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WELL, FIRST DAY AT SUMMER CAMP; Lewiston, Maine started day.

5 Jul

Dear, Dad and Mom.

I was awoken at 3:00 am in the morning to watch the Sun coming up in the east. It was beautiful as it streamed through the numerous clouds. I thought to myself how do the clouds stay up as you would think that they would fall back to earth as; they, I think are heavier than air?

We, started our morning walk through the beautiful city as it lay quiet from traffic and peoples. As, we entered the Park I was three; 3 squirrels chasing each other and jumping over each outer. The Camp Councilor said that they were gray immature squirrel. The Park called Kennedy Park is so picturesque perfect; that, I used the new camera you bought me and am sending you a picture mom and dad.

We, travel down street after street and some I remember from last year’s camp. I think it was called Pine and Bartlett Street where I could smell a bakery and that day it must have been real hot because some of the ladies were wearing almost nothing. The Bakery must have moved to as the aroma that lingered in the air around this truck was gone and so was the truck. I liked the man in the truck at the old bakery he spoke Jamaican.

I must admit I was a little afraid as we walked some of the street as the Sun was rising. Then, my fear left me as a Lewiston, Maine Police car came down the street. This gave me a sense of peace. To think the police were out this early in the morning.

I met a few new friends one his name is “Chuck” and he was hunting for bottles and can. He, was so happy as come of his friend had left him a group of bottle and cans with a note and a fresh unopened bottle of water. He, get up every morning to collect bottles and can to take back to the store and cash in for money mom. I’m going to try his went Summer Camp Lewiston, Maine is over and I get home. I’ll. write soon.

Other peoples were out and dressed in long ceremonial gowns. The, Councilor stated that this peoples were on their way to prayer as the pray on the rising Sun. She, stated that we did not have time to discuss the issue but would explain at a later time.

I’ll write soon. Going swimming this after noon in Old Orchard Beach, Maine the Atlantic Ocean.

Love, Alexa

Dad, feed the fish.