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Mainer’s to loose job’s.

15 Mar

via WORD SALAD for week ending 18 March 2018. Lewiston, Me.


“Ligna” a Community Land Trust Company (CLT) ? WORD SALAD for week ending 18 February 2018.

15 Feb
  1.  Govern spoke out against Land Trust in his last public State of the State speech.   As, a “Bad” thing now he shall see “Ligna”.
  2.  Development of Lewiston, Maine’s burden Bates Mill No. # 5 may go on for your life span?  Remember, this makes up part of the Canal wall on Canal Street in Lewiston, Maine and the property slops away away towards the Androscoggin River at a rate of 40 feet per 700 foot interval.

  3.   Anticipated, Expansion of Maine Care will cost Maine Tax payer and Business $50 million dollar’s as Maine Aging Population increases from here on out.

  4.    Faulty information was used in calculation of expected student population for New Lewiston, Maome Middle School as “Out of District Students”  was included in calculation’s for New preK through K8 Middle School.  ( Falsification of fact for gain.)
  5.  Past business leader and personnel friend the Honorable Mr. Julius Wise of the past Famed “Wise Pawn Shop” of Lewiston, Maine which stood on the corner of Spruce Street and Lisbon Street has passed away at the age of 87.  “He, was a mentor to me.   And, to the family,  “He is missed by those that knew him.”

  6.   Lewiston, Maine school budget to increase too over $10 million dollars for Fiscal Budget 2019 which must be completed by June of 2018 for next year.

  7.   New Wood Products Company “Ligna”, Community Land Trust (CLT) of Maine alleged to be coming to Millinocket, Maine and is to cost the Maine Tax Payer’s $4 million dollars as part of their coming.   And, after a time will go out of business.

  8.   Vote “NO”  12 May 2018 at Governor James B. Longley School or Multipurpose Building on Birch Street from 0700 am to 8:00 pm that day.

” # MeTOO @

28 Jan  Loosestown, Maine; Great Fall’s Gazette:  A Mother’s Nightmare by Mr. Charles Arthur Soule, Lewiston, Maine 04240 And, not fake news.

So, it was quite by chance that it was found out; but, now is known.

Lewiston, Maine Police Chief B. T.  O’Malley recently promoted to Chief of Loosestown, Maine Police Department.

And, a short stocky individual with a 1960’s flat top haircut, impeccably suited attire; is seated at his Lewiston, Maine Police Department desk; with head in hands and looking down.

Years or so ago, he as a young Loosestown Police Patrol Office for the City of Loosestown, Maine; and, allegedly had physical contact with an alleged under aged girl in the back seat of his Loosestown, Maine Police Department’s Patrol Cruiser and providing, alcohol and drugs to her for sexual favors

Upon hearing of this offense which is punishable offence by years in jail.   And, this occurrence by a Lewiston, Maine Police Department Officer from her under aged daughter the heart heavy mother reported this to the appropriate authorities at the Loosestown, Maine Police Department.  And, was brushed off rapidly after an investigation by the Lewiston, Maine Police Department investigating one of it’s own officers.

In confusion and bewilderment by this action by law enforcement.  That, she was taught to trust.

Both, the mother and her daughter now have a resentment and disdain towards authority figures.

When, I as a younger aged reporter for the Great fall’s Gazette  I was called to action.

The mother having endured year’s of anxiety, frustration and dismay as she watched her daughter now in jail succumb to a life of confusion and dread; “to a bitter end”.

What, will become of the mother a Mrs. Bonie (Emersun) Gamon of the sexually abused child?

What, will become of this innocent child who’s name will remain protected by this reporter?

What, will become of the Police Chief of the Looseston, Maine Police Department; Officer B. T. O’Paley of  Lewiston, Maine Police Department and crony to the misdealing of the Loosestown, Maine Police Department and endorsed by the Lewiston, Maine City Administration to hold that office.

And, the Administrator who allowed no public comment period in the choosing of the new Lewiston, Maine Police Chief Brian T. O’ Malley.   With the alleged to be hired from inside the Loosestown, Maine Police Department to hide passed indiscretions of the Department and Lewiston, Maine City Official’s in business transaction on behalf of the residents of Loosestown, Maine.

Stay, tuned to this  unfolding headliner story that will not show up in your local Newspapers and Twin Cities Newspaper’s !

And, this United States Military Veteran ”  stand behind ” his every word.


POST SCRIPT; The Looseston, Maine Police Department has warned me that they would take action against me for promulgation of this truly believable story?

Women, use your webference (influence) share this posting and copy at will !


SOLAR ENERGY and small home usages.

9 Jan

I use solar outdoor lighting in my home (driveway liner lights indoor’s.) .  I do this;  as,  I paid for all of the equipment and did not seek any benefits from the State of Maine or Federal government through tax breaks as I know that “LARGE SOLAR” usage is not cost effective to Maine or for the public.

I will state that I am a small user and only use to general power for small in home usages.

I sometimes place my small solar collection items in the direct window light and collect.  And sometimes,  if I use provided power from the electrical grid from an outside sources the electrical grid.  I will place my solar collector items in the direct collecting view of the outside generated light from the electrical grid lighting for collection for re-usage of paid for source from (Maine CMP) or (Boorkfield White Pines – Florida Gas and Electric) lighting.    Hope you understand this.

Thus, get a double bang for the buck or $.

With, this said I will not be in support of Maine Bill LD 1686.


“I WILL SURELY BURN IN “HELL” FOR THIS.” WORD SALAD; for, December 01, 2017.

