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3 Mar

It has been pointed out to me by a peer of the demographic school aged shooting victim’s that the Individuals shooter may not be attempting to get even with the students at all.

And, that the intended blunt of the hostility toward the “child victims” is meant to convey the “grief by message” through their children to the parent or other individuals.

Thus, allowing the individuals or  parent’s to suffer for the rest of their live.


New mind set may be.

When, to die and who to take with you.  I see this as a potential problem coming to the United states.   As, older people situation become more tentative as to the new economy becomes more difficult for them to contend with.
In, Maine there has been a rash of older couples committing suicide due to economic condition’s.
I also would suggest that all overdoses of drug nature be reclassified as ” Suicide” by overdose as surely on there mind.   As, I see it on the streets of Lewiston, Maine.