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WHO AM I TO SPEAK; we, are an accumulation of all our yesterdays; today. It, is hard for some people to realize that some individuals do not have a cloistered life as they do the “Protestant” work ethic.

15 Sep

A Coward die’s many time.  But, a hero die’s.   But, once.


Sacred Heart School – Parochial at Western Avenue, Auburn, Maine. Was living in a foster care in 1960 on Western Avenue, Auburn, Maine at time.   And, I watched as the current Edward Little High School at Auburn Heights, Auburn, Maine was being built.  Foothill College, Los altos, California prep school while in the U. S. Military.

Wallace School across from St. Joseph School- Public, Lewiston, Maine; Living with mother.

Saint Joseph School – parochial; Lewiston, Maine; Living with mother.

Fairview Elementary school – Public, Auburn, Maine; Living with mother and new stepfather.

Central Elementary School – Public, Auburn, Maine; Living with mother and stepfather.

Webster Elementary School – Public, Auburn, Maine; Living with mother and stepfather.

Montello Elementary school – Public, Auburn, Maine; Living with father and giving stepmother.

Lewiston High School – Public, Lewiston, Maine; Living with father and a giving of herself stepmother.

Edward Little High School – Public, Auburn Heights, Auburn, Maine; Living with mother and stepfather,  Jr. – Sr. Class President 1972 -1973, Boy State Delegate, Daughter’s of the American Revolution, ” Good Citizen Award Recipient ” and President of Young Republicans and Catholic Youth Organization of Sacred Heart Parish, Auburn, Maine.


Naval Active Service 6 year, 6 months and 26 days.  As, you have to make up the time you go to school in the Navy.    Honorably Discharged; Naval Active Duty USN and Naval Reserves  USNR.  .  .  .  . 1979.

Naval Basic Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois. 12/ 1973:  six weeks 240 Credit hours.

Naval Administrative Training Command, San Diego, California. 1974: 160 credit hours.

On base Foothill College, los altos, California course’s – 1974 – 1975; Moffett Field, California.

Naval Submarine Training Command, New London, Connecticut. 1976: unable to finish do to ear squeezing, level 3

Naval Shipboard Firefighting Command, Norfolk, Virginia. 1977:  40 credit hours and they lit fires under us to simulate steel grading engine room fire; escape from.

Naval Drug and Alcohol Command Representative Training Command, Norfolk, Virginia. 1977: 40 credit hours.

Qualified for testing on Maine State Instructor License; Maine State Department of Education and Cultural Affair’s: 1981 – 1984 Mr. Raymond Hodgkin.


Circumnavigated the Earth; Pan American one; United States Air force C 141, strapped to the inside of cargo plane headed to Kodiak, Alaska on way to Clark Air Force Base, Philippines to Naval Communications Station, Diego Garcia British Indian Ocean where I received; the Joint British and American, ” Sailor of the Quarter Award “; Lockheed P3C Orion Anti-submarine Warfare; Squadron VP-47, Moffit Field, Mountain View, California; Treasure Island, San Francisco, California; Aircraft that I have travel on, 727 – 747, E2C attached to VAW-122 headed to the Aircraft Carrier USS KITTY HAWK (CV-63).

My last set of orders were to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; Supreme Allied Command (NATO) as an Enlisted 5 after on 5 stripes in three (3) years as a black shoe “Yeoman”


Canada – Quebec; Mexico – Ciudad Juarez – Nuevo Laredo – Tijuana; Thailand – Bangkok; Philippines – Clark Air force Base – U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay – Olongopo; Hong Kong; Singapore; Japan – Tokyo – Yokosuka; Israel – Tel Aviv; Britain – London; Germany – Frankfurt; India – Bombay.

Jobs and education; I have always contented that on the job education is worth more than in the Classroom education, as it entails all factors of the job.  Such as climate, special problems, locations, personality issues and home effects.

Manager of Social Club in Lewiston, Maine 1979-1981

Schooling 1981 – 84; for Instructors License from the Maine Educational and Cultural

Set-up small business Barber Shop in Auburn, Maine while going to school. (1982 – 1987)  Closed due to landlord retiring and wanting his / my space for retirement office.  ( I must admit; I was sleeping on the floor of the shop and working a 40 hour week (7:00 am – 3:30 pm daily) for O’Brien Consolidated Industries at the time; while showering at the Auburn, Maine, Young Men’s Christian Association mornings which was located across the street and opening my shop nights and weekends.)

