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**WORD SALAD EXTRA** Who am I to speak; a speech to be given by Mr. Charles Arthur Soule and Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal is still “BLOCKING” my view on Body Politic Lewiston, Maine and “NO” to Consolidation. Ask,

28 Sep

Who am I to speak?

I am not overly educated or overly successful; I am a Veteran of a Military Police Action gone by a citizen of Auburn – Lewiston; Maine, and the United States of America.

In November 2015 Mayoral Election; I was served a none harassment of a reporter and a no trespass by a Sun Blocking daily local newspaper of Lewiston Maine though by the Lewiston, Maine Police Department./tag/news

The, next day an article appeared in the local newspaper calling me a “Eccentric” and a “Gadfly” for pointing out that Bates College Students from out of state were voting in the Lewiston, Maine election by registering with just their College Identification and a piece of Mail without changing their drivers license; or, any financial forms indicating their new home addresses and running for Mayor of Lewiston, Maine for so many times.  

But, is that my my right as a citizen of Lewiston, Maine, State of Maine and the United States.

And, as Bates College Students number in at 1700 they with no vested financial interest in Lewiston, Maine are out voting Lewiston’s Ward’s 1 and Ward’s 3 of Lewiston, Maine.

So, you will not read of my appearance here tonight in the local newspaper for the aforementioned reasons.

I beleive in the two cities of Lewiston – Auburn, Maine.



God, how America is being crippled through media blocking techniques.  And, special interest groups with money.   That, are intent on winning at any cost and with that cost comes the division of the American voting public.



WORD SALAD; for 29 September 2017. Click, on anything that shows “UP”; red.

27 Sep

“Special” Lewiston, Maine City Council Meeting; to be held on 3 October 2017 at 6:00 pm.  be there though your City Councilor may not be.

  • This, meeting is hoped to fill the Maine State requirement (s) of  Report of the L / A Charter Commission and Lewiston, Maine Resident’s Public input on the purposed “Merger” of the Twin Cities of Auburn, Maine and Lewiston, Maine.   (The, “YES” to Merger are hoping to be able to operate on the twins this 7November2017 and separate the Twins.)
  •  The last Merger, State required meeting did not have enough Lewiston, Maine City Councilor show up the first time.
  • Thus, it was rescheduled to allow for the “Vote” to occur on the “Merger” to proceed to Ballot.
  •  Hope, the “twin’s” cities make it through the operation ?


12 Sep

1. Insure all doors close properly. (Self closing?)

2. Can a better flourescent Compact light bulb be used? (They have a coil shape.)

3. Turn off equipment when not using. TV, Radio, Room lighting and computer’s.)

4. To hot in Summer close the Drapes as not to use up the air conditioning.

5. To heat open the drapes and let the sun in.

6. Still, to hot. But, not hot enough for air conditioning. Use a fan. (A slow fan can direct heat from a heat register (Baseboard, metal radiator to heat a cool spot in your home if use correctly.)

7. WARE HEAVY CLOTHING IF NEEDED. I, ware socks to bed.

8. Turn off faucets cold and hot will save money.

9. Check for leaking water fixtures. As, the pump may run continuously adding to the electric bill.

10. YOUR RIDGE. Think before opening as to what you want out of it.

11. DISHWASHER. They are said to use less energy than washing these days.

12. CARS. Think of the shortest route. Never, Idle your care for to long.
Can, you walk, run, bike or get a ride from someone going the same place as you?

13. RECYCLING. 5 cents bottle return equals more money to use for other purposes. Plastic bags reusable.

14. Seal windows if possible and cover in winter causes a weather barrier from cold air.

15. For people that are or have used air conditioning (A/C) please remember that you have cooled the studs and walls of your home or dwelling and now should be allowing your house to reheat by opening the windows shades on a warm day. The house will take sometime to reheat. And, September is an off-on-month as is October.

LOTS OF REWARDS COME FROM SAVING energy. For, saving energy helps save money for “ICE CREAM”.


16 Aug

New homes sales rate falling thanks to a week of tumultuous foreign policy as the market takes a step back.

This was the biggest single week drop that we have seen in quite some time.

First, time buyers of older homes stagnant.

Buyer’s, make your initial purchase price . . . . . and stick to it.

“NO”, impulse buying and if she or he gives you a hard time. Divorce him or her.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal; of 01 January 2004

14 Aug

CHARLES SOULE”: I’ll be back.

Lewiston voters may not get a chance to vote on the Bates Mill Exit Strategy, but they may be able to vote on Charles Arthur Soule, the man pushing to get the mill and the handing off of $27 dollars of City money on the ballot.

