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7 Aug

1.  The Genesis God Hydrogen fusion Atom; conjoining with another and causing a splitting action was the start of the Universe and all Hydrogen ignitions after that point.

As to the reason for the splitting of the Genesis God Hydrogen Atomic Atom in space; this, is due to the Creator’s involvement in the process as initiator of process.

 2.  The earth’s shape is due to it’s velocity directional stopping and surge cooling in spaces at minus 455 degree Fahrenheit temperature and the small extrusion that forms the pair shape of earth is due to the magma surging to the far side of the earth traveling direction.

It is my opinion that all subsequent; Hydrogen fusion atom’s division blast are minimal in comparison to the Genesis God Hydrogen Atomic Atom “Big Bang”.    Hydrogen in space 0.1 per cubic centimeter – Oxygen is Zero (0) per cubic centimeter in space.

It is also my opinion that space prior to the Genesis God Hydrogen Fusion Atomic atom was much colder as there was no source of heat and that minus 455 in space is a lot warmer than it was at the time of birth of the known universe of today.

3.  It has dawned on me; that, Mr. Albert Einstein’s Theory of orbits and gravity; does not explain his conclusion clear enough  for me; that, planets or objects reside in a depression in the fabric of space and this is why we have orbits and gravity.

It is my theory that he is partly right; and, that this occurrence depression in fabric of space is due to the ” Big Bang Theory “.

And that in fact the rotation of the universe, planets and objects is due to the creation of a solar directional – unknown directional revolving motion caused by the explosive power of the forces released by the ” Big Bang ” and that the heat caused by the explosion; initiated a firestorm of gases and burning matter (planets, space elements) caused a revolving super heated whirling outward vortex with force of thrust on subject matter against a atmospheric counter force that creates the rotation of spatial objects.

**Do not believe that the counter pressured atmosphere existed prior to the God Genesis Hydrogen Atomic Atom ” Big Bang ”  and was created by the ” Big Bang ” vortex revolving  on pressure space walls caused by the “speed” of the blast; much, as a jet pilot encounters on ejecting from a troubled aircraft.

And, that after 4.54 (+/- 5) billion years explains why the universe is beginning to increase in size as the counter pressures against an object decreases; the universe expansion increases and may explains why the Earth is slowing as to it’s rotation as the fabric of space depression decreases do to expanding Universe.

**Example;  White Bed Sheet,  pulled taut; BALL rolls OFF or lingers.  With less tautness;  Bed Sheet Depression occurs and BALL remains on sheet or rolls down.

I surmise; that, the speeding up of the expansion of the universe is either;

1. Less counter pressure against object in space.

2.  No atmospheric pressure in area of Universe new expansion area.

**For example; in the “Big Bang ” God’s Genesis Hydrogen fusion Atom explosion, heat was generated from gases and burning matter sufficient enough as to cause a rotating vortex explosion much like a whirlwind of a forest fires up drafting.

It is my conclusion that it is the force on a planet or objects (Matter) are lessening; but, are still being affected by the energies exerted upon them by the effect of the ” Big Bang ” explosion to some degree for now; that creates the depression in the fabric of space gravity and if the Universe is increasing that the effect on the Universe may be that the depression in the fabric of space will decrease allowing objects to ease or stop their orbits for now, the orbits and planets which are still being affected by the thrusting explosive power on them will continue as before until the fabric of space is no longer depressed with depressions.

**Much as a curve ball acts, as it is thrown through the air at high speeds; the speed and counter pressure determine the curvature of the ball.

NOTE:  That the closer position of the Moon as to 48 years ago; as, seen last month (11/2016) is due to the tension of Einstein’s string theory becoming more taut and is creating a slowing of the rotations of planets and all other matter in space.  And, this is due to speeding up of the expansion of the universe.

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Two (2) day’s ago; I asked in a-round-about-way on my site; should a country highest gross national product (GNP) be affixed to it permanently for a tax revenue generating to the Country and would it create a monetary world stability?  (In the country’s monetary currency exchange rate.) ?

3.  I have this day concluded that the only way for this to see-light-of-day; is, if it were instituted; or part of a United Nation’s world order resolve.

