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“Immigrant and Refugee Integration” and Policy Development Committee Meeting; of Wednesday, 17 May 2017 at 6 – 8 pm. ” 1″ of “11” Immigrant’s and Refugee Member attended the meeting; one. New citizen do not like to be called Immigrant or Refugee as they are here and do not want to be singled.

17 May

Lewiston, Maine Ward 5; k. clouties (D) talking to get around member’s of the public audience already.

Lewisto, Maine Ward 2; I. Golden, and three (3) other present.

AGENDA: Can not get act together given extension by Mayor to complete bates college involved.

I. Introduction.
II. Updates.
III. Presentation on screen of Second Draft of Final Report.

IV. Next Meeting

At issue, before Final Draft.

1. Healthcare, become active in their “Nation of origin” community.
2. Lewiston, Maine School District involvment
3. Critical of Lewiston, Maine current application to Immigration and Integration
and Policy Development.
4. Pushes, individual advocates over other commercial business.
5. Gets into chronic disease in Immigrant and Refugee Community.
6. Heavy on Not-for-profit advocate input; which, may boarder on self interest.
7. Takes on to much as defining child behavior and problems out of their cultural
16. Does not speak to real numbers. As, to family size or house whole incomes.

REPETITIVE, REPETITIVE, REPETITIVE, REPETITIVE of other Federal and State publication’s / work.


“HIV” CLINIC ! THANK-U, Dr. Alice C. Haines MD and a member of

23 Mar

Every, month there will be an “HIV” Clinic at the Trinity Episcopal Church at 274 Bates Street, Lewiston, Maine.  For more information Call  207 777-1863 on Thursdays.

Being of an inquisitive nature I avail myself to the testing; with a NEGATIVE result . . . . . Thanks, be to “God”.

I was especially interested in the anonymity maintained by the tester, “Quinn” and the new procedures in modern medicine as to the speed of results.  Test took twenty (20) minutes.

No longer do they need to extract blood.   As, the extraction from the mouth of bodily fluid with a swab technique is all that is required.

Dr. Alice C. Haines, has been quietly working in the inner City of Lewiston, Maine’s poorest inner city seeing patients from all nation at her expense for five (5) years.

And, to her; my hat is off.  ” Whats in her wallet”;  her hand; monetarily feeding the health needs of the Inner City of Lewiston, Maine.