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NEWSPAPER PERSON COMMENTS: Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal deliver; states, that the enforcement of the “Non use of crosswalks and Lewiston police issuing ticket is time consuming do to most deliveries are across from each other on the same street. States, “Why are they not; ticketing, Lewiston City Building Employee’s as they park across from City Hall and do not use “Crosswalks” there’s your big money.” Click, on anything red.

15 Jun

In, the Lewiston, Maine Police Department “Motto” their is a word that I wish the New Lewiston, Maine Police Chief O’Malley (I did not endorse for position. I wanted a women to break the “Old Boys” attitude.) would review. That word is “COMPASSION” as of late the Lewiston, Maine Police Department has been aggressively using under handed tactics.

Lewiston, Maine Police Department, City Council and City Administrator using Russian “KGB” tactic to entrap Citizens. Lewiston, Maine has a history of “entrapment”.

And, here the are:

Knocking, on doors asking if anyone has called the police to gain entry well knowing that 911 ask the location and apartments number you are calling from!

Knocking, on doors saying that they were looking for someone who maybe in danger!

Not, providing information to Defendant for Court Case under disclosure laws of Maine!

Informing on people that inform on criminals. By, telling alleged criminal person who brought them to their attention.

Loosing “Evidence”.

Aggressively, handing out, “Not using crosswalks” in the inner city and only Inner City neighborhoods. Poor, are being targeted.

*Recently, Lewiston, Maine Police dressed as a “Pan Handler” luring a unsuspecting women vehicle operator’s into possibly removing their seat belts in an effort to hand money donation to a homeless panhandler. (Where as, a women who’s pocket book is out of reach even if stopped must remove her seat belt to gather it.) Then, the Lewiston police undercover announces that they (he,she) should pull over to receive a “No Seat belt Ticket”. Seat belt ticket carry a graduating per ticket fine.

As, Maine’s population is decreasing and with the average age of a Maine resident being 43; and, as you age you tend not to break the law. It, would stand to reason that Maine’s Judicial System is in financial trouble as to affording itself. Thus, the must either increase the fines, arrest all or make criminals out of our grandchildren or children.

As, a Mayoral Candidate; I, am concerned at these under handed tactic.

This is another reason why I did not endorse the current Lewiston, Maine Police Chief O’Malley and then their is the issue of a ” Mother’s Complaint” against him from when he was a beat cop.

This under handed tactic is not the first as he attempted to hide a completed “Civilian Complaint” against an Officer of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department from Maine Court proceeding. And, if not for the Honorable, Maine Androscoggin County Superior Court Justice; Mary G. Kennedy, catching on to this hiding evidence. It would not have ever-seen-light-of-day through the Lewiston, Maine Police honorable actions.

The report, also contained the audio/video taping of 5 children and adults statements in their own home residence without their knowledge.

Who, will be the first citizen or officer to be harmed by these Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti “Tactic’s”.

This Article is not a incrimination of the rank and file officer of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department. It is however intended for the policy making individuals of the City Administration, Lewiston City Council and the residence of Lewiston, Maine.

EXTRA ( OVER $35 MILLION DOLLARS PUT INTO BATES MILL EXIT STRATEGY SINCE 2004: *Racketeering: definition; is the act of offering of a dishonest service to solve a problem that would not otherwise exist without the enterprise offering the services. Investigation required ?

15 Jun

For, some years; I have watched the City of Lewiston, Maine Municipal Government with advise of the hired City Attorney negotiating without option of an exit clause for the City of Lewiston, Maine; pump, millions of Taxpayer’s money into the Bates Mil Complex.

Gives a $360 thousand dollar park; that, was built at Federal taxpayer’s expense .

City of Lewiston, Maine, City hired Attorney; allow, City to enter a Parking Lot Association; where, the city only had two (2) votes and the other three (3) votes were allegedly controlled by the developer.

2004 – City of Lewiston, Maine Bates Mill Exit Strategy, transferred Bates Mill to Developer it hired to operate; with, $27 million dollars. And, in the agreement promised to build three (3) parking garages and pay for assembling parking spots.

Then, issues a letter of option and then extension agreement to developer to the Bates Mill Number #5 complex without proper notification of any others might want to be an interested party.

Then, the City of Lewiston, Maine assumes an agreement to take control of a worthless; 1.5 mile canal adjacent to parts of the Bates Mill Complex needing millions of dollars of restoration for the bottom and sides leek, wood work timbers are rotting in place, concrete is showing ware and medal strapping is rusting in place.

