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Looeston Sun Blocking Journal, as they have had to do a correction of a “speech” I gave. As they changed the content of the speech I printed and handed to the reporter to suit their needs from a Mayoral Democratic Forum.

24 Jan

LEWISTON SUN JOURNAL NEWSPAPER FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2015: by “Staff Reporter” who is now gone.

Mayoral candidate Charles Arthur Soule said he was trying to make a point about local elections when he challenged a group of Bates College students registering to voting on a Bates College Identification (only) at the polls Tuesday, 5 November 2015.

“I explained the facts about how would they feel if I went to their family’s home district and started voting in their elections without changing my driver license to their State or other college financial information,” Soule’ said Wednesday.

But, that’s not how Bates students Kristen, Monata and Sophie took it. ( Why, did the reporter (Not a Pulitzer Prize Winner.) not include that Nation these girls were from ?

He also did not include that the only reason they left the Lewiston Armory Men’s Room was that I had pulled out a Phone Camera Recorder and failed to mention the witnesses I had.  And, I advised the at time Managing Editor / Days:  Judith Meyer about ?

Ms. Samdperil said Soule was never exposed and was not using the restroom facilities (She is a liar.) but was attempting to escape bygoing into the mens restroom.  ( I was attempting to extricate myself from the situation in the front of the building and went to the restroom where I was relieving myself as the girls interred the restroom.  It was only after one of the girls; said, “This is not cool” did they leave the men’s restroom.  They were trying to hold me at bay as an assaultive group in the Men’s room at the Lewiston, Maine Armory on Election Day 5 November 2015.


Newspaper and Reporter writes:  Soule is a local eccentric (“Eccentric” attempt at “Bullying” of a 62 year old at time: Vietnam Era Veteran and elderly mature citizen who has a right to run for office in today’s America as many time as he wants to. ) who has run unsuccessfully for multiple city seats over the past 20 years.

Am, I an eccentric; because, I am older and have not the new fad clothing or linguistics of today or does my age and the passing of time make one’s thinking and stature peculiar.

The fact that the Looseston, Maine Sun Journal had coupable  ally Lewiston, Maine Police Department serve me with a “No” trespass and non harassment of the reporting; reporter.    A day before the article was released calling me an “Gadfly” and “Eccentric” is  in line as to the alleged cover up of incidents that have gone not reported by the Looseton, Maine; Sun Blocking Journal as to happening involving the Lewiston, Maine Police Department of past or present.


Noun: a person who has an unusual. peculiar, or odd personality, set of beliefs, or behavior pattern.



  1. Nikola Tesla, Physicist and Engineer 1856 – 1943

  2. Lord Byron, English Poet 1788 – 1824
  3. Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance Painter 1475 – 1564

  4. Pythagoras, Greek Mathematician 575 – 500 BC
  5. Albert Einstein

  6. Charles Arthur Soule’      “Need, I say more.

WORD SALAD for week ending 14 January 2018: > > > TWO OF LIFE’S ROADS DIVERGED IN THE WORLD AND SORRY I COULD NOT TRAVEL BOTH. But, now I understand the results of the one traveled.

12 Jan

Me and my mother’s (“90” in June 2018) generation have given a great deal in the last 90 years to better the American Society ?

1.  EQUAL RIGHTS FOR BLACKS:  This led to affirmative action, bussing desegregation of schools, even if blacks or whites did not want and college or university school quotas. As I see it, the Whites and Blacks of this nation were just getting integrated and new highs were being established / obtained such as President Barack H, Obama, Adam Clayton Powell,  General Colin L. Powell, Guion Bluford, Douglas Wilder, Alice Walker, Clarence Thomas, Mae Carol Jemison, Carol Moseley Braun and so many more examples of that might have been if not for the Illegal Migration of Thirteen (13) to eighteen (18) million other undocumented and illegals into this country of the United States of America and all the problems ( Illegals having children though their the parents were not citizens; but, children are due to the U. S. Constitution’s; 14 Amendment as they the children now citizens qualify for Food Stamps, Medicare, subsidized rent…so.)  it brought once the 2008-2009 recession and job displacement of the black community as well as white commenced.

