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15 Jan

NEWS FLASH: The Honorable Senator, Susan Collins from Maine get’s it right.

29 Nov

After, floundering for a while Ms. Collins finally got it right.

And, has decided to go along with the President’s plan to over hall the United States Economy.

I also am in agreeance with the plan and as if United States does not follow through with it  .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .    . the united states deficit will continue to grow.

This financial plan is in conjunction with a needed decrease in governmental down sizing as to Department sizes.  Both, Domestic and foreign.

The Treasury Department reported that the deficit was for FY 2017 $666 Billion.   Revenue was a record $3.3 trillion dollars.  But, spending was also a record high at $4 trillion dollars.  *

The deficit was 14 percent higher than the prior year.

Side Bar:

Lewiston, Maine is in the same boat as the federal government and must “STOP” passing “bond Issues” to sustain their faltering special interest budget’s.



“TIME” TO REEL IN THE JEWISH CONTROLLED MEDIA OUTLETS and IT’S GAMES. Me. Public Radio and it “7” station in Maine.

21 Nov

Originally published in January of 2017.

The media to which American’s and you listen to; more, likely number in the thousands than in the dozens as to that which was available in my youth and parents generation.  But, large as they may be; leadership, styles are just one of the ways they have found to divide you and the American Public through worship practices, sexual ethics, social and economic class, spiritual  gifts and educational level (knowledge).  These all appear in society as instances of division aimed at division of the American public mind and voting public.

When, I urge “the same mind and the same purpose”.  I may sound like someone who is simply uncomfortable with conflict; but, he who has his sights on something greater “keeping the peace or group logic “likely would”.

American media’s bastardization of mind set of the population is a determent to the Nation as a whole; and, troubling to us and the world.


17 Nov

I have been advised by my web site that I an getting a as they put it.   A ” BOOM ” in views of my Web-Site as I am an American  “BABY BOOMER”  (1953).

I can appreciate this.    A 26 view per 24 hour’s.   I do have an international viewing audience.

So, thank for the “BOOM” my most valued local friend’s and international audience.


Next week I will be Post Carding where I have been throughout the 12 years that I drove Class a freight across the United States.  I will be also including incident that befell me in those travels such as Snow bound in Oregon, Sand bound in Texas and racing trains through the flat land of America.  Traveling through the Great Lakes Waterway Lock.

Hoping, this will somehow shorten Winter 2017-2018 for you.


DANGER-DANGER-DANGER: Dew point for today expected to be; “76 percent humidity – Temp 79 degrees > up” ! Please check on the elderly member of the community and your own families, cat and Dogs. *Click, on anything red, white or Hot.

19 Sep

Humidity today, is expected to by 76% percent humidity and 79 on up to “Hot”.

Signs, you are have a problem: 1. Headache 2. numbing of arms. 3. feel light headed. 4. sweating (cold and clammy)

Seek, Medical attention ASAP – NOW ! I would not like to loose a vote.
Just, kidding.

DEW POINT DEFINITION: The atmospheric Temperature (varying according to pressure and humidity) below which water droplets begin to condense and dew can form on the ground; then Rain. Part, of this moisture is retained in the air. Thus, displacing Oxygen and with mans carbon problems (smelling Bakery right now) being added to the air well do I need to say more? It will make it difficult . . . . .to breath.

To all who labor to breath in this climate. Please, be advised that your local city halls (No, Saturday – Sunday), hospitals, Malls, Schools, Churches (Saturday – Sunday) Department Stores are in most part; air conditioned spaces and Public Spaces.

So, get out and into these spaces should you require aid in breathing and body heat reduction.

Right now, I am on the second floor of the Lewiston, Maine City Building on Park and Pine Street and enjoying temperatures of 72 degrees with light humidity.


This, paid for by me and your local share of tax revenues. School and Municipal !

Be, happy; think healthy and wise.

Temperature out side will be 79 and up; degrees, with high humidity.

