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American Census Count. R U Thinking ?

13 Apr

On, March 29, 2018 the Census Bureau delivered it’s planed questions for the 2020 U. S. Census to Congress.

One, Question that has come under fire is the following:

That, being weather a person is a “Citizenship Status” of the United States.

That is, are you a “Citizen” or not.

I find that the QUESTION is proper as I do not want the Statics Bastardized as they are used to allocate money to communities and States.

The, fact that those who are not a “Citizen” are put out to the question,  “Is not my problem.”

And personally, I would not appreciate that money could be allocated by the Government to “Sanctuary Cities” or Communities on a greater proportioning of monies allocated on a faults count of “non citizen’s”.

And that is troubling too me.  As, it could lead to an imbalance or loss of community dollars to Lewiston, Maine or to State’s number of political representation being decreased or increased.

Once, again we are a “Nation” of Law’s.