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MESSAGE TO: Ms. HOLLY LASAGNA; and Auburn-Lewiston, Maine or was that Lewiston-Auburn, Maine; Consolidation Committee. She, said “What, would it take to have you change your mind to a “YES” on Consolidation ? ? ? ? Click, on anything with passion and me red in the face.

29 Nov

Ms. Lasagna, have started this message several times and find it difficult to have positive thoughts as to the way I have been treated for the last 30 years by the establishment of Lewiston, Maine when pointing out the future.

I will never endorse, Lewiston-Auburn or was that Auburn-Lewiston, Maine Consolidation; or, as I refer to it CONNECTS-IT.

Having grown up in both town’s attended Wallace School, Montello School, St, Joseph, Catholic School and Lewiston High School briefly in 1970 do to a divorce situation of my parents. Therefore, I must consider the cities equally and for both their best interest.

As, I have stated in the past; I, was the 1972, 1973 Class President at Edward Little High School in Auburn, Maine. I, will also mention that I was the President of the Student Senate 1973, Daughter of the American Revolution recipient “Good Citizen Award” in 1973 and President of the Young Republicans in 1973.

Served in United States Navel Service 1973 – 1979 (Vietnam Era; Military Police Action). I was then Honorably Discharged with discharges from both Regular Active Duty Navy and Naval Reserves in 1979.

In our discussion the other night. I realized that I must wean out of the state of “BITTERNESS and REJECTION” mind I am in. And, attempt to look forward to this Falls Mayoral Election with an up lifted heart. Thus, clearing my soul of years (30) of hurt and rejection to create a better tomorrow for Auburn and Lewiston, Maine and myself.

Respectfully yours; Mr. Charles A. Soule

FOOT NOTE: Soule, Lewiston, Maine; for on web presents.


AUSTERITY: “Lewiston, Maine’s School Budget to rise by $10 Million Dollars !” 2019 City Fiscal Year Budget will be “OUTDATED” before it hit’s the Street of Lewiston, Maine and reshuffled on completion like last year’s.

12 Feb

Lewiston, Maine School Committee to consider State of Maine Policies to improving it’s financial standing over rest of State of Maine’s.   As, Lewiston, Maine will have to file for Bankruptcy like Detroit, Michigan and is squirming for any opportunity to avoid at other’s expense.

On, Agenda this week, to consider is a proposal L. D. 1492.  An, Act to attract, Educate and retain “New Mainer’s”  to (Get this.) to strengthen the workforce ?

At, who’s expense and for who’s benefit ?

With, the increases to this year’s heating cost of our homes due to colder weather and anticipated increases to our electric bill due to transmission grid line damage I would side with frugality and caution.

We, must consider that next year; shall not be any different as to weather of this year winter.

Than, there is the anticipated increase of gasoline prices and an anticipated increase in the State of Maine  gasoline sales tax to cover State short falls in the State of Maine 2019 Fiscal Year Budget to be considered.

With, planned cuts in United States Federal programs that provide or eliminate programs that provide heating oil , legal aid to indigent citizens,  grants to cities and towns, and monies to Community Development Block Grants cities and town based programs to rehabilitate housing, infrastructure and create or  aid other services.

How, much more can the Taxpayer of Maine take before the “Back of the Camel is Broken” ?

Remember, the the average age of a resident of the State of Maine is 43.  And, at that age one has college tuition to pay for young adults in College.

Recommend, that this L.  D. 1492 be rejected by the “Hard Working People of Maine”.


Can not wait to see that “Bond Issues” they want you to accept.

Lewiston, Maine want’s to Construct a “Performing Art’s Center” at the Lewiston High School ?  Is, this really needed; or, Non Frugal Nonsense !    Forum / Meeting, at Longley School, Birch Street (near Colisee’)  at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, 13 February 2018.

Vote “NO” on Lewiston, Maine School Budget on 12 May 2018 at Longley School, Birch Street, Lewiston, Maine.




Up-date: Lewiston and Auburn, Maine “DO NOT; READ, THIS.”

8 Dec

Thanks for the live stream internet.

Question one:  Name politician that influenced you the most.

Mr. Chin answer was; President Theodore Roosevelt.

