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PART 2: Foot in the Past, Present and Future; it’s just another generational day.

22 Sep

(FORE NOTE:  There are 3 parts to this post this is part two (2).

I, first met my Grandfather back in 1964 at an impressible age of 11
years old when my mother, myself, Aunt Eva and Uncle Fred took a road trip to New York.

I can still remember hearing the clapping of the tires on the road as we crossed the expansion joints in the concrete sectional highway that was leading me to my Aunt Elsie and Uncle Bill’s home on Staten Island in the State of New York.

I was to visit my Grandfather and the 1964 New York World’s Fair and I had a chance to go on a sea voyage as we had to use the Staten Island Ferry to get to a short cut where I would meet my Grandfather and I had my first of many experiences on the open sea. And, yes “I got sea sick.” He, he, he”.

I can recall my Grandfather sitting on the front stairs stoop waiting for us as we arrived at a well maintained English Cottage house on Long Island in New York State.

The day passed. And as my Grandfather had a task to do and asked my mother if I could accompany him.  Off we went; he, pushing a wooden wheeled cart with wheels on it which were one and a half times my size with a large flat wooden deck shooting out over the wheels with a wheel to wheel stretched on push handle. Off we went, he in his white tank top T-shirt as it was hot and Summer time.

As, we strolled down the street with me holding his hand people would come upon my Grandfather and hand him; magazines, book and newspapers which he would place on the large flat wooden deck of his cart and off again we would go.

After sometime passed, we returned to his home and placed the items books, magazines and newspapers that were collected into the garage with entirely wooden swing-up garage door.

With him tying the bundles of Boot, Magazines and newspapers in to neat packages he turned to me and instilled in me his point of view. At this point he stated to me, “Chuck”, “Money can be found anywhere” it just a matter of looking at possibilities and making the right choices.

It would not be for sometime what I understood what I had heard.  As you see he had collected all the newspapers, books and magazines to recycle.  Imagine that he was recycling before it became fashionable.

These days some people see me gathering returnable bottles from the sides of streets, lawns and some cans off the top of garbage cans on the streets of Lewiston, Maine and probably think; that, “poor man”. 

But, I am not a poor man for as I am doing it; it, reminds me of my Grandfather with the time we had together and his hardships that in comparisons to mine were the mountain with mine the mole hill and what he said, “Chuck, you can fine money anywhere”. And, in my opinion that makes me a rich man.

This morning,  21 September 2017;  I made almost $4.00’s  (My friends who are more fortunate then I give me their returnable can’s, plastic and bottles) on my one mile morning walk.  And,  made much more in memories.