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Candidate Mr. Jared GOLDEN of Lewiston, Maine will loose by 10 percentage points do to inexperience too 2 District Congressional seat holder U. S. Representative Bruce Poliquin.

4 Aug

A new poll by an independent source indicates that Poliquin will retain seat with a margin of 10 percentage point due to his experience and trust by the public.

A previous poll conducted for Golden by “Roll Call” determined that in the first round of voting Poliquin would be ahead by a substantial percentage of the votes cast.

Golden, and untested candidate who has never held office and flaming liberal to the degree as “Chin” and who is relying on the “Independent voter’s” is miss informed as to securing any of the “Independent” vote.

Poliquin’s campaign consultant, Brent Littlefield, scoffed and “rightfully so” at Jared Golden’s poll indicating his winning do to “Independent Party” voters.

And, this reporter refutes the article by Sun Media Group’s reporter Steven Collins as “Bias” and “Misleading” as to conveyance in his article.

According, to this persons view the Sun Media Group is pushing it’s liberal intentions of the reading public.

As, I am an “Independent Party” member and a voter I would never endorse J. Golden as a Congressmen for Maine.   And, I call into question his “Military Record” and I am a Vietnam Era Veteran.  Having served Honorable service in the Active Navy and Reserve Naval Forces of this country.

Vote, for Bruce Poliquin in the 2nd District Congressional race and join me.

At this time in history it is not a time for inexperience vote Poliquin, Moody and La Chance.


“I spent sometime with my old friend’s and father this rainy morning! “

26 May

I spent sometime with my old friends and father this morning at 65 years young.

As, they do not stand quite as tall as they did in life; but, are remembered in death and memories of past by me and others.

Would, you like to meet them ?  They are listed not in order of importance; but, rather as a “Band of  Fallen Brother’s”.

SILENCE:  I begin; Alphee Grenier, U. S. Army – Richard Grenier, U. S. Airforce – Kendra Labonte, U. S. Global War on Terrorism  – Jirard (Jerry) Der Bogohosian, U. S. Navy, Loved by the City of Lewiston, Maine and mentor to the author of this article.  – Major Andrew E. Morin, U. S. Army – Paul A. St. Pierre, U. S. Army – Rachel M. St. Pierre, U. S. Army – Henri A. St. Pierre, U. S. Army – Louise A. St. Pierre, U.S Army – Daniel C. Cunningham Jr., U. S. Army – Shawn C. Dostie, U. S. Airforce – James B. (Jeb.) Shields, U. S. Navy – Robert E. Buchanan, U. S. Airforce – Ruland Collette U. S. Marines – Andy John Baker, U. S. Navy – Fernand A. Dube, U. S. Army – Thomas J. McMahon, U. S. Army and Metal of Honor winner and so many more of past that gave all when their / our Nation called upon them for service such as I.   Such, as my father your father, grandfather, grandmother and so the list goes on . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . of a Grateful Nation.

I, have not detailed the era, battles, rank they held or ground they fought on.  As, all were as important to the Worlds security and peace keeping efforts of this great nation.

If, you visit the the Memorial by the Androscoggin River “Great Fall’s” in Lewiston, Maine you will see all of the “Attributes of War” ; fore, all are there.

And, to those that once fought the battles and to those that did not. Please, visit the Androscoggin River Great Fall’s Military Memorial and look deep at the natural scenery that the Veteran Memorial has been set in and remember the Brave Band of Brother and Sister, Mother’s and father’s; your relatives that served without hesitation.

For, they stormed the “Encampments of War” and you can see the “Cliff’s” of staggered Mountains, the “Fortress” with “Dam” with power lines on high, “Gun” set now in silence ever pointing, “Railroad Trestle” tracked river crossing, discarded “Anchor” of a ship gone by, Jeep and graves stones head markers with honor Flags to all that served.

” Yes “, all is seem through different eyes for the “Band of Brother’s / Sister’s of the Brave, the Proud and the few that serve / served and those that gave their effort for all.

Rest in Peace.  Respectfully, Mr. Charles Arthur Soule´ – USN – USNR .(1973 – 1979)

Editors Note:

Also, Prayed and cry for this Nation and school shooting victim’s.  Will, we listen to their cries ?

My, friend Gary.

4 Jul



Is, John McCain a hero or is this poor grunt!

I believe they are equal.

I once had a friend a (drafted) Combat Veteran of the Vietnam Era.   And, his name was Mr. Gary Duguay who is now deceased.

I will not tell you that he was a hero.   For, he had gone Absent With Out Leave (AWOL) after catching a flight out of Vietnam in the late 1960’s on several occasions and was eventually handed a dishonorable Discharge for the Military.

And, how long does or should a youth have to suffer the intolerable of circumstances suffered in the youth of once live at age 18?

Well, to make a long story short.   But. as important I proceed.

This certain day about 58 years ago.   He was 18 years old and in Vietnam.  Picked that day to be the point man (Goes ahead to see if he can contact enemy solider’s.) for the platoon and scout about a mile ahead off he went.

While, scouting ahead he came upon a whole platoon of Regular North Vietnamese heading is way.

He, having no avenue of retreat and now laying in the tall Elephant’s “Napier” grasses of war torn Vietnam he confided in me and stated that he was paralyzed with fear.

As, the inflection in his voice changed.   I could see his face change as if he were reliving the experience.

He, once again.   With strained voice and blurring teared vision he continued to speak.

That, while laying on his stomach with tears in his eye and hand claps together he; he, began to pray.

He, stated that he could hear and see a platoon of North Vietnamese Army Regular’s walking and speaking as they walked right through his position as he laid in the field of tall Elephant grass.

Some would think that Gary was a coward.  But, a one time he was 18 year’s old and drafted into military service for Vietnam.

The drunk as he had become was a system of his experiences in the fields of Vietnam.  An alcoholic, he eventually drank himself to death.  Leaving behind a ex-wife named Jenny.   Who loved him as she struggle to love and figure out what was troubling him.  But, never did or would.

But, I do not believe him a coward.

For, I have been once in my live.   Paralyzed with fear; but never to the level or gravity of his situation as this remarkable “Honorable Soldier” and person a coward to some that did not understand.

My deceased wrongly “Dishonorable Soldier” my friend Mr. Gary Duguay of Lewiston, Maine.

A true “Hero” in my eyes.  And hopefully, your’s now that you know his story.