Mine was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Mr. Bouchard answer was Governor LePage.

Opening, statement highlights:

Mr. Chin answer was; “You, either we believe we can complete this process of restoring our city; or, not.

Mr. Chin, largest talking point was the opioid problem.  Stating that this issue is created by a larger societal problems.  That being the lack of human  life sustainable jobs that provide a degree of Medical care.

In, the area of Policing Mr. Chin stated that he had met with the Police Union and discussed the “Belonging Issue Agenda”.  The “Us” verses “Them” of the lesser society.

He, also mentioned Code enforcement and that we can come to some areas of agreement on the secure home issue.

Tax rate to Mister Chin proposed the use of a state education subsidy earmarked for property tax reduction towards a tax rebate for seniors.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Mr. Bouchard also repeated himself as to a Civic Arena or concert venue in the are of Exit 80 off Interstate 95.  But, did not discuss the financing of the facility.

Mr. Bouchard attempted to divert the attention of the Audience by starting a duel on method  of Campaigning.

Mr .Bouchard stated that the use of State money that was to applied to education is illegal.

Mr. Bouchard, stated that Lewiston, Maine image has “has held us back for a very long time>  But, that it need to leverage assets like affordable rental spaces in the former mills.

Mr. Bouchard, also stated that  he “supports all the actions of the Lewiston, Maine Police Department”.

And, that all federal grand monies funding should be getting to area nonprofit groups.


Mr. Bouchard stated that “anyone who wants to work and be a productive member of society is welcome to come to Lewiston, Maine.

Mr. Chin, setting a vision matters.  And, added that thousands of people vote for Mayor and that is the only office that is voted on by the entire city of Lewiston.

Mr. Bouchard, said while they disagree on most everything that both candidates have bold new proposals that would challenge the new city council.

Mr. Chin, said; “That his revitalization programs are what’s going to be the fundamental things that change peoples feelings and attitude towards Lewiston, Maine when they drive or walk through the City of Lewiton, Maine.”

Side bar:

I will tell you that I have already voted for Mr. Chin.  And, that a generational shift has occurred and the passing of the “torch” has been pass to a new generation in the City of Lewiston, Maine.

And, then there is the Issue of Mr. Bouchard allowing the hiding of Quick Claim Deeds against individual through the “Consent Agenda” on the Elderly.   While allowing businesses to be in default on loans to city and behind in taxes.

Secondly, is the Issue of Mr. Bouchard concealing “Bond Issue” through the “Consent Agenda”.

**  Definition of Consent Agenda,  an Item placed on a consent agenda is allowed to be passed if an Individual from the audience does not asked it to be removed to the regular public agenda.  I item on the Consent Agenda will not be debated by the council as this has already been done through closed doors and in secret.




BLAST FROM THE PAST: Mom, 88 yrs. old states that the only way they can create an economy; is to”TAX” the Elderly and steal our Children’s inheritance”. NOW, COMES THE DEFENSE “Escentric, Attorney at Law for the Lewiston, Maine Taxpayer’s.

30 Nov

NOW COMES THE DEFENSE; in hopes that this Androscoggin, Maine Court will uphold the decision of the Lewiston, Maine Voters to reject the Lewiston City wide vote.

The Defendants, the 31-34 percent of Business and Residents that currently pay all the Lewiston City taxes on a Budget of $74 million dollars (Assessor Office; the Honorable Mr. Healy 207 513 3000; press O for live operator and ask for Assessors  Office.) is looking to distress their purchasing power as to their retirement  incomes.

  1. It is also; seeking relief from the possible 2000 Bates College Student voting on their Bates Student Identification Card; and, that the Courts adjudicate the validity of them not having to change their out of State Drivers Licenses and college financial records to reflect their residing in the State of Maine; as permanent residence of the State of Maine or Lewiston, Maine.
  2. Brief; of friend of the Courts: They can also buy a Maine State hunting and fishing licenses at reduced cost which is lose revenue to the States of Maine; Taxpayers. )
  3. And, as the Voters of year long resident and voting  population consider this a Bastardization of the voting pattern of Ward One (1) and Ward (3) of Lewiston, Maine’s voting demographic.

