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26 May

Assistant Director of program, it has been rumored is leaving. It seems that the burn-out-rate is every couple of years.

Do to continued Drug and Alcoholic abuse, fighting, urination, needle shooting up in bathrooms and urination on Church property the Trinity Church Jubilee Center will be opening from 10:45 – 1:00.

Police have been call on several occasions for fighting, drinking, urinating on church property and one case of a male person masturbating to an unsuspecting young lady.

The Jubilee Center is under maned and has undertaken to many collateral duties and obligation; other than a Soup Kitchen. With, the Kitchen failing in quality. It would seem that the previous cook was more proficient and truly was a “Chef” who could engineer a meal.

It shall be my policy if elected to be Mayor of Lewiston, Maine to pass an ordnance that should the police be called to the facility of that organization three (3) times. The organization will have to hire it’s own security.

Those duties are as follow:

Immigration Office – (Documented).

Immigration Office – (Asylum Seeker).

* The Center receives City of Lewiston, Maine assistance through the Federal Program, Community Development Block Grant Program Funding which it files for every year.

The, other programs should be exclude as they do not affect the Soup Kitchen Center operations and are not part of the Soup Kitchen. And, do not qualify for receiving Lewiston’s Federal Community Development Block Grant Program Funds which is allegedly; is, expected to be cut in half by the Federal Government from about $800,000.00 in fiscal year 2018 to $400 thousand in Fiscal year 2019.

Then, there is the City of Lewiston, Maine providing assistance of City of Lewiston, Maine General Assistance Worker’s to the Jubilee Center at 20 or more a day.

It shall by my policy to acquire where they are hiring and direct individuals from General Assistance to these jobs.

I also, intend to contact contractors that are building the $51 million dollar new school.

And, ask the contractor of the new school to hire General Assistance Recipients and the City of Lewiston, Maine will pay 1/3; of, what it cost the city to have individual on general assistance for a month; for, a period of six (6) months as inducement to have the contractor train the General assistance recipient a trade. Thus, establishing a sense of self esteem to the General Assistance Recipient (s).

All of the above is spilling over to the Kennedy Park and will grow to out of control proportions as the summer arrives do to no policing though there is police camera on the Kennedy Park.

soule2019mayor: Lewiston / Auburn News Rebuttal

Lewiston, Maine Ward 5; k. clouties (D) talking to get around member’s of the public audience already.

Lewisto, Maine Ward 2; I. Golden, and three (3) other present.

AGENDA: Can not get act together given extension by Mayor to complete bates college involved.

I. Introduction.
II. Updates.
III. Presentation on screen of Second Draft of Final Report.

IV. Next Meeting

At issue before Final Draft.

1. Healthcare, become active in their “Nation of origin” community.
2. Lewiston, Maine School District.
3. Employment needs.
4. Jobs that require special safety equipment.
5. The Immigrants will not be able to understand the wording or phasing.
6. The use of Official companies names is troubling to me as the company may not
want to be involved.
7. Telling Immigrants that companies will be doing things that the companies do not
agree or know about.
8. Relies on to much through communication.
9. Trying…

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