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LEWISTON HONORING “Memorialized” VETERAN’s: I spent sometime with my old friend’s and father this morning !

26 May

I spent sometime with my old friends and father this morning at 65 years young.

As they do not stand quite as tall as they did in life; but, are remembered in death and memories of past by me.

Would, you like to meet them ?  They are listed not in order of importance; but, rather as a “Band of  Fallen Brother’s”.

SILENCE:  I begin; Alphee Grenier, U. S. Army – Richard Grenier, U. S. Airforce – Kendra Labonte, U. S. Global War on Terrorism  – Jirard (Jerry) DerBogohosian, U. S. Navy, Loved by the City of Lewiston, Maine and mentor to the author of this article.  – Major Andrew E. Morin, U. S. Army – Paul A. St. Pierre, U. S. Army – Rachel M. St. Pierre, U. S. Army – Henri A. St. Pierre, U. S. Army – Louise A. St. Pierre, U.S Army – Daniel C. Cunningham Jr., U. S. Army – Shawn C. Dostie, U. S. Airforce – James B. (Jeb.) Shields, U. S. Navy – Robert E. Buchanan, U. S. Airforce – Ruland Collette U. S. Marines – Andy John Baker, U. S. Army – Thomas J. McMahon, U. S. Army and Metal of Honor winner and so many more of past that gave all when their / our Nation called upon them for service such as I.   Such, as my father your father, grandfather, grandmother and so the list goes on . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . of a Grateful Nation.

I, have not detailed the era, battles, rank they held or ground they fought on.  As, all were as important to the Worlds security and peace keeping efforts of this great nation.

If, you visit the the Memorial by the Androscoggin River “Great Fall’s” in Lewiston, Maine you will see all of the “Attributes of War” ; fore, all are there.

And, to those that once fought the battles and to those that did not. Please, visit the Androscoggin River Great Fall’s Military Memorial and look deep at the natural scenery that the Veteran Memorial has been set in and remember the Brave Band of Brother and Sister, Mother’s and father’s; your relatives that served without hesitation.

For, they stormed the “Encampments of War” and you can see the “Cliff’s” of staggered Mountains, the “Fortress” with “Dam” with power lines on high, “Gun” set now in silence ever pointing, “Railroad Trestle” tracked river crossing, discarded “Anchor” of a ship gone by, Jeep and graves stones head markers with honor Flags to all that served.

” Yes “, all is seem through different eyes for the “Band of Brother’s / Sister’s of the Brave, the Proud and the few that serve / served and those that gave their effort for all.

Rest in Peace.  Respectfully, Mr. Charles Arthur Soule – USN – USNR .(1973 – 1979)


Also,the school shooting victim’s.  Will, we listen to your cry’s?










4 Jan

Ms. Kelly Richie .  Date of Death, 29 December 2017.  Hope you find the “Peace” in death that you did not find in “Life”.     Reared, in drug family culture.

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LEFT BEHIND” 1969 – 1973 Edition.

8 Nov

Those years were 1969 through 1973 at the time and ninth grade was completed at an entirely different School at Webster School in Auburn, Maine.  And, I was now attending Edward Little High School, Auburn Heights, Auburn, Maine at time 10 years old.

1992;  It became a  banner years for me as I entered the start of my Junior year having completed my Sophomore year at Edward Little High School without dropping out. As, I was having problems just keeping up with the curriculum and with not too much going for me.

Then, I was elected to the position of Junior Class President and in my Senior year I was elected as Senior Class President, President of the Student Senate, winner of the Daughter of the American Revolution “Good Citizen Award”, Delegate to the State of Maine Boy’s State, President of the Young Republicans and President of the Sacred Heart Parish Auburn, Maine; Christian Youth Organization and selected to the Interact Club all this at a prominent academic school.  I had found my passion “politics”.

At the time the Vietnam War was raging and of the 27 million draft age young men between 1968 and 1973, 40 % were drafted into military service and only 10 % were actually sent to Vietnam.  This group was made up almost entirely of either work-class or rural youth.  Combat deaths, were over 45 thousand by 1973.

There, were a lot of others who were not as fortunate as I and who’s spirit was left behind in the Jungle’s of Vietnam (41 thousand) in a Military Police Action and who were lost.  But, are never forgotten by me.  As, they gave all and I remember this as the years go by and I turn 65 in a month 3/2018.

It was not for some years that I understood a phase that Mr. Alfred Saviagnano, Principal of Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine had stated to me; “YOU, DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE HAVE DONE FOR YOU”.

The others were Assistant Principal, 1973 Class Adviser Mr. Wallace A. Laehy and Guidance Councilor Mr. Carsley, (son was lost in Vietnam) office staff and councilor / teachers.

You see; I had been to six (6) schools prior to Edward Little High School and had been late to start first grade due to my birthday being in March.  Then, there was the fact; I had been left behind / back twice (2) once in the first grade; and, another time in the third grade.

The facts were that I was twenty (20) years old when I graduated from Edward Little High School and that when I register for the draft at the Lewiston, Maine Post Office at the age of 18 years of age.   I could have been drafted at anytime and possibly die in the kill field of my generations war.

Can you see; that, by allowing me to remain in school at the age of eighteen (18) to twenty (20) years of age and not allowing my drafting into the service of the United States for a Military Police Action in Vietnam.   These, WWII War and Korean War Veteran’s allowed me to graduate from Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine at TWENTY (20) years of age and possibly saved my life ?