Soule’, said he’ll be back in 2004, running for Mayor a fifth time.

His past platforms have included posposals to censor cable television providers for morality and erect police cameras throughout the city to watch for crime. (Is, in place today 5/2017.)

In the 2003 election, he proposed building a full scale replica of the Eiffel Tower to paid in port by telecommunication companies with the help of the united States Military (Radiar) as Loring Air Force Base is closing as an inducement to tourism in Central Maine.

Soule’, lost his bid for mayor for the fourth time in November 2003, picking up 788 votes – about 7 percent of those cast.

After, the election he stayed active in the politics by starting a petition to get the city’s Bates Mill Exit Strategy (City, to turns mill over with 3 parking garages to be build by city at $3 million each and exchange of $27 million of cities funds to developer Thomas Platts.) before the voters.

His efforts have stalled and he needs to collect all 1000 by February 24, 2004.

I just think the voters need to decide on this issue and something this important. Soule’, said. “I can think of better ways to spend our money than to spend it all on the Bates Mill.” (And, then the 2008-9 collapse of the US economy.)

A legal review of Soule’s petition by the city attorney determined it was to vage to be legally binding. (Beware of City; attorney.)

Even so, officials have allowed Soule’ to continue collecting signatures until the deadline on his petition to have the Bates Mill Exit Strategy brought in front of the Lewiston, Maine voter.

UPDATE: Path to Citizenship after thorough security clearances and vetting. PLEASE FACEBOOK; or E Mail it to your friends. “Copy at will. ” I do the best I can; but, can not do all and can with you.” Click, on anything red, white or blue.

9 Aug



Illegal aliens: Individuals that have transgressed our borders without permission and do not have legal right to be here.

Undocumented Immigrants:  Individuals that are here legally; but, do not have sufficient documentation as yet; and, may have legal children born under the 14 Amendment to the Constitution of the United States are creating a United States social welfare nightmare.

Asylum seekers:  People here seeking legal entry for reason permissible under United States Immigration Policies. Do to extreme cruelty and that are waiting for clarity and documentation of their atrocities against them.

My views on Illegal Aliens and undocumented immigrants and the road to citizenship to the United States of America.

Illegal immigrants; without, 14 United States Amendment children shall be searched out and deported for violation of our territorial boarders.

Asylum seekers if not already here; shall, be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization that brought them to this country; and, the United States Federal Government as a country shared commitment; while, a discussion is made in regards to their asylum questions of entry.

Asylum seekers will not be included in this promulgation; as, they are still in review of the United States Government for resolution of their question.

Even though they may have had children (s); that, are full United States Citizens under the 14 Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and do to the procrastination of this nation on the question at hand.  ( And; everyday more of the children are being born (Anchor Children ) as they attempt to gain legalized status through procreation and their newborn children; now, United States Citizens under the 14 Amendment of the United States Constitution. )

On, this I propose a course of action; I now outline:  It is my resolve that this issue is not to further; set aside our national duties; as, to our responsibilities to these influx peoples and ourselves as a United States of America People.

I now with a  higher calling; promulgate, the following to you the great American public for your deliberations, review and input.

1.All Undocumented peoples and illegal Aliens shall have the right of citizenry of the United States of America if they have United States born children under the 14 Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America upon the participation; and, completion of a program of legalized acquisition of a job for 10 consecutive years (review able) and does not necessarily have to be with the same hiring institution .

2. Legalized job holding does have to be in consecutive years order; unless, medical or court approved exemption is granted; or, extension is granted.

(Federal Courts shall decide the questionable action of the merit and shall be at no cost to the Federal Government for Legal Counsel or court cost.)

3.All Federal Income Taxes; and, State Income Taxes will be forfeited to the Federal and State where employment occurs for that period of 7 consecutive years; and, citizen seeker will be allowed to claim one (10) dependent and no earned income credits.  These monies will be used to facilitate the documentation process, legalization or medical expenditures while being process; and, help off set any other expenditures borne by the Federal and State’s documentation process.

4.Any, Undocumented Immigrants; or, Illegal Aliens with United States Constitution, 14 Amendment children and applying;  for, citizenship Program; upon, completion of tour of duty in the United States Military Service and upon qualifying for an Honorable Discharge from any United States Armed Forces Branch of the United States of America; shall, have immediate Citizenship to these United States of America.  Enlistment to be of a duration of six (6) years, which will consist of four (4) years active duty honorable service to the United States of America and two (2) years as a reservist in that active duty reserve branch of military and no State of Federal Income Tax will be withheld for the period of active duty United States Military Service.

