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The highly covenanted “WHITE PILLOWING SNOW FLOWER” rarely seen but in early Spring or in warm start of Winter.

6 May Soule, Lewiston, Maine

First Published in 14 February 2013

I saw a highly covenanted pillowing White Snow Flower which is rarely seen and only appears at certain times in the Spring of year or a start of a warm Winter after a light snow fall.

It is constructed in early Spring or Winter Warm weather.   

And, blooms with a light fluffy white snow fall which forms on the end of a cluster of small new growing plant limbs off shoots on last years new branch sprouts.

“You know” on the end of a tree’s limb´s.  And, is due to last years end of branch new sprouts catching the freshly billowing fallen snow in the up-side-down arch that forms due to tree limb new growth fracturing and reaching for the sun.

The highly covenanted  pillowing snow flower´s begin their lives in the up-side-down arches of clusters of last year’s new end of branch new plant sprout growth in a sun fresh Spring snow fall.

These, clusters of last years new plant branch sprout´s which are all fighting for their survival from a harsh coming winter or spring freeze and seeking the approval of a warming sun.

And, all new plant sprout´s are sharing their beginning and lives with the lightest of pillowing white snows that fall on the limbs of branches of new growth of plants in an early warm Winter or Spring snow fall.  And, all new branch sprouts and pillowing white snow flowers sharing they existence at the mercy of the coming Spring Sun warm weather or cold Winter adversities.

These light delicate pillowing white snow flowers that appear to look as freshly picked cotton balls sitting on the end of a stem of new branch limb growth and flower looking to merely survive.   

But, they do not bloom long as the warming day of Spring melt them by days end or cold freezing Winter night´s glaze them mostly always by night´s end.

“Look out your window.  There is one now!

And then it is gone.   By,  it’s melting or freezing by warm Sun or cold end of day that glaze them over due to them melting earlier.

As, I returned later that day to my residence at 135 Bartlett Street, Lewiston, Maine a from an appointment. 

I noticed that the highly covenanted white pillowing snow flowers were either gone or cluster of ice frozen glazed snow stuck to the new branch sprouts of last year’s new plant growth.

But, I do not pick those that were left of that was the up-side-down arches and clusters of the last years end of plant branch new sprout which were reaching towards the sky with pillowing white show flower even in frozen state.

For, they may return and continue for another day in another time. 

To just become as the Spring’s or Winter ¨Pillowing White Snow Flower¨ which may melt on reviving of the up-side-down arch and cluster of the year before´s branch new sprouts which are still reaching for the Sun of a warm Winter or Spring day.

And, should the new forming pillowing white snow flower appear and then melt as “tears” constructed from the up-side-down arches and clusters of the plant branches new growth sprouts of last year. 

 I / We will rejoice in their appearance for another year as they are the highly covenanted ¨Pillowing White Snow Flower ¨ of year´s past rarely seen but in warm beginning in early warm Winter or Spring.


I wish to thank.   The Trinity Jubilee Center, 247 Bates  Street, Lewiston, Maine for the use of their  Wi-Fi  Internet Connection.