2.  EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN: This altered the economics of my time; as women, entered the workplace and displaced the one paycheck family; that led to prices going up as the realignment of the economy commenced. Things were based on one income; then with the coming of two paycheck families, the economy was changed to reflect a two paycheck family. I am not saying this was incorrect, but rather; in a recessionary economy with one or more of the two paychecks families losing their job; it is taking a toll on the family and societal structure.



5.  ROE vs. WADE 401 U. S. 113 (1973) – ABORTION: 1.2 MILLION ABORTIONS IN THE UNITED STATES EACH YEAR OF LEGAL UNITED STATES INFANT CITIZENS. While 13 to 18 million illegals are allowed to infiltrate our United States of America, Boarder’s?

6.  ASCENDANTS OF THE COMPUTER AND ASSOCIATED TECHNOLOGIES. National Security Agency (Phone, e-mail, exedra)

7.  THE GREAT SOCIETY OF THE 1960’S: Started by; President John F. Kennedy and passed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, this provided; Aid to Dependent Children / Mothers, Food Stamps, rent subsidies, Medicare, phone subsides, cable subsides, rides to and back from appointments, free child sitting and free college tuition’s with ride provided.

These Programs are being used to leave a relationship and are now a crutch towards divorce, breakup of the family and have morphed away from their original good intentions. Male and female are having multiple children; by different partners, due to the morphing of the good intentions of the, “Great Society of the 1960’s, launched by President Lyndon B. Johnson and who’s intent and goals were to eliminate poverty and racial injustice.  And, not to create one parent homes and inequalities.


Welcome, view’s from the country Ireland and Israel.

WHY ? ?

1 Jan

Why, are illegal immigrants; being, given a United States Judicial Court Review; prior to being removed from this country ?

  1.  They are non citizens of the United States; and, at what financial cost to the  taxpayers ?

2.  The United States Congress and Senate should repeal this process; and, do away with             the special Administrative Lawyers Judges that are appointed.

3.  Currently, the Administrative Judge have a back log of about 1500 and is increasing.

4.  These cases can involve years to adjudicate.

What will be the cost to deport millions of illegal immigrants – whats in your wallet ?


1 Dec

That shall end my attempt to be Mayor of Lewiston, Maine for now not for ever; again.

With your help; I was attempting to run as a moderator Republican as to not see the stalemate that is now occurring in the Nation and Lewiston, Maine as the Democrats divide the country to the point of polarization and non achievement of the State of Maine and Counties business.

I will be endorsing the current Mayor of Lewiston, Maine who is a Republician in an effort to stop the monopoly; of, the political control of the Bates College alumni and prospective Democrats.

The fact that Bates College Student’s are permitted to ” VOTE ” in the Lewiston and Maine State Election’s is troubling to me.

As, all they have to do; is show a Bates College Identification Card’s to register to vote for an election at the polls’.

They do not even have to change their home state driver’s license; or, change any of their financial aid procurement to reflex their new resident state; which may alter their tuition aid.

Also, their is the problem of foreign Bates College student’s; which were allow to vote in the Mayoral Election in Lewiston, Maine on November, 03, 2015 just by showing their Bates College Identification Card to register for the election; and will probably be voting in the December 08, 2015 run off election for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine.

INCIDENT OCCURRED IN 2015 ELECTION:  I, challenged one of the Oriental Students as to why she would be voting in a Lewiston Election and she could not understand me; so her friend got upset with we and thought I was disrespectful.

At this point two of the friends of the young lady that could not understand the process and who was being directed to vote came back to confront me.  I stated that they may be misunderstanding and to get away from me.

I then tried to execrate myself from the situation; and, headed to the Men’s Room at the Lewiston Armory; as I was relieving myself the three Girls came into the Men’s Room at the Lewiston Armory and confronted me again.  So I pulled out my cell phone with movie recorder and before I could reinsert my private part; one of the Bates College girls stated that this was not “COOL”.