And, that it would encompass an enforcement mechanism by a United Nation’s Organization and a world national; composite standing army; made up of major world power nation’s contributing manpower to this standing army and all training as a simple housed unified entity.  (This would form a brotherhood; as soldiers in arms do.)

That a dispensing of a monetary currency in that nation’s exchange rate currency would be dispensed by the United Nations Organization in that amount of the taxable fixed percentage rate on the National Gross Product of the affected country.

Hence, there would be no contraction of individual nations economies and or world recession’s; do to loss gross nation product monetary revenue income should the nation have a loss in GMP for any reason or circumstance.

Even after a catastrophe the affected area could be rebuild.

However, no nation at war (Civil or other would receive funds); but, would rather have it’s fund’s disbursed out by the United Nations to secure the outside national interest of other countries.

And any nation, affected by catastrophe will only be capable of securing to it prior high; National Gross Nation Product.

***A confederation of nations; or trading partner’s could experimentally participate in this cause of action.

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WHALES BEACHING:  Beaching due to hereditary instinctive evolutionary wanting to return to land.  As, they were once land based mammals.

I, would like to thank; Professor John Nash of Princeton University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

SAFE PLACE TO SLEEP; MEAL A DAY AND YOU HEALTH; is happiness @ I’ll be home for Christmas – 1974 Vietnam.

22 Dec

I will be to the point;

I was Twenty (2o) years of age;

Out of Naval “Boot Camp”.

Recently, married on the Naval Training Command in the North Chapel; San Diego, California in March of 1974.

I was then posted / stationed to isolated duty; no wives; after one (1) month of being married.  And to an Island in the British Indian Ocean Territories, “Diego Garcia” with it palm trees, ninety (90) and above degree weather; to live in a Southeastern Asian Hut, outdoor showers and drink water made from an ocean desalting condenser barge process.

This Island is 500 miles south of India; and 500 miles east of Madagascar, Africa.

Well, after nine (9) months on the Island of Diego Garcia of the British Indian Ocean Territory as an Island Commander Administrative Specialist and Honor Guard; I was granted leave to fly home; to the United States and of course to my dutiful wife; in Lewiston, Maine.

While flying from the Island of Diego Garcia of the British Indian Ocean Territories to Bangkok, Thailand to catch the first leg of my trip; and than to the United States of America we refueled, at Bombay, India; Tel Aviv, Israel, ( where the plane was suddenly surrounded with Israeli troops for our protection; to think I was being protected by the Israelis ), Frankfort , Germany, Heathrow Airport, England to the United States of America.

While, refueling in Bombay, India; I, had an opportunity to disembark the aircraft; “PAN AMERICAN ONE (1)”

While, I was in a crispy new 1970’s United States Naval Enlisted Uniform ( And, not the Cracker Jack uniform; as the Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Zumwalt had changed the Enlisted Uniform to resemble the Officer’s of the Naval Service. ) and cocky; after all I was only 21 years of age.

To think, at age twenty-one (21), I had an opportunity to observe the living condition of the people’s of India.  Remember, this was in 1974 and all I can say is that India was depressing.

At this point I realized that compared to India the United States of America was a sparkling – gleaming – crystal cathedral; palace, castle of a land.

Incidentally, while in flight on the Pan American 747; prior, to landing the pilot’s let me into the Cockpit for a look from their perspective; as it was a different time than today.  The plane also came with; top, of plane air viewing bar.

On waiting for re boarding the aircraft a new 747 Pan American one (1) aircraft.

I, asked an on duty Military India Security Officer, “How can you people live like this”; referring, to the living conditions of his country and his tattered resewed darned uniform? “

His answer change my worldly view; his, answer to my question was is follows:

“ALL YOU NEED TO BE HAPPY; IS, A SAFE PLACE TO SLEEP, A  MEAL A DAY AND YOUR HEALTH; for, everything else is;  “EXTRA” . (How true in to days world.)

I, surprised my family in Naval Dress Uniform; and, will never forget the India Security Officer word’s and the look on my families face when they saw me come through the door.

On conclusion of my leave (Time off); the, return trip to the Island of Diego Garcia was rough for me.

But, duty and honor was the call of my youth; as, my father fought in World War II and Korea at that time once duty and not like today.

Think, about it; I have for over forty (44) years; and, have a great Holiday.