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DEMOCRAT’S, should be eliminated be “DREAMER”S as they will not allow DACA to become law until after midterm elections and until next Presidential Election are over. Using, as an election effort “Ace-in-the-hole-Card”.

1 Jan

Originally, published in December 2014.

Yes, if you were born in the  1940’s, 1950’s 1960’s and grew to an age of adulthood.

You, are the second greatest generations to come along.  The reason is you are a, “Baby Boomer”.

Editor’s reasoning:

1.  You set yourself a side; nullified or invalidated by afording other an opportunity; equal rights for minorities blacks, women’s right’s and alternative rights.

a.  Affirmative action:  Promotions on the job and voting rights.

b.  Equal opportunity:  Quotes – College entrance, Employment and Voting rights.

2.  You marched for the rights of other, forgetting your own rights or displacing your own rights; by marching.

a.  Equal rights for Blacks.

b.  Equal rights for women.

c.  Equal rights for Gays.

3.  You allow the “Great Society” to flourish and be nurtured; food stamps, Medicare, Aid to dependent Children (Led to replacement of the father in household) rent subsides, phone subsides, college subsides at taxpayer’s expense for dependent mothers with children, rides to appointments at taxpayer’s expense for dependent people (will exempt the elderly) and cable subsides.

4.  And now, the United States Supreme Court Decision, revealed deep division among the justices, over the government’s role in protecting minorities over all other students equal to the standards of the colleges and universities.

5,  Perhaps it is time to see how well this transformation period of “Affirmative Action and Quotas”.   That you allowed has progressed us as a nation to normal relation with our fellow citizens to the benefited from your stepping aside; nullifying or invalidation ourselves in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

If, you born in the 1970’s  or younger.  Think, we do not drink from different fountains or go to segregated school, church, hospital or eat in different restaurants.  And, these are an accomplishment being overlooked by the young people of today as if there was nothing accomplished in the last 65 years of my life and 91 years of my still living mother’s era.

6.  As a youth male growing up in this time frame.   I would like to comment!  I have noticed the changes not to the positive in some areas.  And, for you young people who might construe this the wrong way.

I, have the option / obligation to inform you that you do not see.  What, once was or came before.  But, rather only that that is in frount of you “Now” !

7.  And now with the influx or illegal Hispanics and other legal migrants. Without, White ‘s and Black’s generations were becoming adjusting to their new not quite completed newly created society.  there are more problems being introduced through immigration and illegal immigration that are dividing the not quite completed Black and White community building of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  There, are so many diversity problem;s arising that this society of the United State of America are falling behind as to racial relations.

8.  My judgment is that “The Second Greatest Generation” is the white greatest generation behind my mother’s and father’s generation of the World War II generation.  And that is has or will be great to it’s self,  it’s parents, children,  black population’s, grandchildren and future generations for allowing this transfer of out dated ideology too be transformed to better not itself; but, the future of the whole United States of America.

9.  According to the local Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal Newspaper, Lewiston, Maine; an article stated that the Hispanics will be the predominant race in the United State of America School System by 2014.

Yes, there is much more work to be done on racial issues.  But, now there are new Issue that are at hand illegal immigration, race relations, job for all, security  .   .   .  .   so on.

But, we have moved ahead in a relative short period of time.  And, we should be happy for the gain’s we have made.

Post Script:

My parents were the 1st great generation and mine is the second    .     .    .    .    . yous is still being created ?

Welcome, viewer from Spain of 22 January 2019.


MAINE WHAT´S IN YOUR WALLET in 2019? : Just, because U talk Immigration does not make U A racist.

27 Dec

WORD SALAD for WEEK ENDING 30 December 2018:   African immigrants will be pouring in Maine – USA for the New Year 2019.  According to;  Mr.Randy Billings, Portland Press Herald.