After all; they, were in the MEN’S ROOM ; as I was fumbling for the correct application record mechanism on my phone; while, flapping in the breeze “THE BATES COLLEGE STUDENT GIRL’S LEFT.”

I also noticed that mr. james lysen, who operates the Bates Radio Station was inciting the student to action; as, inducement to flame votes for himself as Lewiston City Council Ward 1 and that the majority of votes he received are from Bates College Student’s in Lewiston’s Ward 1 + 3.


 That being Bates College 1200 or more student voting to Bastardize Lewiston,Maine elections.

I would also, request that you; the residents of Auburn, Maine not consider consolidation with Lewiston, Maine in November of 2016.   And, the heeding this humble person’s (once, E.L.H.S. Class president of 1972 – 1973 .

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Mom, 88 yrs. old states that the only way they can create an economy; is to”TAX” the Elderly and steal our Children’s inheritance”. NOW, COMES THE DEFENSE “Escentric, Attorney at Law for the Lewiston, Maine Taxpayer’s.

30 Nov

NOW COMES THE DEFENSE; in hopes that this Androscoggin, Maine Court will uphold the decision of the Lewiston, Maine Voters to reject the Lewiston City wide vote.

The Defendants, the 31-34 percent of Business and Residents that currently pay all the Lewiston City taxes on a Budget of $74 million dollars (Assessor Office; the Honorable Mr. Healy 207 513 3000; press O for live operator and ask for Assessors  Office.) is looking to distress their purchasing power as to their retirement  incomes.

  1. It is also; seeking relief from the possible 2000 Bates College Student voting on their Bates Student Identification Card; and, that the Courts adjudicate the validity of them not having to change their out of State Drivers Licenses and college financial records to reflect their residing in the State of Maine; as permanent residence of the State of Maine or Lewiston, Maine.
  2. Brief; of friend of the Courts: They can also buy a Maine State hunting and fishing licenses at reduced cost which is lose revenue to the States of Maine; Taxpayers. )
  3. And, as the Voters of year long resident and voting  population consider this a Bastardization of the voting pattern of Ward One (1) and Ward (3) of Lewiston, Maine’s voting demographic.

       In summary; it is with this relief that the True Residents of Lewiston, Maine are offering the following recommendation to the Androscoggin Maine Court System.

  • 1.    That the Bates Mill Complex  that contains the clock face; facing Ash Street, Lewiston, Maine; be utilized, in an effort to facilitate the development of the Bates Mill Complex and also to ensure the capitalization of their BANG for the BUCK of the $53 million dollars ( ME, State and Local) that is to be expended on the proposed school facility.   ( Friend of the Court Brief:  Review; Victor Gruen, Architect, livability of Retired Mill and Malls. )
  •  2.   And, the Defendants; the Taxpayer’s of Lewiston, Maine realizing that the Clock Towered; Bates Mill is abutted by the Canal.   The Defendants; would be willing to set aside and forgo their Lewiston, Maine People’s Initiative on the gift acquisition of the Canal from Brookfield White Pine of Canada and suggest to the other voting Lewiston, Maine public that this is a truly winning initiative with purposed underlying adjustments.
  • 3.   The Defendant’s stipulations are that the Brookfield White Pines of Canada will develop and rehabilitate the Canal area adjacent to the Bates Mill Clock Tower from Middle Street up to and under/over Main Street; Lewiston, Maine as to make it safe for Students to assess the New School from the Canal Street side of the building.
  • 4.   And that the plans consider the utilization of the hydro-electric generation plants in the Architectural designing processes to facilitate electrical power to be provided to the New School, Lewiston Street lights and Municipal Building of the City of Lewiston, Maine..
  •  5.   And, that the facility could be considered as an overcrowding mechanism for an English Language Learner (ELL) Student facility.  Thus, alleviating the overcrowding of the Lewiston, Maine Public School System for remedial student that could significantly impede other tutorial advanced students.
  • Defense rest it case; and, prays for rapid adjudication of this case  respectfully Eccentric, Attorney at Law ?