They say that Space is not the last frontier; try going into business in a recessionary economy with child support to pay, not being able to afford tow rents, phones (on wall at the time or pager) and duel electric bills.

O’Brien Consolidated Industries -1982 – 1986.  Purchasing Agent and cost analysis; Purchased photo pneumatic eyes, limit switches, ordered metals by the pound like D2, D4, C12L14 -16, aluminum 6061 and aluminum extrudes, cobalt , titanium, carbide, copper-chromium, 401 stainless steel, and assortment of other metals; such as pipe (walls), and assorted screws, nuts, bolts, square “D” electrical panel boxes, palm buttons, cylinders with stroke, plastics with assorted mill ratings, and pneumatic pressure tubing.

All items were off a blueprint; and materials were Rockwell and Beryllium hardness tested with pyro – vulcanization of materials. Pyrotechnics handling and qualities.



Acquired; Maine Commercial Driver’s License, Class “A” with Hazardous Material Endorsement.

Became a trans-continental tractor trailer driver driving all 48 states over the road driver cost to cost as I received a Class “A” driver’s License after attending Donley Tractor Trailer Driving School, Topsham, Maine – 1988.

Reeducated::  Maine Licensed to transport Hazard Material Endorsement not easy task from State of Maine.

Received from TRISM Specialties Carrier, Joplin, Missouri Safe Driving Award for American transcontinental tractor trailer driving for doing 126 thousand mile of safe driving in 2001 and on.

It was not all bad; but, cost me valuable time with my infant children.

I would not change my live; or, relive it; but, would rather change some aspect of my live; as we are all, an accumulation of our yesterdays; today.


SPEECH THAT WAS TO BE GIVEN TO LEWISTON, MAINE CITY COUNCIL; Tuesday 2017 @ 7pm on Greatfalls Television Channel 7 or 11. Click, on anything red or blue.

18 Jul

Name: Charles Arthur Soule’
Address: 135 Bartlett Street

I was quite unamused when I heard that the poorest children in the City of Lewiston, Maine were being charged a dollar a day to swim in the city owned park pool. The fact that this charge is being applied to the poorest square mile residents in New England is outrageous

Considering, that this Council gave the City Administrator a $3000 dollar raise on an over $120 thousand dollar salary.

And, you are allowing the Androscoggin Bank Colisee’ to fall better than 2 year in arrears to the City of Lewiston; and, to at last I knew a figure of over $36 thousand dollars.

And, have just found $150 thousand dollar of unaccounted fund to do the plumbing on the new field house at the building site at the Lewiston High School from the Community Development Black Grant; that had not been taken into consideration in regards to the Fiscal year 2018 Budget.

Contingency funds ?


Have talked to the head life guard a the Lewiston, Maine swimming pool.

Average, number of “Paid” swimmer a day; excluding rain days…..60 at cost to swimmer $1.00.

Average, number of days; not excluding rain days; “No: swims” …44 incl. Sat’s.

Money made by City of Lewiston for season on swimmers. . . . . . $2,640.00

Cost to City of Lewiston, Maine; if budgeted . . . . . . $2,640.00

Under, the cost of the $3,000.00 raise given to Lewiston City Administrator.

I swam in the pool back in 1964 as my cosine lived on Spruce Street. And, It was “free”.

Is, miss management the issue with Lewiston, Maine ? As, the City Administrator received a $3,000.00 dollar raise this year on an over $127,000.00 salary ?

SPEACH TO BE GIVEN, 2-3 Febuary 2015; By Charles Arthur Soule

1 Jul

As you know; I am apposed to consolidation (CONNECTS-IT) of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine.

But, I WILL NOT STANDBY; and, watch the process of consolidation be stiffen – meaning (to be suddenly tense, rigid, or taut, as in bracing oneself for or drawing back from shock, fear, or displeasure ) by inaction of bureaucrats, business interest or non-participation by the Public.