They allowed me to be and I was the first (1): “No Child Left Behind”.

These my MENTOR’S and TEACHER’S were saving my life.

I volunteered an and left Norwich Military University in Northfield, Vermont and left in December of 1973 with Orders from the Department of Defense stating, ” Needs of the Service come First “; with my sister’s crying and mother showing a stern resolves.

I served honorably as my father did in Korea and World War two and as my relitives had done in the Revolutionary War and Civil War, Indian’s War’s, and just about all wars through Vietnam.  We, had at time thought of it as an obligation and right of passage as a citizen of this “Great Country” and I winning Military Citations Awards and 5 promotions in three year and was once “TOP Soldier” at a joint command of American and British Armies at Naval Communication Station, Diego Garcia until discharged with an Honorable Discharge in 1979 from the US Navy and US Navy Reserves.

And now receive a compensation of $1091.00 dollars a month from the Veteran Administration with Medical; which, I am  “grateful for”, at the age of going on 65 year old from a grateful Nation who did not forget me; you, the American Citizen.

GOD BLESS YOU; MY BROTHERS IN ARMS; MENTORS and TEACHERS and YOU THE CITIZEN OF AMERICA.   I hope this humble person; naive in youth, am worthy of your sacrifices.

“OH”, MY LOVE. Click, on “Heartbreak”; with tears in my eye’s.

3 Nov

“Oh” my love;  I had struggled to get my wedding bands on this morning and found that I could not.

“Oh” my love;  it was not do to my failing Love for You.

“Oh, my Love;  it was rather that my hand had become swollen do to life’s ravages of older age and I struggled; so, to place it on my hand.

“Oh” my Love;  should I not come as quickly to your beckoning.  It is not that I do not wish to or my Love for you is not as dashing.

“Oh” my Love;  it is just that my knee’s are not as swift as they once were when we danced to the tones of our fresh Love.   Or, that my hearing is not a sharp as it once was when I could hear our voice across in a crowed room.

“Oh, my Love;  if I should I not recognize you at fist it is not that I do not wish to gaze on your beauty.

“Oh”, my Love;  it is that my sight is not as keen as it was when first time we met.  When, in that spring I viewed you from afar and our eye’s met and sparkled on sight and  for life.

“Oh” my Love;   I Love you as the air I breath and as the food your hands have made me throughout our long and lingering Love for each other.

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3 Oct

His, only crime was that he had courage and spoke his mind!

When the Laws of these United States are confused we all suffer! These are our laws and your first and finest possession.  It makes you free United States Citizens, in a free country; and then think – think of this country and of the laws that make it what it is.  Think of a world longing for this very Law!  Then maybe you’ll understand why you ought to guard it, and why the Law has got to be the personal concern of every United States Citizen; to uphold it and not circumvent or side step it and safeguard it for our neighbor as well as for ourselves.

Another mistake is for any United States Citizen to look upon the Law’s of this Nation; as just a set of principles, just so much language printed in media forms.   Something we Citizens recite and then leans back and take it for granted that United States Justice is automatically being served and followed through with and done.  The Law’s of these United States of America must be engraved in our hearts and practiced every minute of the day, week, month and year for eternity, to its letter and religious spirit.

The Law’s of the United States of America cannot even exist unless we are willing to go down into the mire, dirt and blood an fight a battle for it each and every day of our life to preserve it; for our future lineage, neighbor’s and self.



THERE LOVE WAS LIKE A ROARING FIRE! Click, on anything red eyed with tears.

15 Sep

Let, us sit in each other arms; among a forest with lake, by a roaring fire listening to; and, watching the embers float above us as if they were the accumulative years of love gone by.

Let, us listening to the water gently maneuver to touch the darkened shore; as, if our hearts beat were in rhythm with the waves of so many years love gone by.

Let, us count the year’s of our love in the stars above while embraced in the warmth of our love the fire and the summer’s passing night.

Then, let us with volume murmured chatter as if a new among the crackling of the fires heat with love.   Then fall to sleep in peace within each other arms.

And, when we awaken with another day to kindle our love once more in the lake’s crystal cool clear waters.  While, awaiting the warmth and love of the new day Sun on kiss.



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6 Sep

At birth, my first great love will be of you; as, I hear the Basilica’s bell’s tolling over and over in my heart and in my soul each minute-minutes, hour-hour, days with time lost not spent with you.

Even, in times of military service, in a foreign land; I think of you as I hear the Basilica’s bells tolling over and over in my mind; in my heart and in my soul; each minute-minutes, hour-hours, day-days with time lost not spent with you.

You; I, spouse give as an act of love; lovers, desire to satisfy each other even at the expense of one’s self; as I hear the Basilica’s bells tolling over and over in my heart and in my soul; each minute-minutes, hour-hours, days with time lost not spent with you.

With family growing, grown, educated, moving, moved; still my thoughts are of you; as I hear the Basilica’s bells tolling over and over in my heart and in my soul each minute-minutes, hour-hours, days with time lost not spent with you.

The Basilica’s bells are tolling more silently for me now; over and over in my heart and in my soul each minute-minutes, hour-hours, day’s with time lost not spent with you.

And, as the cycle of our life progresses and comes to its end.  I hear the Basilica’s bells tolling but for me; over and over with time never to be spent with you…………again, forever.