Just, talked to a city administrative worker at city hall. I said, “What a warm day it’s going to be”.   She states, “It’s going to be a beautiful day”.  She, is working in an air conditioned space and possibly taking / having lunch inside?

News Flash: IMMIGRATION; Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA) protest engagement held without City Administration knowledge or Permit?

13 Sep

I attended a staging of people that are looking for answers. But, are not taking in the information in the answer.

Along the upper Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine on the once 1950’s through 1970’s Miracle Mile there was a protest.

I did not mind joining this protest for a while as the protest was for the Deferred Action for Children Arrival (DACA) immigration government policy procurement.

This issue interest me as I am a Republican and wish to see the question resolved in a favorable light for the Democratic and Republican Parties.

However, when the demonstration moved from the Dufresne Plaza across from the District Court House on Lisbon Street to Congressman Poliquin’s Office on Lower Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine.  I quickly deferred not to participate.

My reasoning was that the Congressman Office has issued that the Congressman is for a form of DACA.

As to allowing a one time issuance of the Deferred Action for Children Arrival as it would place many an illegal child in jeopardy as they would be seen as an American and an outsider in the origin country of their parent (s).

As, I understand it, the Congressman is attempting to secure a policy that will not allow or be construed as a policy for greater interpretation for more “Illegal Immigration” with children just to gather a United States Citizenship (s).

It is my contention that Congressman Bruce Poliquin truly has the best interest of the State of Maine, Country and the welfare of the effected children – young adults at heart.


I also believe that a Lewiston, Maine City permit (s) to hold such intrusions of an assault nature should be required be the City of Lewiston, Maine and notification of Lewiston, Maine Police should be given.

It is not my nature to hinder “Political Free Decent”; but, to attempt to intimidate by number (s) of individuals moving to a location from a different locality to an opposing institution / group or political party facility should not in anyway be allowed.


12 Sep

They say that no good deed goes unpunished as I lay in bed while writing this.

They said that the “Bed Bug ” began their infestation in Lewiston and Auburn, Maine through the charitable efforts of the local Trinity Episcopal Church at the corner of Bates and Spruce Street in Lewiston, Maine.

(As, I recall lying here in the darkness of my bedroom with little light and that being lite by a small solar lighting device that I place on the window sill to recharge during the day.)

There was a certain Hotel-Motel chain that was possibly looking for a cheap way of disposal of the mattresses or avail itself of an income tax credit on that year’s tax filing or did not want to pay for disposal at a local landfill. Who, knows the reasoning of another person.

So this church ne’er-do-well person accepted the Hotel / Motel generosity and the seventy (70) foot tractor trailer rig was unloaded with its precious cargo being placed into a vacant building located just behind the Lewiston, Maine Nutritional Center in Lewiston, Maine.

It is not known rather the infestation of “Bed Bugs” occurred due to the storage area or the infestation of the “Bed Bugs” were embedded in one or all the newly arrived donated mattresses and box springs.

(I will continue this “After, getting up and checking my mattress and box spring and  I now continue.”)

And, all this occurred with the arrival of the new immigrant  population to Lewiston, Maine well underway.

The laden embedded “Bed Bugged” mattress were distributed to the new arrival immigrants to ease their having to foot the purchase price of bedding and ease their sleeping on the floor.

(I now begin again; after, I assumed I had pick off one of the fully red fed “Bed Bug” with a piece of sticky sided scotch tape as not wanting to use my fingers so that I would not accidentally squeeze it freshly acquired meal of fresh blood from me out of it.  It was on completion of this task that I noticed it was just my mind playing tricks on me.)

And, I think to myself what a wonderful life and that “No good deed goes unpunished”.



I had several years ago addressed the Lewiston, Maine City Council in regards to purchasing a machine that would have addressed the issue of Bedbugs with Federal Funds “Community Development Block Grant Funds” to no avail.  It was my thought that the area landlords could rent the machine from the city to aid in reimbursing the City for the purchase price.
It, at that time cost $1200.00 to do just one (1) apartment and you had to take out a policy of re- inspection.

“Oh, No”, WHAT’S THAT ?