Androscoggin Bank Colisee; Lewiston, Maine: $9 million invested in renovations.   Sold for $1.2 million, new owner given 5 years before 1st payment due to City of Lewiston, Maine.  After, 5 year new owner ask for extension before 1st. payment; made, with owner behind in property taxes by $27,000.00. The City of Lewiston, Maine approved the request and resumed some control -of the facility that it was selling.

  • – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
No, inference; to, Lewiston, Maine’s, City Administration Officials participating in RACKETEERING ?

NOTE:  There are several Mills in Lewiston, Maine such as the following: Bleachy at corner of Adam  (Willow) Avenue and Liston, Street, Lewiston, Maine, Continental Mill, Cedar and Oxford Street and the Martins warehouse mill on Lisbon Street across from Adam Avenue in Lewiston, Maine.These mills are being neglected by the City of Lewiston, Maine or owner do not wish help.

THE RED SCARE=Senator Joseph McCarthy Hearings (1950’s) R=2 The Senate Intelligence Hearings. * * * * * * * * * * * * The media of the United States of America has become as a rabid “DOG” biting on the leg of lady Liberty; to, a creation of destruction. Click, on anything red.

11 Jun

The Jewish controlled media of this nation have become as a rabid “DOG” ankle bitter; biting, and holding on to the leg of lady Liberty !

I turned 64 years old in March 2017.

I am hearing and seeing large crowds of liberal protesters gathering at town hall meeting for Media coverage and in front of government buildings asking government employees (Comey) to aid them in regards to their agenda and subvert the will of democracy.

In other words they want to use your paid government or ex employees employees (Comey) against us.  They want to take the democracy out of the peoples hand what was legal won through lie and through media pressure.

They want to take away your liberties to pursue their agenda, dreams and live their lives over you.  And, then want to enslave you the taxpayer’s of the United States of America to provide free medical care, open boarder migration, free college education to illegals and allow illegals to vote in our elections.

They also want to force people to pay what ever salary that they demand with no regards to the effect on the infirm and elderly of this nation.

They have no regards to justice; condemn the police as guilty without trial; and, while demanding justice for themselves when they need it.

They love to call out, “hate speech”; calling anyone who disagrees with them as bigot (s) or homophobic; just, for speaking to a legitimate issue which the media places under a microscope looking for any direction to bastardize the issue (s).

I would also wish to mention; that, most of these liberal groups are financed by your dollars and radical right wing groups.  An, this is accomplished by your government tax dollars through government grands and your donation to other particular organization not-for-profit which than redirects your donation to another cause.

Their diversionary liberal power (s) come from dividing the America truly democratic population of the United States with the media coverage and staging events to gain Media attention while peaceful opposing view individuals abide by the laws of this country and oppose a position by ballot box.

They are spoiled; over educated, manipulative in mature children that do not appreciate the suffering of the generation that came before them or the sacrifices made by the previous generation and who fought for this counties successes.

Foot note:

All U need 2 be happy; is, a safe place to sleep; a meal a day; and, your health to be happy.  For, all else is extra.

Lewiston, Maine Inner City another “CHICAGO, ILLINOIS; BULLET SPREE” Friday, 2 June 2017 good job Officer Joseph Philippon Head of Lewiston, Maine’s “Community Based Policing?” Click,on anything red.

2 Jun

Friday, 2 June 2017; the Summer Campaign began as a struggle over “THE_DIRTY_LEW” began on the street.   Two individuals open fire in congested area on the city placing children and adults in harms way.

For the last several month’s this Editor has been harsh on the Lewiston, Maine Police Department with “No” noticeable improvements.

It is further noted that  there has been no gag order or legal action taken by the City of Lewiston, Maine or the Police Department.  So, with that stated,”I Have Been Telling The Truth As To The Situation In Lewiston, Maine.”

The Lewiston Police Department’s, head of the Lewiston Community Based Policing Program which is located on Pierce Street just behind of “B” Street Health Center is being given a lot of credit he does not deserve by the Local press.

I say this as I was once broken into and Several Items were stolen. Responding to the call was Officer Philippon and another officer which stated that they could do nothing for me.

Several month after a friend his ex girlfriend; told me who had did the “Break in”. So, I call the Community Base Police Unit of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department and Officer Philippon or to the accompanying officer to the break in. After, informing the so called officer. He stated that there was nothing he could do. Officer Philippon do not even give me a Complaint Number.