So, therefore; I am here to night to ask that the consolidation schedule; if needed and asked for be allowed to be lengthened as to its scheduled completion date.

Completion date is scheduled for 11 / 2015.

Secondly, I have suggested; certain, input into the new charter configuration.

1.  All personnel of both cities will be expended with by means of attrition; and / or retirement.  Which may take some time to conclude and an overlap of offices is conducive to; orderly transition.


This, I hope; will ensure the active participation of the Twin Cities; best and the brightest. As help is needed to several departments;

1.  Both Cities Administrative Departments; on a rotating scheduled, to coincide with meeting in alternating cities of Auburn and Lewiston, Maine; to typed minutes of the meeting and produced for the Joint Cities Consolidation Committee.   And, by city that last meeting was scheduled in.

2.  Members of both Lewiston and Auburn Departments Head shall meet with the Joint Cities Consolidation Committee at least once a MONTH for discussions.

3.  Once a month; a status report will be given to each city at it’s regular seating of it’s City Council Meeting, by the Joint Cities Consolidation Committee Chairperson or designated representative.

4.  All Cities Departments (Auburn and Lewiston) shall provide a NEGATIVE AND / OR POSITIVE; OVERVIEW OF  REASONING; on Consolidation.


MAYORAL SPEECH OF MR. CHARLES ARTHUR SOULE to Landlord’s Association Forum 11/2013. A, little ahead; of “Trump”. Click, on any red.

1 Mar

I ask a lot of you the voter’s of Lewiston, Maine; when asking you to have faith in me.  And, I am no saint; but, these are difficult times that are testing our measure, self-reliance and self-preservation.

Getting us back to self: I am talking about purity, child like purity and innocents.  But, not child like naiveté, purity.

Today’s media; commercialism, greed and special interest groups misleading us as a people and a nation away from national self-interest.  If this continues; we as a nation will and are headed to the ash heap of governments, that came before for eternity.

I am second (2nd) generation Franco American; on my father’s side and on my mother’s side; a kin to George Edward Soule’ who arrived on the Mayflower in 1620 ( Fact Check: ) as an indentured servant to the colony for seven (7) years, was one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact.

My grandfather on my father’s side migrated to the United States of America from Quebec, Canada in 1919 (F-C: and he at the time had to show the government of the United States of America that he could be self-supporting and he did to the City Clerk of Lewiston, Maine.

Therefore, when I take immigration I speak as a son or a first generation France American.

I also wish to conclude with the statement of; Lewiston, Maine, is not a raciest City. as being portray by the town media.   It is however the poorest city in the state of Maine and has a square mile that ranks the poorest one mile radius in New England.

As, I am 64 years young and my mother is going on 89 years young we consider the rising taxes; such, as the Waste Water Run Off Tax (Rain Tax), Water and Sewer and property tax increases due to out of control school budgets for the last 3 consecutive year in the millions of dollars.

Mr. CHARLES ARTHUR SOULE; speech of 11 / 19 /2015; to, the Lewiston, Maine City Council.

25 Feb

Who, am I to speak; I am not overly educated; overly successful; I am however; a Veteran of a Military Police Action gone by; a Citizen of Lewiston – Auburn; Maine and the United States of America.

Firstly, I would like to apologize to the Lewiston Community for bringing to light; the, Bates College influences on the Community.

Secondly, I would like also; to, thank the roughly 18 thousand voters who did not Vote; and, therefore; “Did not Vote against me.”  Thank – U.

I was called an “Eccentric” by the reporter scott taylor of the Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal, Park Street, Lewiston, for exercising my rights to run for political office – Mayor for the last thirty (30) year’s.

But is it, not my right; in the definitions of the American electoral society we still know today.

And, was it not this Lewiston – Auburn circulated newspaper; that, on the Honorable Mayor Robert E. MacDonald’s first attempt in November of 2011 to be mayor; of, Lewiston, Maine?   Asked, you the Lewiston Voters to; “RESET THE CLOCK” and, vote for a deceased honorable candidate ?  The now deceased Candidate for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine; the Honorable Mr. Mark Paradis.

I was going to ask you to suspend your newspapers; but, now realize that this would only hurt the job situation in the area.



