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“Who is slapping your face” and “What’s in your Wallet”: HAD, A “STREET” MEETING; with, Director, Mr. Gildace J. Arsenault of Lewiston, Maine’s Planning and Code Enforcement Department.

18 Aug

Mr. Gildace J. Arsenault, stated on 17 Augurst 2017 as I was walking up Pine street on the sidewalk headed home. That he did not know weather to say “Hello or Slap Me”. (city employee parking is adjacent to the Kennedy Park.

Evidentially, he did not take well to my speaking against a few of his ideas put forth at the 15 August 2017 City Council Meeting.

This, was stated in front of Mr. David Hediger, Depaty City Planner for Lewiston, Maine call 207 513-3125 and ask.

“NO” on consolidation and City of Lewiston, Maine being given a dead horse; 2 mile Canal, for the Lewiston, Maine taxpayers to repair. And, Brownfield of Canada to walk away from it’s now dead horse leaving Lewiston to repair and I mean repairs to a tune of about over $27 million dollars.

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE VOLUNTEERS, STAFF ORGANIZERS, COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL GROUPS, BALLOONIST and GOD (Weather) FOR MAKING THIS A TRULY “GREAT; Lewiston, Maine’s BALLOON FESTIVAL : 21 August 2017 at 6 AM last day and morning lift off. Next event “Solar Eclipse or Soule’ a Eclipse.” Click,on anything red, white and full of hot air. “Not me.” He, he, he

18 Aug

21 August 2017 – Monday, great morning as the temperature is 67 and cool; but, not cold with little wind and little sun light being blocked by hazy shies. Several balloons have taken off from Simard-Payne Park on this a quiet pastoral Monday morning.

Sunday, 20 August 2017: Beautiful morning as I road my bicycle to the Balloon Festival for a 6:00 AM launch. And, what a launch it was as their were about 8 to 9 balloons launched. Had a sign attached to my Bicycle stating Charles (ChucK) Soule – It’s time !!

Also, Lewiston, Maine sun Journal was on scene with a live Web-Stream so I went up and spoke loud enough to be hear on stream to the fact that I was running for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine. (Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal is “Black, balling my attempt to run for Mayor. But, are allowing “CHIN” to write articles as a guest. Chin is the individual who heads up the Lewiston Maine Peoples Alliance and I have asked him to intercede for fair Campaign to have Sun Journal allow my view to be published. We, will see.

August 2017 – Saturday: Well, went home for a “Nap” and returned to the festival at about 5:30 PM. The place was packed as there must have been about 1500 to 2000 peoples there. I greet about 200 and was looking for a shaded space as the sun was out in all it glory.

UPDATE: 19 August 2017 – Satuday, morning and “NO” launches as weather a factor. Why, Balloons can not be put away or stored we as Mildew and Mold will occur. However, at 9:30 AM they inflated “Tomcat” and Mouse from Tom and Jerry and one extremely large balloon and it was “Peanuts” the Elephant.

I continued to run a “Soule-4-Mayor” sign and greet about 175 receptive individuals from Lewiston and Auburn, Maine as I introduced myself and that I was a “No” on Consolidation of the two cities. State, that a consolidation I though would allow them an opportunity to reassess both cities property taxes. And, possibly shift businesses tax to the home owner. 35% Corporate taxes to 15% how would you makeup the loss money revenue to the stats and federal social programs?

18 August 2017: Well, went to the Lewiston Balloon Festival this morning and posted one of my “Elect SOULE Mayor”.

This morning their were 5 balloons launched and on “My Tomcat” with gray fur and pink inner eyes.

I being a personable joking individual; asked, people with children if they had seen my gray “Tomcat” with pink eyes that I have lost? This, brought a smile to many a face as the my “Tomcat” balloon was inflated and as big as a house. (Cat, balloon was gray with pink eyes.) I also happened to mention that it was feeding time and I was feeding it people do to the size of my Tomcat.

I even got a correctly priced coffee from the Lewiston High School Field Hockey Team as they were seeking a donation and I expended a $1.30 as that was the usual price I paid went getting one at the Big Apple Store on Main Street at or about 4 AM.

I must mention that the Local News media almost scared me off going as it predicted “Rain” when I got up the weather was fine and about 5 balloons went up; up, and away.