1. Refugees in Maine have come from over 30 countries!  (source: . Catholic Charities of Maine;  I, Charles Arthur Soule have no problem / malice or ill intent towards these refugees. And will not; abide to anyone holding MALICE or ILL INTEND to their predicament. But, rather sympathy and compassion for their trust in individuals that led them to their present situation. After all; my Grandfather on my father’s side was from Canada (Back to France; and I would be guillotined if I went back; but he had to prove he would not be a burden on Lewiston, Maine and the United States of America to enter. (YES I AM; THE SECOND GENERATION ON MY FATHER’S SIDE OF THE FAMILY; AND THEN, BACK TO THE “Mayflower” ON MY MOTHER’S SIDEo.  (And, this can be attested to by the Local Chapter of the Daughter of the American Revolution as I won an award from them.)

2. Why, is Catholic Charities of Maine; not providing the resources that are required for these 30 countries refugee.  After, all; they are paid to aid these refuges; (Through Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, Maine Department of Health and Human Services, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Refugee Resettlement, U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration and Refugee Services, United Way of Greater Portland and Donations from Parishes, Corporations, Community Organizations, Families and Individuals) into this country / Maine and if they can not afford to aid these refugees, why are they passing the financial responsibility on to the residents of Portland and Lewiston, Maine as well; as, to having to support them through their residential property Taxes, Business taxes, saving accounts, retirement pensions and children’s inheritance and our children’s future by displacing do to job creation for these 30 countries refugees. How, by not hiring of our children; because, they do not speak English (Library, City Hall’s, Maine Department of Health and Human Services…etc.) though they may have taken college for the specific job and now must pay back student loans or have their credit ruined.

And, to think that Catholic Charity of Maine; must, only spend monies by government authorization $800.00 OF THE $2000.00 they get from the Federal Government on the new immigrants the half heartily help.

3. Then, there are the support groups that receive assistance from U. S. Government. For, instance Federal Tax exempt 501c non profit’s…and so on.  That, derive their living from immigration and I believe have become special interest groups pandering to the commercialized (TV, Radio, Print media, computer) sympathy of the Nation.

4. Let it be known that I have no problem with the migrant that is here Legally or Asylum seeker that is already here!  But, do we need to be allowing migration to the United States of America in a recessionary economy; when, we can not even fully employ our own people – children


HAPPY NEW YEAR MAINE´S and Maine´s – first women (D) Governor and Cocaine user. She, is also a “Hypocrite¨. In less than a day after publishing this Article has been read over 10,000.00 times and in foreign lands.

26 Dec

Originally, published on 7 November 2018 at or about 8:30 am.

In, that she was exposed in the Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal Newspaper in the early 1990´s  for using and I have talked to individuals that smoked with her.  (F/check: –  Andrew Rice archives.   Or,, age 80.  Or, Mike Maheux of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine area.  He,went to jail.  Mills, went free.

After, the article of the aforementioned news source.  She, was transferred from the Androscoggin County District Attorney Office to Farmington, Maine District Attorney´s Office in her home town.

The fact that she was jailing persons for using cocaine and was using it herself makes her a Hypocrite.

She also won the election because she was  the first woman running for Governor of Maine and America is fixated on the first of anything running for Elected office.   First, black President, First woman nominated for President, first openly gay and so on.  What next the First LBGTSW ?  Big, Boy !

America, is also drugging-out, a part of there young population for added tax revenue through the sales of cannabis.

To the World´s countries emerging into democracies .  Beware of America´s form of democracy form of government.   It has become unstable.   So, you will not want to emulate it.

And yes!  I am no Saint!  Therefore, I am no Hypocrite!

Editor´s note:

Welcome, new viewer´s from the Dominican Republic.

Lewiston, Maine voters; to face “SOCIALIST POLICIES” in 2017. I like “Ben” as if a son. But, he needs time to grow into “Political” maturity.

11 Nov
Note: I like to thank Maine donor supported: WLAM 14.70 Radio for their free radio time.  Contact to become a donor:

He, has been resurrected.

Yes, Mr. Benjamin Chin will again attempt another run for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine with money $11,971.00 held over from his out of state liberal friends and last Mayoral Campaign in 2015.

And, once again he and jane lysen councilor for ward one who ward bates college sis in (1) will attempt to rally the Bate’s College Student into meddling; all, 1200 hundred who are allowed to force their will on Lewiston, Maine Ward’s 1 and 3 through just using their Bates College Identification Card and not changing their Driver’s Licenses or any of their Tuition Aid Information.