       In summary; it is with this relief that the True Residents of Lewiston, Maine are offering the following recommendation to the Androscoggin Maine Court System.

  • 1.    That the Bates Mill Complex  that contains the clock face; facing Ash Street, Lewiston, Maine; be utilized, in an effort to facilitate the development of the Bates Mill Complex and also to ensure the capitalization of their BANG for the BUCK of the $53 million dollars ( ME, State and Local) that is to be expended on the proposed school facility.   ( Friend of the Court Brief:  Review; Victor Gruen, Architect, livability of Retired Mill and Malls. )
  •  2.   And, the Defendants; the Taxpayer’s of Lewiston, Maine realizing that the Clock Towered; Bates Mill is abutted by the Canal.   The Defendants; would be willing to set aside and forgo their Lewiston, Maine People’s Initiative on the gift acquisition of the Canal from Brookfield White Pine of Canada and suggest to the other voting Lewiston, Maine public that this is a truly winning initiative with purposed underlying adjustments.
  • 3.   The Defendant’s stipulations are that the Brookfield White Pines of Canada will develop and rehabilitate the Canal area adjacent to the Bates Mill Clock Tower from Middle Street up to and under/over Main Street; Lewiston, Maine as to make it safe for Students to assess the New School from the Canal Street side of the building.
  • 4.   And that the plans consider the utilization of the hydro-electric generation plants in the Architectural designing processes to facilitate electrical power to be provided to the New School, Lewiston Street lights and Municipal Building of the City of Lewiston, Maine..
  •  5.   And, that the facility could be considered as an overcrowding mechanism for an English Language Learner (ELL) Student facility.  Thus, alleviating the overcrowding of the Lewiston, Maine Public School System for remedial student that could significantly impede other tutorial advanced students.
  • Defense rest it case; and, prays for rapid adjudication of this case  respectfully Eccentric, Attorney at Law ?

 November7,  2017 – LEWISTON ELECTION DAY “VOTE  NO”  on Consolidation of Auburn and Lewiston, Maine.   Ward’s 1 and 3; please do not be out voted by “Bates College Student’s”.


BLAST FROM THE PAST: LEWISTON, MAINE TAXPAYER’S; PEOPLE’S INITIATIVE ON CANAL ACQUISITION. This initiative failed to get signatures required and was passed by the Lewiston, Maine City Council – VOTE THEM OUT 11 / 2017. They had the power to put it before the Taxpayers; but, did not ?

22 Nov

Have brought forward; with the help of the Lewiston, Maine Taxpayer Community an initiative to halt the City of Lewiston, Maine acquisition or transfer of the Canal System by Brook field White Pine of Canada (BBWP of Canada) to the City of Lewiston, Maine.

I am in the hopes that the Community will endorse my efforts to collect 990 registered Lewiston, Maine voter signatures required to have the issue placed on a ballot for Vote at a to be determined date; by the City of Lewiston, Maine.

It is my assumption that this is an untimely attempt; on the part of the BWP of Canada to unload a Canal that will require more maintenance after the projected maintenance rehabilitation by BWP of Canada prior to transfer to the City of Lewiston, Maine Taxpayer’s.

It is also, my resolve that this issue may be revisited in a better City of Lewiston, Maine financial climate.

At the day of voting; I, will be seeking to gather the 990 signature required to get issue to the ballot.


This Vote is at Gov. J. B. Longley School, Birch Street, Lewiston, Maine.10 May 2016 requesting $4.o9 million dollars.

JUNE 2016 VOTE:  Voting is in the Ward you live in.  To all Ward 1. and Ward 3. do not be out voted by Bates College Student…..all 1200 of them and their liberal ways. They can spend your money as they do not pay taxes here.

At YOUR VOTING PLACE:    $4.09 million dollars (10MAY2016 VOTE) added to the $ 2.7 million dollars bond issues vote  (14JUN2016 ) + the over $ 3 hundred thousand dollars issuance for new Computers   =  $7.09 million dollars increase; on just the Lewiston School Budget this coming 2017 year after a nearly 3 million dollar increase last year; not to mention whatever the Lewiston Administrative increase is on the City side of the budget?. Another; 2.3 percent speculative.

