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BLAST FROM THE PAST: SOULE 6:20:2017: Sermon and Message. Trinity Episcopal Church and associates soup kitchen a “Satanic Perverse Church”.

29 Jun

Released: 06/29/’17.

Mr. Charles A. Soule
135 Bartlett Street
Lewiston, Maine
U. S. Postal Service “Priority Mail Express 1-day

Dear Mr. Soule:

It pains me terribly to have to write this letter as Pastor of Trinity Episcopal Church, Lewiston, Maine.

Recently, I have become aware (Who, made U aware of?) of behaviors on your part that are deeply concerning to me, and that have been the catalyst for consulting with the Episcopal Bishop of Maine, Stephen Lane,to find a solution that ensures the safety and integrity of the worshiping community at Trinity.  As, you may know, similar to the Roman Catholic system, every Episcopal parish in Maine is essentially headed by the Bishop, with priests like myself acting as the Bishop’s representative.  First, of all while recently reading a blog published by Benjamin Chin, I followed the comment threads, and I found my way to your webpage. I found much of what you had to say on the pages interesting, but I was slammed when I saw that you were using Ben’s Chinese last name in a way that any reasonable person would consider racist. (I Said, “Not by the hair of you chinney; chin, chin” revers to; Story, of “Three Little Pig’s.” like I’ll huff and I’ll puff and blow your house down.) (Not racist; you made it a racist item and read more into it then was meant.) I had been meaning to speak to you about this, but have not had an opportunity. (I, was in church on the 10 of June 2017; why, not then?)

More recently, I have been deeply concerned to hear about and to see firsthand, that you have twice commandeered the blackboard outside of the church (clearly on church property) to write your name, presumably as some form of self-promotion. I was also very concerned  to hear that you had done this during another election cycle prior to my arrival and had been instructed to not write on that very same blackboard. (By, whom is my question, no one.) This means that these last to times were in direct opposition to what you know to e the wishes of the congregation.

As, the priest in charge at Trinity Church I am tasked with ensuring that our space and our worship is orderly, safe, and respectful.  As a member of the church, Mr. Chin has a right to worship in a place that is welcoming, and that in no way reminds him of the well-publicized racism that he has experienced outside of Trinity. (What, have I done outside or inside to intimidate Mr. Chin?) As a community of the whole, (13 member) the people of Trinity Church have a right to expect that their property will be respected for its integrity. They should not have to worry that someone (Not me.) in the community would express such an audacious lack of boundaries as to use church property (Unless, it chin’s apostles.) to promote himself or otherwise blatantly misuse private property. (Get, over yourself.)

When I consulted with the Diocese of Maine (Did, he or Did he not? I called; one knew of the incident he made up.) about the situation, I was instructed to obtain a no-trespass order from the Lewiston, Maine police. The problem with such an order would be that it would prevent your entry to the entire (entire, underlined.) building. (Black Mailing me into saying “OK”.)  I appreciate and understand that the Jubilee Center is important to you, and I would not want to act in a way that would make the entire building off-limits.

Therefore, I am offering a compromise that would ensure the integrity of our worship experience while allowing you to continue to have access to the Jubilee Center on the Basement floor. (Black Mailing language. Cohesive at best.)

I am respectfully requesting that you no longer attend services at Trinity Episcopal Church inn Lewiston, Maine (I have lived in Lewiston and Auburn, Maine all my life except while serving in the Armed Forces of this Nation while over seas. I was, confirmed in 1993 by a Right Reverend William Baxter. And, have served on the “Vestry” ruling body of the Trinity Episcopal Church at one time.) you have many options for pastoral care, including your own church. (What, is meant by this.) (He, is a defrocked Roman, Catholic Priest at best.)

Not, attending worship at Trinity creates no spiritual hardship for you. I am also respectfully, requesting that you refrain from writing on the church blackboard (Who, told me the first time?), on any signs, or on any placard on church property.

Despite my concerns about your behavior, I respect you as a person and as a veteran of a military Polic Action of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  A as someone who cares deeply about his community in which you live in.

However, I have a duty to the congregation (Who, pays his one day a week; salary.) and to the Diocese to ensure the integrity and safety of the worship experiences.