Mr. Chin will be hoping to attain his dream of opening an immigration office at Lewiston City Hall (F/check Lewiston sun Journal 10/ 2015) and his democratic liberal agenda.  Like when they rallied to push for a tuition free college education at taxpayer expense and then when Governor paid back hospitals the made a joke show of it. (F/check:

It was an eye opener to see the article of his mayoral announcement in the Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal’s City Section, Page 1, above the fold; to which no other candidate was able to obtain.  And, I should know for I have run for years and have never obtained this coverage

All, I have obtained was intentional miss quoting and I handed a copy of my speech to the reporter. (F/check: Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal 11/2004), off colored head shoot and being called a “gadfly” and an “Eccentric” for my year’s of endeavor to be Mayor of Lewiston, Maine and serve the residents.

Such bolstering is surprise for a job that is defined by Lewiston, Maine City Charter as nothing more than a position whose duties include running the city council, speaking out on issues, voting to break a City Council tie and cutting ribbons.  I salary is just over $4000.00 and is a stipend for out of pocket expenses related to the job.

Mr. Chim spent well over $90 thousand to will the Mayor Lewiston, Maine election to my Mr. Soule’s $244 that were collected bottles and cans.

Reading the article I almost fainted; when, I read, “The decision to run was difficult because of his young family.  (Not that he had saved $11,971.00 dollars from his mostly out State over $93,000.00 – 2015 Campaign funds. (F/check: 207 513 3000 press 0 for operator; ask, Lewiston City Head Elections Clerk.)

Lewiston is a city where most of our ever day older and younger residents earned their education through hard work, home / overseas military service, family instruction and through physical labor, not merely through a book in the local libraries or off the internet.

Does, anyone surmise or think; mr. chins, is content to remain Director of the Maine Peoples Alliance and allied liberal organizations like Lewiston’s Visible Community, Lot to Gardens whom receive fund through donation, memberships fees and your federal grants. (F/check:

Mr. benjamin chin says he wants, “Lewiston, Maine to be ‘America’s great comeback story and an Santuary City.”  But, with his liberal policies Lewiston, Maine will become a welfare haven at the old and young taxpayer’s resident’s expense.

Lewiston, Maine is the poorest city in the state !  Lewiston, Maine has a square mile inner city that is the poorest in New England.

Let it be known; that Lewiston, Maine is not anti-anything but it’s elderly population are concerned that rising taxes cost incurred with immigration will force them out of their homes.

It, will be my resolve to “Freeze all city non required spending and freeze all city salary increases.”  (F/check:  Administrator received a salary increase of $3,000.00 last year; and, that he the Police Chief $95,000.00 with a number of other city employee’s make more than the Governor of the State of Maine who is content to receive $75,000.00 a year.)


Average age of a Mainer 43 next year 44 and year after that 45 and so on.

Average income married couple $25 thousand with two children.

Maine has a shrinking population and thus shrinking economy.

Average salary of a Lewiston, Maine teacher $53 thousand dollars with 3 percent salary increase for every year with Lewiston, Maine school system.

Current budget for teacher’s is $25 million and is scheduled to grow at $750 thousand dollars automatically in fiscal budget year 2019 and increase every year after that unless something is done.  Thus, increasing pressure on Lewiston, Maine taxpayer’s until the cow’s come home.


8 Nov

America, will see more and more death´s by gun fire.

And, with the political division mine set of America.  It, is ripe for the picking off of opposition political party member´s by gun fire.

This, is my forecast for your America as time goes by.

Remember, I am 65 year´s young and have been watching the disintegration of America for quite sometime.



1 Nov



Senator, Susan Collin (R), Senatorial Seat on Line as a “Republican”. As if, she does not Vote Kavanaugh. For, she is through in the State of Maine. AS, Republican and Independent voter will finish her off. She, has sway in the wind to many time’s.

5 Oct

The, wind does not bent for the tree.

Vote, in Maine for all Republican Candidate’s except where candidate is running against the Honorable Candidate Mr Angus King (I).