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News Flash: AMTRAK; New Crash and Burn passenger rail ?

7 Feb

The, problem is systemic in American’s younger generation people that are taking over in America today.    As, the last second last great generation is retired or retiring.

They, are to self adsorbed with themselves and their electronic vibrators and mechanical devise technologies.

And, this combined with their fifteen (15) minute attention span leads to having no time to pay attention to their JOB or YOU.

For, it is all about them and not your safety.

SIDE BAR:  Welcome, to the “S –  – t  H – – e !

Lewiston, Maine start’s it’s  decent into “Sink Hole S_ _t Hole”  on 6 February 2018 by endorsing a Legislative Bill that would create a State Agency of “Immigrant Coordinator”.  Because, Lewiston, Maine is looking for a FIX from it’s financial problems through Immigration financing.
We, as a State can not even fully employ our own children    .     .     .    .    .   . less, their’s.


Illegal, immigrant at the wheel ?


PUBERTY / ADOLESCENCE, starting time ?

19 Jan
  1.  New puberty starting time 10 years old through 24.

  2.  So, 18 year old are not fully matured to cast off into the world though their thirst for education is not affected.
  3.  Starting, quicker in undeveloped countries. according to Susan Sawyer, PHD of   Royal   Hospital in Australia Study.

  4.  May be to diet.
  5.  Negatives, are telling young girls to act like women or be treated as fully   developed  women. (problems).

  6.  Need of stay at home, out of work or wait to be married.  Average, age in United   States for women being married is 27.
  7.  Engage younger Male and Female individual’s to enhance they value to society.

  8.  Judicial system should be reevaluating their though processes as to not inflict a criminal identity.

NEWS FLASH: Lewiston, Maine’s City Council “Liberal” member Mrs. Kristen Cloutier representing Ward 5 pushing or playing to Maine “Pubic” Radio interview. States wants to raise “Taxes” on Lewiston, Maine Residents / Businesses by; it is estimated a $150,000.00 by introduction of an Office of Immigration Services at Lewiston, Maine City Hall.

17 Jan

Cloutier, states in interview on 16 January 2017 with Maine Public Radio.   They can not speak language and need help with operation of toilet, stove/oven, warming plates, changing light bulbs, setting housing thermostat, paying rent, paying bills on time, credit management and reading mail.

Soule, guess we will have to hire more teachers, accountants and thermostat technicians.

CRISPY CREAM for Governor ?

16 Jan

News Flash:  Ms. Janet Trafton Mills (Democrat) (Mrs. Crispy Cream) for what ?   Governor ?

Wants to allow Nurses Practitioners and Physician Assistant’s to do Abortions in Maine and allow “Suboxone” to be sold over the counter in Maine.

  • Is, she using it.

Ms. Mills, who was once was the Assistant District Attorney for Androscoggin Country Maine with judicial Officer’s in Auburn, Maine before  her move to Farmington, Maine Assistant District County Maine after an Article appeared in the Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal about her use of “Crack” cocaine.  And, was  under investigation in 1982 – 1994 with Grand Jury in Portland, Maine.

Fact Check, with OR – Archives or who remembers the newspaper account.  And,

I have spoken to individuals who wish not to be mention tat have sat at the table with her.

If, this was not so I would have been “Gag Ordered” months ago.



15 Jan

NEWS FLASH: The Honorable Senator, Susan Collins from Maine get’s it right.

29 Nov

After, floundering for a while Ms. Collins finally got it right.

And, has decided to go along with the President’s plan to over hall the United States Economy.

I also am in agreeance with the plan and as if United States does not follow through with it  .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .    . the united states deficit will continue to grow.

This financial plan is in conjunction with a needed decrease in governmental down sizing as to Department sizes.  Both, Domestic and foreign.

The Treasury Department reported that the deficit was for FY 2017 $666 Billion.   Revenue was a record $3.3 trillion dollars.  But, spending was also a record high at $4 trillion dollars.  *

The deficit was 14 percent higher than the prior year.

Side Bar:

Lewiston, Maine is in the same boat as the federal government and must “STOP” passing “bond Issues” to sustain their faltering special interest budget’s.




21 Nov
Originally published in January of 2017 and fitting for today.

The media to which American’s and you listen to are more likely too number in the thousands than in the dozens.

As, to that which was available in my youth and parents generation. But, large as they may be leadership styles are just one of the ways they have found to divide you from the “American Public” through worship practices, sexual ethics, social and economic class, spiritual  gifts and educational level (knowledge).

These all appear in society as instances of division aimed at division of the American public mind, voting policies and are or could be being done for financial gain for the Media outlet (s) .

When, I urge “the same mind and the same purpose”.  I may sound like someone who is simply uncomfortable with conflict.   But, he who has his sights on something greater “keeping the peace or group logic “likely” would.

Today, even our children are brought into play on events.   And, the media over saturates the news airways; thus, causing discord in the community of occurrence .  And, then throughout the rest of the Nation.

American media’s bastardization of mind set of the population is a determent to the Nation as a whole.   And, troubling to us and the rest of the world.

For if allowed to be played out from “Start” to camera’s in the Casket’s” for long periods of time .   .   .   .   .    .   .   . of the events to the Nation.   Right, to the grave.

What, next placement of camera’s in the Casket (s).

But, rather I would suggest “keeping it local” after initial 3 day alerting to the Nation’s Public of event!

For then, it will not saturate the thought process (es) of our youth and others.   As, we can not determined on how it will be received by individual (s) of an impressionable age and may trigger -(bad choice of word) copycat occurrences?

I, say “yes” let the Nation know of the event.  But, do not dissect the event to the rest of the Nation right to the grave.   As, you maybe giving other impressionable children or persons an idea ?


Welcome, to the viewer’s from Russia of  2/27/2018.