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6 Mar

I was just out of the Military Service and working in a club called the Southend Social club” a watering hole on lower Liston Street in Lewiston, Maine when it had a “Booming” economy and a population of about forty-eight thousand Individual’s.

One, night I went into a club call the L / A Working Man’s Club that was owned by a Mr. Moe Boulier.

On, entering L & A Working Man’s Club it Just so happened that my ex-brother-in-law was in the club a Mr. Charles (Chuck) Coburn.

He was a body builder, that had learned his trade mark “Sucker Punching” in the Maine State prison at Thomaston, Maine .

( I, would like to see weight lifting abolished in all prison. As, you are not they to be able to cause havoc on society once getting out. )

Well after seeing me, my ex-brother came at me looking for trouble.  And, knocked me to the floor as he was a sucker puncher.

While, covering up from his continued punching blow’s.   I, noticed that his two (2) feet were directly in front of me.

And, so I availed myself to his pant cuff’s on either side of  both his panted leg’s.  And with a good grip of his pant cuff’s and a swift jerk.  I pulled both his feet out from under his body.

Which, by the way it Just so happened, that on the way too his fall to the floor there was a pool table that accidentally caught his head as a non-pillow as he was falling.

Thus, incapacitating him.

As I got up from the floor, I was collared by a one armed chock hold by the only one that all the ruff necks were afraid of a Mr. Richard (DicK) Hudson.

He, than proceeded to the front door of the old L & A Working Man;s Club and proceeded to through me out of the club.

As, you see.  He, could have held me there allowing my receiving a sever beat down (beating).

For this, “I owe Mr. Richard (Dicky) Hudson a debt of gratitude.”

Editor’s Note:

there were several ruff and tumble male fighter’s in those day’s.

A, Mr. Hudson, Mr. Jim Brown (Merchant), Mr. Dennis Crowley who looked like Humphrey  Borgart and me to a degree.

I have all way’s life by,  “God, give’s you the strength for the job”.






“THE LITTLE GIRL SAID, “SHE IS A 100 “Dunkin Donut holes “tall”.

21 Oct

Originally, published in October 2017.

Well, Lewiston, Maine had a Sidewalk Art Walk where local artist may show the work (s).

It was a clear cool street light lite night in the center of the once “Magic Mile” of the 1940’s through the 1970’s on Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine.

The, only thing missing was the lake, roaring fire, marsh mellows and you.  It, was one of the most beautiful nights I have enjoyed for quite some time.   As, I usually retire for the world at on or about 7 pm.   And, I am glade I did not partake in the ritual this night.  For, it was once again a “spectacular” as it reminded me of that which once was in the days of my youth with bustling  people of all ages and with art of all sorts.

The, art that was on display ranged from grass bowl, grass skirts and grass bed rolls.

There, were painting of all sorts with one especially noticeable that being the one at the L / A arts headquarter’s that seemed to be painted on metal.  But, was actually painted on canvas and you could easily be drawn in by the piece of painted art as you feel that you had to touch it to determine if it were painted on metal or was that the illusion.

Then there was the” Political Art (Me) ” as it was election time in Lewiston, Maine in 2017.  There, on a lone metal city bench was this older man who was declaring his views on whom he wanted for Mayor and the “Merger” issue.  His, art selection was of different pastels colored different shapes on a huge canvas that appeared to be the largest piece of art on out door display.  It’s size was comfortably 4 foot by 4 foot and was a striking collage with No (in black) Merger (in striking red).

Then, their were children of all ages and some of the “Bowery Boy’s mind nature of Lewison, Maine rarely mentioned,  As, if a disappearing element from society.

Then, there were two sister and one what was a 100 Dunkin Donut’s High with crystalline flaxen blonde hair about the age of between 3 to 5 in years and a cute as a button and of free spirit waiting to burst onto the world of living thought.

She was of free open honest spirit; and, with all the energy of a flower springing from the ground on a pleasant Spring day with life to be experienced and knowledge less for all things to come rain, snow and they coldness of some human lawn mowers.    As, I was in the twilight of my age and have endured all.

We, both reaching for the snack table; munching, down on fish in the bowl (edible cheddar backed gold fish) as I stated that one of the fish was attempting to escape from my bowl.

She, than said, “I think it fell to the floor” and I in jester; said, “I think it’s under the table.”

With, her mother viewing I said, “I think I see it” and continued to declare I think it’s a shark.

I than bent down and pretended to eat the fish; that got away. (30 second rule.)

We, laughed and she began to eat from the table of treats as if a rare treat before trick or treat Halloween  day.

There were fresh strawberry’s, peanuts, fresh vegetables and Dunken –Donut holes which she and her sister ate at will.

And, I stated,  ¨Be careful don’t each to much as your eyes are larger than your stomach.¨

On, this the crystalline flaxen blonde haired little girl of about five or six year old said,

“I am about a 100 Dunkin Donut hole’s tall” as she was eating the hole that was not there.  Because,  how can you eat a hole from a Donkin Donut; donut.

And, my reply was that I was about 100 Dunkin Donut holes old.  (At, that time I was 64 year´s old young.)

We, chuckled with laughter.

We, both rejoiced in each other company.

And that is when I said.

I would write this story for the Crystalline Flaxen Blonde Haired Little Girl that was a “100 Dunkin Donut Holes tall” cute.