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3 Nov

“Oh” my love;  I had struggled to get my wedding bands on this morning and found that I could not.

“Oh” my love;  it was not do to my failing Love for You.

“Oh, my Love;  it was rather that my hand had become swollen do to life’s ravages of older age and I struggled; so, to place it on my hand.

“Oh” my Love;  should I not come as quickly to your beckoning.  It is not that I do not wish to or my Love for you is not as dashing.

“Oh” my Love;  it is just that my knee’s are not as swift as they once were when we danced to the tones of our fresh Love.   Or, that my hearing is not a sharp as it once was when I could hear our voice across in a crowed room.

“Oh, my Love;  if I should I not recognize you at fist it is not that I do not wish to gaze on your beauty.

“Oh”, my Love;  it is that my sight is not as keen as it was when first time we met.  When, in that spring I viewed you from afar and our eye’s met and sparkled on sight and  for life.

“Oh” my Love;   I Love you as the air I breath and as the food your hands have made me throughout our long and lingering Love for each other.

Side Bar:

Song group; written with Beach House.  “Silver Soul” playing.