 November7,  2017 – LEWISTON ELECTION DAY “VOTE  NO”  on Consolidation of Auburn and Lewiston, Maine.   Ward’s 1 and 3; please do not be out voted by “Bates College Student’s”.


TRUMPSTERS: IS IT TIME TO Take 2 Streets Day in your City Park; “Saturday, 27 May 2017.” Click on any thing red.

29 Nov

President Trump has been in office a 118 days and has endured more hostility than any other president; for being president than I can recall in all my Sixty-Five (65) years of living.

With, that said I investigated and found that I was wrong. There was one who endured as much and perhaps more . . . . .That, being President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32 president of the United States from 1933 through 1945.


The media was concerned with his programs of Social Security, Work Progress Administration ( WPA ), Emergency Appropriations Act, Public Works Administration (PWA) and other public assistance programs. And, today he is still my mentor; and, he was a Democrat.

He as a Democrat safe guarded the Free enterprise system; believed, at all should work for a living and not accept the dole he safe guarded the free enterprise way of things and instituted policies so that his job programs did not directly conflict with that free enterprise.

So, is it time for us individuals to LOAD and LOCK ?

I was speaking to an Independent (D) and she stated that the media is constantly driving issues that are faults and though she voted for Clinton she thought enough is enough . . . . Shut, the press down and all the disharmony.

“Trumpsters”; Take, too the Street’s Day is ” Saturday, 27 May 2017 ” in your home town !

Promulgated; by, SOULE4MAYOR2017 – Lewiston, Maine.

FROM PARADISE TO SOUP KITCHEN: hollow; America of 11 November 2015.

11 Nov

This year’s Veteran’s Day was a far cry from my youth experience’s.

In that as a child growing up in the Lewiston and Auburn, Maine area I had become accustomed to the once glorious Veteran Day parades.

It showed the country in unison’s with family, brother, sister, aunt and uncle in Arm’s on Veteran’s Day who may have lose family member’s in Military action.

I recall one such parade with black and white community veteran soldier’s marching with their pieces M-14 (guns) on left shoulder down Lisbon Street all from Lewiston and Auburn and in Lewiston, Maine at age twelve (12) years old.

While booted with white spats ( white covering for boots; and used to keep the sea water out as they landed on the beaches in France.) and Army; with Divisional Insignia roughly sewn as if in hast ready for a new campaign; ready for a new day in the United States or America.

Following them up; were, the weapons and symbols of war from World War II and Korea, “there goes a tank; a Howitzer 60 mm on wheels that can knock out a Tiger Tank, Jeep, Troop Transport Vehicle and much more.”   And, all those flags and banners that had earned the respect of foreign nation’s.  “What a sight.”

Then, there were the static displays (allow hand on; equipment use) and I was allowed to fire a fifty caliper machine gun which had been setup behind the L. L. Beans parking garage (old Peck’s Building) in a sand pit bunker by the Androscoggin River.   What a day for a child of 12 years of age.   And then to top-it-all-off.   I went to Minot Avenue, Auburn, Maine Reserve Center for a hands on rotation of a Bradley’s tank trait. ( top of tank with 60 mm in simultaneous rotation.)

These events which resonated with me through time and my have led to my volunteering like my father and becoming a family obligation.   ( My father; a first generation Franco-American whom-by-the-way never talked of war to me and suffered in silence like so many other’s of his generation and to his death at 72 years old.  (Love you, Dad.)

I volunteered for duty in the Vietnam Police action era to stop the Domino Theory of progression of communism through out the world.

What a far cry we have fallen to celebratory lunch at Trinity Church Jubilee Soup Kitchen.   Which, I am grateful for thank – you Mike and Erin of the Trinity Church Jubilee Soup Kitchen of 247 Bates Street, Lewiston, Maine serving the Androscoggin County Area – Donations welcome…..