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LEWISTON HONORING “Memorialized” VETERAN’s: I spent sometime with my old friend’s and father this morning !

26 May

I spent sometime with my old friends and father this morning at 65 years young.

As they do not stand quite as tall as they did in life; but, are remembered in death and memories of past by me.

Would, you like to meet them ?  They are listed not in order of importance; but, rather as a “Band of  Fallen Brother’s”.

SILENCE:  I begin; Alphee Grenier, U. S. Army – Richard Grenier, U. S. Airforce – Kendra Labonte, U. S. Global War on Terrorism  – Jirard (Jerry) DerBogohosian, U. S. Navy, Loved by the City of Lewiston, Maine and mentor to the author of this article.  – Major Andrew E. Morin, U. S. Army – Paul A. St. Pierre, U. S. Army – Rachel M. St. Pierre, U. S. Army – Henri A. St. Pierre, U. S. Army – Louise A. St. Pierre, U.S Army – Daniel C. Cunningham Jr., U. S. Army – Shawn C. Dostie, U. S. Airforce – James B. (Jeb.) Shields, U. S. Navy – Robert E. Buchanan, U. S. Airforce – Ruland Collette U. S. Marines – Andy John Baker, U. S. Army – Thomas J. McMahon, U. S. Army and Metal of Honor winner and so many more of past that gave all when their / our Nation called upon them for service such as I.   Such, as my father your father, grandfather, grandmother and so the list goes on . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . of a Grateful Nation.

I, have not detailed the era, battles, rank they held or ground they fought on.  As, all were as important to the Worlds security and peace keeping efforts of this great nation.

If, you visit the the Memorial by the Androscoggin River “Great Fall’s” in Lewiston, Maine you will see all of the “Attributes of War” ; fore, all are there.

And, to those that once fought the battles and to those that did not. Please, visit the Androscoggin River Great Fall’s Military Memorial and look deep at the natural scenery that the Veteran Memorial has been set in and remember the Brave Band of Brother and Sister, Mother’s and father’s; your relatives that served without hesitation.

For, they stormed the “Encampments of War” and you can see the “Cliff’s” of staggered Mountains, the “Fortress” with “Dam” with power lines on high, “Gun” set now in silence ever pointing, “Railroad Trestle” tracked river crossing, discarded “Anchor” of a ship gone by, Jeep and graves stones head markers with honor Flags to all that served.

” Yes “, all is seem through different eyes for the “Band of Brother’s / Sister’s of the Brave, the Proud and the few that serve / served and those that gave their effort for all.

Rest in Peace.  Respectfully, Mr. Charles Arthur Soule – USN – USNR .(1973 – 1979)


Also,the school shooting victim’s.  Will, we listen to your cry’s?