It, did rain but not until later in the day. Hope, it stops raining by tonight or Saturday Morning, so I can fine my “Tomcat”.

Great falls Balloon Glow is @

After, this festival come the Dempsey Challenge . . . .another great event!

NEWS FLASH: Shoots, fired at children in Lewiston, Maine. Local, “Maine media” blacking out stories on gun play in Lewiston, Maine.

10 Aug

Shoots fired according to my source that live in a high rise apartment on Bartlett Street, Lewiston, Maine. He alleges that shoots were fired in the past few days in the vicinity or at children between Bartlett Street and Adam way in the vicinity of Paradise Park.

This sad occurrence was said to have happen on or about 12:00 – 2:00 pm and is just one of several gun firing; occurrences, that have plague the Lewiston Police Department and the inner city red zone of Lewiston, Maine is spring and summer.

Updates to follow.


8 Aug

With just 6 patrol officer on duty at nigh in Lewiston, Maine for a city with a population of 36 thousand it is know wounder that more are not dead; as, prostitution is allow to fester in this All-American-City and is driving the drug epidemic. (This, means that if one is called to an incident and has to be backed up there is one team of officers on duty for call for a city with a population of 36 thousand population.) YOU HAD BETTER GET A GUN ?

If, the School Department and School Board is not to blame; it should be implicated, as last nigh 7/AUG/2017 it increase it hiring practices by hiring 14 new positions and added another over $500 thousand (1/2 Million dollars) to the burdens of the Lewiston resident property owners and Businesses to the determent of increasing the hiring of 14 new Lewiston, Maine police officer’s.

Should, the Lewiston, Maine, City Council ever grow a pair or not “WIMP” out and stand up to the Superintendent of Lewiston, Maine School’s it should advocate that this new found monies from the State of Maine if not allocated by the state for a specific act it could / should replace the monies that the residents allocated for the Lewiston, Maine school 2018 budget. And, or refunded the money or see that it could be used in several way as is seen fit or returned to the residents as a rebate !

To my new foreign friends; from, all around the world you are welcome and thanks for noticing.

6 Aug

Countries are; India, England, Russia, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Australia. Mauritius and Japan.

NEWS FLASH: Marsden Hartley Single Subsidized Housing; coming to Lewiston’s Lisbon Street in Lewiston, Maine. More to follow. Click, on anything Happy.

26 Jul

The project will be located on Liston Street, Lewiston, Maine between Ash Street and Pine Street and will consist of housing for the single working population and single subsidized housing for those in transition.

Over, the year’s; I have never endorsed a Lewiston, Maine “Tax Incentive financing Project” by now find a worthy project that will aid single individuals.

Project is to begin in October 2017 and encompass 4000 square foot of a run down area of downtown just in front of the city Parking garage; garage located on Canal Street.

Resident parking for the project will be in the City owned Parking Garage.

This combined efforts by the City of Lewiston, Maine and Developer’s is one of the best efforts I have ever experienced. The, cities utilization of the a moderately use parking garage for tenant parking, allowing of the first floor utilization for retail space (Mac Donald’s, Burger King or TACO BELL) is a favored draw for a local inner city employment opportunity and development.

This, effort (might, could or should) draw other commercial businesses to the area an add to the creation of the recently new renaissance agenda being put forth by the current Mayor the Honorable Robert Mac Donald, City Administrator MR. Edward Barrett, Lewiston City Council, Mr, Lincoln Jeffers, Director of Economic and Community Development with Ms. Misty Parker, Economic Development and especially the supporting staff which are the “heart” of any organization.


Respectfully, Mr. Charles Arthur Soule'


Is, the Lisbon Street of the 1950’s – 1970’s returning ?


14 Jul

Have been collecting registered Lewiston, Maine voter signatures to be Mayor of Lewiston, Maine at Lewiston, Maine City Hall.

When, I, Charles A. Soule (R) asked a young immigrant woman legal to vote in Lewiston, Maine if she were registered to vote in Lewiston, Maine a Ms. Abdi. She, stated to me that she was being pressured into signing candidates nomination paper’s democrat (D) due to peer pressure in Lewiston, Maine by Immigrant Community Leader’s and Family
hierarchy members use to the old ways.

Where, is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on this emerging issue as to new citizen voting?


I have collected many new voting immigrants signatures in an effort of inclusion as I live in the inner city and they are my neighbor’s.