Novenber 2017 VOTE ” NO. On CONNECTS-IT or Consolidation.




8 Sep

Women’s Drug Treatment / shelter “Sophia House” to opens in Lewiston, Maine on the corner of Walnut and Blake Street in Lewiston, Maine.

There is a growing need as the nucleus of the family for women needing drug treatment has broken down.

And this has taken a toll on a unified society that is being over run.  And which is leaving little recourse for families that are being torn apart from the prostitution driven opiate problems of today.

Once again, the Wisdom Center for Woman team is coming to the aid of the needy women suffering from Drug Addiction and it causing of Prostitution in the Lewiston, Maine Community.

Therefore, it shall be the policy of my administration should I be elected to by Mayor of Lewiston, Maine in the Fall 2019 Election !

That, $100,000.00 thousand dollar’s (dispensed, as needed) shall be Earmarked too the Sophia House on Blake Street, Lewiston, Maine for housing of the needy.

The Sophia House, is a safe refuge of all women wishing to avail themselves to the rehabilitation Center at no cost to them if they reside live in Lewiston, Maine and have not financial means.

This, money shall be earmarked from the Community Development Block Grant monies that are provided by the Federal Government on a yearly basis.

This, Facility, is scheduled  to open in late 2019.

Note: Donation, would be appreciated and can be forwarded too the Center for woman – Wisdom,  located at 97 Blake Street, Lewiston, Maine.  Tel. @ 207 – 513-3922


There, is “No” community effort greater than protection of our children. 

And this, “At any cost” !

HOW, MISMANAGED “R” THEY; meeting, held 17 July 2017 with one student their ?

28 Jul

A meeting was held by the Lewiston, Maine Police Department on the Lewiston, Maine’s City Council’s moratorium; regarding Bates College office off campus housing. Members from Bates College Campus Security and Lewiston, Maine’s Code Enforcement were present as were ward’s 1 and Ward’s 3 residents and a few student.

(Mr. James Lysen, Councilor for Lewiston, Maine Ward 1 who is or was a Bates College radio disjockey should fill you in more. Contact information He, is the one who incited Bates College to vote for him and out voted the residents of Ward 1. (Bates College Student’s can vote in Lewiston election with just a Bates College I.D. and a piece of junk mail or Campus to Campus letter delivered by U. S.M aile. They, do not even have to change their home States Diver’s License or change their residents or Bates Financial college forms. As, I recall their may be 3 student’s form Lewiston, Maine attending Bates College. But, this number may grow this year. Ask, as she works on campus ?

The issue was the Bates College students weekend off campus parties; which, were loud and students were to voicetress and were upsetting the pastoral serenity of the neighborhood at 3 am. Office campus housing is In Wards 1 and Ward 3 and owned by Bates College where all night weekend partying occurs and on long holiday weekends while school is in session.

The, fact that these few Campus individual were in gangs and stumbling from off campus housing to off Campus housing without being intercepted by the Bates College Security or the Lewiston, Maine Police Department is troubling at best for me.

I can remember when a Bates College Student was kill as a group of Lewiston, Maine hometown boy and a group of Bates College Student’s scuffled late one evening on 5 March 2002. DUFFEY student.

My, main message; is, that this Mmeting was held without “MAJORITY OF STUDENT’S” on campus at Bates College.



Their, will be a meeting at city Hall, Lewiston, Maine Tuesday, 15 August 2017 at 7 PM in the Public Comment arranged time which is usually held on or about 7 PM.

This, is to give the VOICES that are never heard an opportunity to address their issues that may have been swept under the rug by the Lewiston, Maine Police Department.

Area, of discussion:

1. The recent settling of a home invasion case by the ex police chief bussiere and an officer murphy. officer murphy, stated that he owed one to the immigrant mother who child 5th birthday party was invaded upon.

2. The not recent non compliance with court procedures as to evidence; where, the individual legally owed this information had to take the police department to Superior Court three (3) times at his own expense to get.

3. And, probably more as individuals speak of their horrible experiences.

4. The, mother filing a Civil Complaint; as, one officer was engaging with her daughter. ask him for details.