You, would think that the officer would have checked out the information I gave him or passed to a Lewiston, Maine Detective. But, “No”.

Just, last week I was informed by an immigrant family with school children that a group of male were drinking and drugging on their porch. With this information I Emailed on several occasions and called 911 to aid the family as they were intimidated about calling the police or confronting the individuals. They were partying all night.

I got “No” response by police showing up to interview me or returned Email.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Well, the other night a fight broke out that required 5 officer of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department to respond to.

Can you guess where the fight was, “yes, on the porch of the new immigrants !

ANTI-CRIME; Strategy working. U. S. Federal Report incorrect.

2 Jun

Fed’s:  Cost of zero tolerance policing outweigh benefits… bull sh..!

Tell this to a child born with a drug addiction.

Or,  you the Taxpayers and businesses that will pay for the weening off of this child from dope.  Then you taxpayers have to foot the medical bill, legal  expenses for removing child from the home of drug abuser and once this is done; you footing another bill for the rest of your life for putting into foster home.

Then there is the prostitute that has gone to rehabilitation for drug addiction  4 time at $30,000.00 or better on Medicare – Mainecare .  Medicare was established in 1964 by then President Lyndon B. Johnson; through President John F. Kennedy’s policies and was to begin at age 65 years of age.

What about the Chicago killing rates which is the highest in the nation ?   Do nothing ?

Footnote:  Original article by Eric Tucker; ASSOCIATED PRESS.

Incident Report Number:

Lewiston, Maine Officer  E. S. failing to give complaint Incident Report Number; why ?

Does not have to file report and does not show up on Federally; required, reporting at year end.

THUS, looks good for Lewiston, Maine Police Department as crime does not rise ?

SPECIAL WORD SALAD: State of Maine to raise sales tax $

29 May

Do to the shrinking population, Maine economy, and reallocation of the Federal budget it is expected that Maine will have to raise the “Maine State residents Sales Tax” and “Tourism Tax” in the near future.

This is attributed to; and, not exclusive to their not being able to fund the right; of a person that can not afford an attorney in legal judicial action.

University of Maine in state resident’s tuition increased; by, $400 a semester for 2018.

I also expect an increase in electric bills. And, take issue on large users of electrical power (Example: radio station – Maine Public 6 Station’s, television Station WGME13 – 4 station’s, so on) being given a “More you use the cheaper it is” and that the average home owner does not qualify for and has to pickup the cost of the large electricity user “discount” . This will be a problem as the home, apartments numbers drop.

*If,elected as Mayor of Lewiston, Maine Fall 2017; and, should the State of Maine not levy a deposit on the alcohol container call a “Nip” it is my intend to levy a recycling handling fee in Lewiston, Maine.

Issue, how is it that a beer is cheaper than a beer? This should not be allow in this state.

On, Street Prostitution Count: today, in Lewiston, Maine for 4:15 AM Sunday, 28 May 2017 is “6”. ************************************* Prostitution Outlook; looking worst. To think; that Lewiston’s new woman Sergeant and Night Patrol Supervisor; is not all over this is besides me in the inner city prostitution zone night coverage. Click, on anything red. Perhaps, she is not up to the task of protection young women for Drugs and usury by pimps and drug dealers. Or, is it higher ups that are they problem ? Come say hello to alleged; Jessie J, Amanda Waterhous_. and Daughter, Crystal L. Woo_, Crystal Mille_,Diana Jac_, Gretchen Wilso_, Fantasia Giegai_, Desiree Kendric_, Callie Richi_ Sara Stro_, Candy, Catty, Emile Kels_, Jamie Mile_and the other’s working a corner near you.

23 May

Source: On, Street Prostitution Count: today, in Lewiston, Maine for 4:36 AM Tuesday, 23 May 2017 is once again “8”. ************************************ Prostitution Outlook; looking worst. To think; that Lewiston’s new woman Sergeant and Night Patrol Supervisor; is not all over this is besides me in the inner city prostitution zone night coverage. Click, on anything red. Perhaps, she is not up to the task of protection young women for Drugs and usury by pimps and drug dealers. Or, is it higher ups that are they problem ? Come say hello to alleged; Jessie, Amanda , Diana, Gretchen, Fantasia, Sara, Candy, Caddy and they other’s working a corner near you. I would like to Thank the on Street Peoples that collected the full names of alleged prostitutes.