Therefore, if you are unable to comply with this reasonable request to stay away from the chalk board and worship space.   Then, I will need to follow through with the recommendation of the diocese to obtain a no-trespass order which would have the unfortunate consequence of keeping you away from the entire building under threat of police action.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I Called the Portland, Maine Diocese and asked for a meeting of the Right Reverend Bishop Lane. He, sent a representative and the representative state he handles all issue of this nature for the Bishop. But, the Dr. Barter, stated in the letter he had conferred with the Bishop and had not.

I was there, Dr. Barter, representative for the Bishop and the Church warden were all in attendance for the meeting.

First, of all the local priest Dr. Barter had not check to see if I was even a member of the Church.  That, would have automatically cancelled his and the “Chin liberal supporter’s” attempt to ouster me from the Church I had joined and been a member of since 1993 out of respect for the Right Reverend William Baxter a fellow Vietnam Ear Veteran Priest and United States attache’ who once lead the Trinity Episcopal Church of Lewiston, Maine.

To, think that these stand for ever thing liberals and Mr. Benjamin Chin supporter would attempt to ouster me after now nearly 30 year’s.   And, them only attending the Church for less than 7 years.   With some not even confirmed!  This leaves me to wonder that they would attempt to due on a social political perspective to any opponent not in goose-step with them .

I would like to think, that Mr. Chin had nothing to do with this.  But, o’well I will not go there.

I have not been back to the church since . . . . for on attending these days all I see is the Church of past rotting in place as to morality.

I do intend, as a Veteran of U. S. Military to be buried in the Memorial Park located on Bates Street in honor of the Right Reverend William Baxter and my past gone friend’s of year’s gone by.   Who were so beneficial to the community and myself.

NOTE: I am “NO” Angel.

1. Have been a member of the church since 1993 and Vestry of the Church.

2. Mr. chin has lived in Lewiston for 6 years?  4 as a part time while attending Bates College.  2 while living here fill time at this writing.

3. Priest, less than a year at Trinity Church and worried about his stipend since he left the Holy Sea the Catholic Church for reason not divulged.

4. Have served on the Vestry. At, one time the Jubilee “Soup Kitchen” was receiving $2 hundred thousand dollars a year.  But, separated, to start receiving Federal, State and local taxpayer funding.   Then, they broke away from the upstairs church to pay the Ex-director Kim Wettlaufer, $34 dollars thousand a year.

And, he owns it is rumored Seven 7 local Subways Sandwich Shops in the local area. That, at Trinity Church is where he met his several years younger wife a Bates College intern student working for him and then got a divorce to marry her?

5. I have lived in Lewiston and Auburn, Maine all my life except while in the defence of this nation. I was stationed over sea’s 1973 – 1979 Honorable Discharge from the Naval Reserves and Active Duty military of the Naval Service.

6. Since, the Bates College money liberal crowed came in they have excluded the community of less fortunate people that once attended the church under the Right Reverend William Baxter of family name “Baxter State park.”

7.  I also, make a donation every time I eat a the Trinity “Jubilee Soup Kitchen” about $30 dollars a month.

8. The Soup Kitchen part of the Church is receiving Food donation from Bates College and other area kitchens and spends “NO” significant money on the purchase of food, salt, pepper or milk.  It, is taking most of it money donation home as “Salaries”.

9. While, they are to be using Maine State Certified individuals to prepare the meal more than not they are using individual of that are not certified. This especially, on Saturday and are closed on holidays and Sunday as if the homeless do not get hungry on this day.
10. Allow individuals to participate in preparation of meals; though, the individuals have no place to sleep, shower, wash hands, defecate or wash their cloths.

11. I even saved a life after one of the individuals eating at the Soup kitchen had something lodged in this throat.  I used the “Hinlick Maneuver,   And, dislodged the item after third attempt.  Scared, me.

12. The first director of the Trinity Jubliee Soup kitchen is alleged to have fooled around with his Bates College Intern.  Divorces, his wife after years of marriage.  And, is praised because he owns several in town Lewiston, Maine “Subways” sandwich shops.

In, the new Trinity Church money is God and talks.