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Could, this program be the answer to loss of jobs do to Automation on a Global Stage ? Smith-Frieman-Ostrom-Marx=Soule’ ?

10 Aug
FOREWORD:  Welcome; new, views for the European Union countries.

Mr. Charles Arthur Soule’; too receive Noble Prize in Economic Sciences.  (Someday)


This, I believe could lead to “NO” World recession’s and relieving of stresses do to automation replacement affects on human population’s.  As, these money could be used to provide income to displaced workers.  Automation, is to replace 40 percent of world worker in next thirty years.

Should a countries attained highest Nation Product (GNP) be affixed to it permanently as a revenue (in it’s exchange rate) be dispensed by the United Nations or World Bank.   And, permanently attached to that county and only increasing should that countries gross national product output increase through time? And, would this create a monetary world stability?

Countries monetary value exchange rate would be use as rated of valued currency.

All, nations in flux (Revolution, Civil war or aiding in other wars) would have this secure revenue held by the United Nations and distributed to that nations debit holding entities (not at war with it) or that are do if not involvement in flux.

I am still working on this and you can help.


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