5.  All children; of, said Undocumented Immigrants; born in the United States shall have full acceptance into American Schools and Medical Programs.

6.   Illegal Aliens with no felony criminal record; with United States born children under the 14 Amendment to the Constitution of the United Sates of America; shall, full have access to all United States of America School’s and Medical Program’s.

7.  All documented Immigrants; and, legal Aliens; non-citizen children shall be immediately afforded the opportunity of citizenship of the United States of America upon passing an examination to be administer and institutionally orchestrated by their prospected State certified Department of Education; Elementary School and High School (K1-K12).   If not qualified in Elementary School, High School or College for Citizenship under the Citizenship Program; and, 21 years of age to the Citizenry Programs eligibility criteria will apply or be deported to country of origin.

8.  All 21 year old that have not attained citizenship shall have the opportunity of participating in the same Citizenry Program that was levied upon their immigrant descendants; and, will be offered the same qualifying requirements as was offered the other people of Undocumented Immigrant Status and Illegal Aliens Status at age twenty-one (21), completion of college or equivalent or attainment of full time employment or deported.

9.  No United States; State institutions, shall be granted any authority to abrogate or pass laws to restrict any prevision once passed into United States legalized Statues.

10.  Any felonious law breaking incurred while in the parameters of seeking citizenry; while executing the requirements of Undocumented Immigrants or Illegal Aliens to acquire full citizenry to the United States of America will lead to full; deportation or imprisonment then deportation of Undocumented Immigrant or Illegal Aliens that are participants in the Citizenry Program.

11.  On, accepting Citizenship of the United States of America; all groups shall be given the option to hold one countries citizenship passport; and, no other passport under the threat of deportation.  All groups; shall, surrender their previous countries documentation (Passport) and shall from that point on not be allowed to be considered a citizen of that original origin country; and, if caught using their any origin country passport; they, will surrender their rights to be a United States of America Citizen and returned to origin country.   And, this includes Israel and all other countries; as of the date they are sworn in as United State’s Citizens and passage of this Programs date of acceptance by the Governing bodies of the United States of America.

12..  No new citizen under the Citizenry Program of the United States of America; shall hold dual citizenship with any other nation and the penalty for such behavior will be immediately deported without American Judicial review.

13.  All dual passport citizen of any nation; with a United States Citizen Passport;  shall forfeited it origin passport book; on, acceptance of a United State’s Citizenship.

Should, I have have made an error; I am not omnipotent and all knowing. I encourage you; the, reader to assist me. _________________________________________________________________

To you new immigrants of the emerging new demographic United States of America; I, wish to remind you that you are not the first to be granted a path to full Citizenship.

On, my mother side of the family; we came over on the Mayflower Ship; year 1615 (George Edward Soule) as indentured servants to the Colony for Seven (7) to fifteen (15) years. The Black community come over as slaves and waited years; to be full citizens and in some area of the united States are still struggling to achieve it fully.

So to you new perspective American; do not, think your path to citizenship is more difficult; as, to the past struggles of the fore runner to a Path to Citizenship of the United States of America.

I would like to thank Mohamed A. Ibrahim of the Trinity Episcopal Church for our decisions; which, led to the aforementioned; which, led to our discussion on that other prior immigrants; had, to endure.

I SHOULD HAVE OVER 4000 VIEWS ON THIS ISSUE. IT IS THAT IMPORTANT. R U SHORE THAT 35% to 15% IS GOOD FOR USA? Don’t, read; this. Click,on anything red, white or blue.

7 Aug

President TRUMP, is attempting to lower the United States Federal Corporate Tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent.

Could, the Auburn and Lewiston, Maine Consolidation-Connects-it; be, the first test run in an attempt to shift all of the business tax revenue to the residents of Lewiston and Auburn, Maine on consolidation.

That will likelybe the occurrence when Corporate Business Taxes are reduced from 35 percent to a 15 percent corporate tax rate to property owner and landlords. Rent increase.

Should, “CONNECTS-IT PASS THE “VOTE” 7 November 2017; it will allow for a property tax revaluation for both communities; as, a new community. And, rents will go up as landlords will not eat the increased property taxes put upon them it will be passed to the renters.

The lose revenues of going from a corporate tax of 35 percent to 15 percent corporate tax rate will have to be passed on through either local communities higher property taxes or through other means.

You can not just go from a 35 percent Corporate Rate to a 15 percent without server loss of $ revenue to the Federal Government and all military and social entitlement programs.

Soule4Mayor2017 – 7 November 2017 Voting “NO” Connects-it. (Play, on British brexit)