NEEDS OF THE SERVICE COME FIRST…SOMETHING YOU GIRLY MEN WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND.”

Point Four (4):  The Moderator, for the Candidate Debate; is a lackey for a Locally circulated Lewiston and Auburn Newspaper; and though I was listing my web site WWW.SOULE2017MAYOR.WORDPRESS.COM, the partisan newspaper just said I had a blog.

Point five (5):  I will submit this Article to the: Monitor of the “Facebook: Lewiston Rocks the Vote and you can judge for your self about ms. Heidi sawyer who is employed by Manpower Temporary Labor of Maine Street, Auburn, Maine.

Point six (6):  The Honorable Mr. Robert E. Macdonald; stated that mr. chin’s hiring Immigrant’s just for the sake of hiring of Immigrants was not sound policy; and, if you have been to the Lewiston, Maine Library and seen the number of Immigrant some speaking French, Somali, Russian and Australian English that are employed by the Library, School Department and Lewiston, Maine City Hall or perhaps it is the cheap labor; as those displaced have College Degrees and worked hard and incurred financial obligation to achieve a goal just to suffer to Immigration.   And then again, this is displacing / displace local residents children and grandchildren.   (Perhaps; that is why my children are now living out of state.)