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“BLAST” FROM THE PAST: Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal on “Masturbation” of Saturday, 18 March 2017 news hard copy. A hard copy; hands on reading.

27 Nov
(F/check:   I was approached be a friend with a copy of the local Sun Journal Newspaper on coming into the Trinity Episcopal Church on 18 March 2017; as, to take a look at an Article on “Masturbation” in the morning paper.

All, I could say,  ” Is that; the Newspaper I knew and that they had once printed a story on the “Sex Texting” at Saint Dominic Academy in Auburn, Maine.  The only PK – 12 Catholic School in Maine.  For that purpose to shame the children.  (Twitter at:  #Cry4Children) and now placing pictures that were used by other organizations as if their own on the front page of their newspaper.

I also, mentioned how the Newspaper had called me an ” Eccentric ” for pointing out that bates college student are voting in Ward’s one (1) and three (3)  (almost 1700 of them)  and were registering at the polls with just their school Identification Card and a piece of mail addressed to Bates College and I though that was ” bastardizing ” the vote of the residents of Lewiston, Maine Ward’s (1) and (3) as they do not have to change their Driver’ License or register their car and change any of their financial aid forms. And, in the last election.  Stated I did not provide infromation; but, I did in the form that they could go to or my web-site this in.  But, they were lazy.  Why, they could have even go to my years past election attempts to gather the information I once provided to them  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . but, that is the reason their sales are off and we are getting more news from other towns.

But, back to my original Issue:  Bates College Student – They, have ” No” financial vested interest in Lewiston, Maine and can bastardize the outcome of any residential election. Ask; J. Lysen  ( as he works in Bates College radio station and lives in Lewiston’s Ward one (1) that is how he won his seat over the previous Councillor, Mrs. Dubois.

Maybe, the press only picks the issues it think’s will make them money . And, that is why they are not mentioning my running for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine as I am a Republican (They; lean Democrat.) and Veteran of a Military Police action gone by in 1975.