All the above bulling by a newspaper calling me “ECCENTRIC” and butting into print was accomplished after being handed a “NO TRESPASS AT THE LOCATION OF THE NEWSPAPER and a NON HARASSMENT OF THE WRITER OF THE ARTICLE” a day before the printing of the reporters article ? or


12 Dec

I see their mental or rational state being drained from them day by day; as, I roam the inner city.  As, these misfortunates lose their hope and are drained of their vital spiritual essence in humanity .

The fact that Lewiston, Maine is the economic hub for Turner, Mechanic Falls, Minot, Poland, Rumford, Auburn and is aiding their children by providing shelter from the winter elements is the reason that I am making the following plead request for emergency help.

With the overflowing; to capacity of Hope Haven Gospel Mission, 209 Lincoln Street, Lewiston and the Saint Martin de Porres, 23 Bartlett Street, Lewiston, Maine area shelter’s my issue has become relevant .

I am at this time; requesting, any and all communities to allocate blankets, sleeping bags, snow suites and tents to facilitate the individual sleeping outside through their own fault or others.

It is my displeasure to inform you that a significant number of individuals are beyond their sixties and that through the mismanagement of the monthly finances (forgetfulness or rotating finances) they have become homeless not though alcoholism or drug; but, rather through mismanagement of their monthly stipend through older age .

Therefore, I request that if possible that you donate any used blankets, sleeping bags, snow suites, tents to Trinity Episcopal Jubilee Center, 247 Bates Street, Lewiston, Maine or contact at me at 207 777 1863 after 11:00 am.

In all my Sixty-four year’s (63) of being; I have never seen this plight on our youth or elderly population to such a degree.

FOOTNOTE:  Maine has the fastest aging population in the country and this could happen to anyone of us.  Will you be a winter elements fatality or our child ?

It is hard for me to fathom; that, I see individuals sleeping outside a church; while, the church is heated and empty.    HOW, IRONIC !

LEWISTON, MAINE POLICE OFFICER STABBED (Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal of 20 September 2016 front page.)**************************** STABBED 6 (Six) TIMES IN, ATTEMPT TO APPEASE “All lives matter: WE, ARE; AT A CROSS ROAD IN THE GREAT EXPERIMENT; ” THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ! “

6 Sep

We, are at a cross road in the history of the United States; in that we have seen the outcome of the past last 45 or so; years, of the Democratic Party pushing it agenda of extreme liberalism ideology; and, driving the issues through it’s liberal media allies.

And how, is this being accomplished; through, the liberalization and acceptance of immorality through media air way, printed matter and humanism ( the acceptance of all and trust in all “Humanism”. ) being taught in our schools making us; open, to all sorts of things .

The acceptance of this country; to, “save” this enormous planet with all it’s problems; while, it is fighting to hold on to it’s own cultural and socially religious unified identities with the bombardment of the culture through the immoral media influences (To procure ratings.) on our children day; after, day as we work staggered work shifts that create unsupervised latch key children that get out of school at 1:45 pm. in some parts of this country..

We, through the aforementioned; and save “The World” mentality; have, open our doors to the migrant populations of the world; just, to find ourselves in harms way and with communities becoming insolvent and the older populations of those communities being taxed out of their existence and savings.  (My mother is 88 years young.)

It is time to gather to the center and end the extreme liberalism of the Democratic Party; and, return to those principals that once made us great.

Let us take a look; and, ponder the problems.

Let us, look at the 13 million legal (13 million; 11 hispanics and then other nationalities not mentioned in the MEDIA.)  and those illegals migrants that have made our boarders a joke; and, if continued will surly extinguish the torch of the Statue of Liberty; through, the exhaustion of this county social welfare system through their having children (multiple) that qualify for Medicare, Food subsides, subsides housing and the expansion of local schools and more because the children of the Illegals are covered through the 14 Amendment of the Constitution of the United States; though their parents are here illegally.

We the people of this great nation; mean, no harm to those immigrants here legally and children; for they are here.  Lets us stop and ponder the questions that have come into the light in this political presidential election cycle; and, truly vet the Republican Parties correct stance on issues that concern us all and especially our children; for, we are at a cross roads in the great experiment; the United States of America.