30 Nov
  1.   Well it is official that the United States of America has taken on the “Orwellian” state of mind.   For, those not familiar  with George Orwell, author of book 1984 (He missed the mark by 23 year’s.) Cliffs note:  Futuristic portrayal of a future dystopian society base in totalitarian rules of behavior which grows out of the women right movement of the vote and woman rights issues.  And, that are used to ween persons in position of power out of that position through sex.  Then, their is the removal or rewriting of history through the removal of statues and incidents in history through re-new definement.

  2. I am amused; that, so many of the individuals being brought down are Hebrew 86 percent Jewish and 14 percent other as to sexual advances.  Perhaps, this will level in someway the playing fields (89 percent Jewish –  21 percent other) of the show business industry.  The term “Shiksa” a Jewish word referring to attitude towards a women not of the Hebrew religion and what they maybe used for all purposes.  And, that purpose may not be used on a Jewish Woman.

3.   America and world males are codependent on woman by nature;    Why, because we are all raised for the most part by woman.  Therefore, if we do not has a woman in our life we feel incomplete.  And, with the advancement of the social welfare state in the United State of America and the replacement of males in the house whole by this “The Great Society” and government handouts are showing as to the rise in Sexual Harassment incidents.  The failing economy for the youth of this              country is a major contributor to this issue.  And, then in past men have been the initiators of sex.  As, it would have at one time thought incorrect for a woman to do so.

4.  But, all thing change and now woman in United states of America; rule, the home, the courts and business.

5.  Thus, the “P _ _ _ _ _y WHIPPED AMERICAN MALE” or “AMERICAN GIRLY MEN” .

6.  Oh, that’s right; Hebrews, don’t believe in “HELL”.


Welcome,  to new view’s from Vietnam.

To, my foreign views.   Besure to not let your woman gather / take to much control.  Less, you become a “pansy ass”.


“BLAST” FROM THE PAST: Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal on “Masturbation” of Saturday, 18 March 2017 news hard copy. A hard copy; hands on reading.

27 Nov
(F/check:   I was approached be a friend with a copy of the local Sun Journal Newspaper on coming into the Trinity Episcopal Church on 18 March 2017; as, to take a look at an Article on “Masturbation” in the morning paper.

All, I could say,  ” Is that; the Newspaper I knew and that they had once printed a story on the “Sex Texting” at Saint Dominic Academy in Auburn, Maine.  The only PK – 12 Catholic School in Maine.  For that purpose to shame the children.  (Twitter at:  #Cry4Children) and now placing pictures that were used by other organizations as if their own on the front page of their newspaper.

I also, mentioned how the Newspaper had called me an ” Eccentric ” for pointing out that bates college student are voting in Ward’s one (1) and three (3)  (almost 1700 of them)  and were registering at the polls with just their school Identification Card and a piece of mail addressed to Bates College and I though that was ” bastardizing ” the vote of the residents of Lewiston, Maine Ward’s (1) and (3) as they do not have to change their Driver’ License or register their car and change any of their financial aid forms. And, in the last election.  Stated I did not provide infromation; but, I did in the form that they could go to or my web-site this in.  But, they were lazy.  Why, they could have even go to my years past election attempts to gather the information I once provided to them  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . but, that is the reason their sales are off and we are getting more news from other towns.

But, back to my original Issue:  Bates College Student – They, have ” No” financial vested interest in Lewiston, Maine and can bastardize the outcome of any residential election. Ask; J. Lysen  ( as he works in Bates College radio station and lives in Lewiston’s Ward one (1) that is how he won his seat over the previous Councillor, Mrs. Dubois.

Maybe, the press only picks the issues it think’s will make them money . And, that is why they are not mentioning my running for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine as I am a Republican (They; lean Democrat.) and Veteran of a Military Police action gone by in 1975.

UPDATE of 14 December 2017: REASON’S WHY ONE SHOULD NOT MOVE TO “Lewiston, Maine”. Fiscal 2019 Municipal and School Budget to increase by over 15 percent. This, over 2018 fiscal budget and the fact that “Major” Businesses in city are in default on “Taxes “and “Loans” to the city and theeir taxes are being passed on to the Resident’s. F/check at She, won’ t lie? Or, hide the truth?

17 Nov

Lewiston, Maine Development will be curtailed by loss of tax credit incentives targeted by U.S. Federal Tax Reforms. And, a shrinkage of Maine State Revenue sharing.


Teacher are getting a 3 percent automatic increases for every year they are with the school system which will add over $750 thousand dollars to the 2019 City budget.

Loss from new Maine Law that takes away state money for schools at $46 dollars per student and $92.00 the year after that.   That, is if the Lewiston, Maine School Committee does not allow through a vote by the Resident’s through a June 2018 of of voting season low turnout vote !

And, a recent increase to wages as a

And, Mr. Webster, School Department hiring 14 new at a beginning salary of over $34 thousand a year with only 175 class room day in school.

Then, there is medical, sick days.   He, added the 14 slots after the 2018 Fiscal Municipal Budget was passed thus adding to this year’s Municipal Budget over $500 thousand dollars too 2019 Fiscal Budget.

Then, their is the land purchases and moving of businesses to facilitate the the building placing of New Pre K through k8 school.  That, morphed from $36 million to $59 million with Lewiston, Maine Taxpayers to pay $6 million towards price tab.

And, municipal Labor increases to employee’s of the Fire Department,  Police Department and up coming Public Works Department.

And, an increase of 3 percent on City Administrator Salary of over $138 thousand dollar a year salary.

Side Bar.

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