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I would like to propose a New Framework for Lewiston, Maine’s Growth. Click, on anything red.

26 Jun

While, Lewiston has remained a vital hub and desirable place to live, the City struggles to change it’s perception of the “Dirty LEW” and “Mill Town” and to generate the kind of neighborhood and economic vitality that it once saw 100 years ago.

For years, the city experienced population decline and is still feeling the decline today; while new growth is faulting. When, their is new growth it occurs in a suburban pattern along the City’s gate ways corridors. Which are, along the two major bridges (Cedar Street and Main Street) Lincoln Street, Maine Street and Lisbon Street at both ends.

As a result, Lewiston, Maine has been in rapid decline in investments in the city center while also losing some of its rural land will not recover as long as the city Mill Rate(amount per $1000 of the assessed value of city properties; which is used to calculate the amount of property taxes.) is one of the highest in the State of Maine.

With an ageing, contaminated (lead + chemical) business and downtown housing stock and with newer suburban housing stock being built, the community lacks high-quality housing choices within the walkable downtown core and throughout the city. It would be my guess that the average age of a home to be 30 plus years old; if, not older. And, Apartment dwellings at about 50 plus years old with many being abandoned or condemned by the City of Lewiston, Maine. Thus, leaving the city the cost of removal.

This, with bus transportation being under funded makes it difficult for singles, married with children, young professional and elderly-young retirees to find attractive and affordable places to live.

My, New Framework works with the current Conservation and Growth Map.

1. Increased funds, routs and hour of operation to CityLink Bus Service. *This, might alleviate the need for transportation by the singles, families and elderly. Thus, saving revenue for the aforementioned groups and making Lewiston, Maine a more attractive community to live in.

2. I have always though that Lewiston, Maine should take on a Cultural Identity and capitalize on it’s diversity.

3. By, use of the Federally provided at no cost to the City over $700 thousand; of, the Community Development Bock Grant Funds (CBGF) aid by pay down of mortgages by use of CBGF’s. I believe this would aid the elderly of Lewiston, Maine in selling their home at a reasonable price. And, would be an inducement to locate in the State of Maine and Lewiston, Maine. Thus, benefiting the local taxes and state taxes situations.

4. By, the above actions it would / could be possibly that new owner of property would improve their properties and create local jobs. (Painter, Carpenters, and more.)


BLAST FROM THE PAST of July 18, 2016: I, would like to thank; the 59,598 of a population of 59,647 combined Auburn and Lewiston, Maine; population; that, did not attend the Black Lives Matter Rally held at the Simard – Payne Memorial Park; and, buy into the HATE MONGERING.

21 Jun

It is approximately one hour before the Lewiston, Maine Black Live Matter Event; and, a young adult girl (Somali) of the age of around 16 years old walks through the Simard- Payne Park towards the walking trestle bridge between Auburn and Lewiston, Maine with no apprehension or fear.

Maine’s local Television station’s of a second rate in my opinion, are arriving or already on site to air the event of the Lewiston, Maine; Black Lives Matter Rally.  WCSH – 6, WGME – 13 and WMTW – 8.

I have notice a lot of high school age young adults and high school aged immigrants arriving.   Upon, asking these impressionable young adults; whom are mostly not attended by their parents.  I find that Edward Little High School, Lewiston High School, Oak Hill High School and Levett High School students are in attendance.

As to why; Black Live Matter are subjecting the new immigrants population and high school student to a,” WHAT DO WE WANT, JUSTICE “; and “WHEN DO WE WANT IT” ; “HOW ” event is in my theory to bolster the Black Live Matter numbers and thus importing hate to our community and instilling a political will to our children.

The fact that an associate of Maine People’s Alliance; is, receiving Social Security at so young and age; is speculative, as to why she is allow to influence our young impressionable minded children and found that the Black Live’s Matter people would not show tolerance.

And, the fact that I was at the Black Lives Matter Event with a “TRUMP: sign attached to my bicycle and was ask to remove it from the Simard – Payne Memorial Park; which, I did with some mumbling.  And as requested, I moved it to the street a block away; and, then being asked again to move it by associate of the Maine People’s Alliances Ms. Mrs Dunn again as if she owned the entire City of Lewiston, Maine.

 And, not, wanting to be confrontational; for, I was not at the Black Lives Matter Event to be confrontational.   I removed the ” TRUMP ”  sign from my bicycle; and, placed it hidden away as not to have the “Black Lives Matter” discard it.

I asked why they were asking me to remove the sign and they stated, ” It would intimidate individuals from attending and taking part in the EVENT on people’s RIGHTS ?

To the Officer and Officer Philippon of the Lewiston, Maine Community Based Policing Unit. I commend you on being in the middle of the two opposing sides and allowing some freedoms and latitudes in airing their opposing views.

SIT IN – discussion literature handed out.

I LOVE MY BLACKNESS AND YOURS FREEDOM RALLY. * (Indicate: Mr. Soule’s interjections. )

  1. What does race mean to you ?
  2. What does privilege mean to you ?   *( Takes, you into class struggles.)
  3. How did you learn about your race.* ( Mother, was not a raciest.  Taught to be open to all. )  ( Mom, dated black Army officer during WWII. )
  4. How old were you when you first saw another ethnicity or culture different from  you.  *(12ish through television; Tarzan movies on television with Mr.Johnny Wesmuller.)
  5. Is there a connection between racism and other ism – class-ism, sex-ism ?   *( Pulls you into class struggle and feminism.)
  6. Which has more impact on a person’s life: class or gender ?  *(For men Class – For women gender. )
  7. Do you experience racism and how did it affect you.  *(Did, as I was called a “Frog” by my stepfather; because I was part French made me more determined to treat other equally. And, that just because me speak of racial things; does, not make you a racist. )
  8. Is racial homogeneity racism ?  *( Takes you into homo-alities )
  9. How have others beliefs about race affect your life ?  *( Major influence was Uncle stating, ” Beware of Jewish business practices. This has stayed with me all of my live and I am always on guard not to judge all by the actions of one. ”  )
  10. How have your beliefs about race affected the lives of others ?

WORD SALAD; of Friday, 23 June 2017. Click, on anything red.

21 Jun

1. To all candidates picking up “Nomination Papers” this 10 July 2017 to run for Lewiston, Maine City Election’s to be held this November 2017. Let, it be said that we; though, having opposing points of views did not falter at this chore. That “We” will stay out of the gutter as to one another. I also call on the “News Media to act responsible” in coverage of each candidate point of view.

We, the so called; “Adults”, have a greater responsibility to show the youth of America and Lewiston (plus, Auburn, Maine) that we can lead a nation/community of all “Culture”, “sexual orientations” and “Party Politics” to benefit all.

As, for myself, if I have offended any person, group and political party; I say that I am not the same individual that appeared in front of you in 1986 on my first (1st) attempt to be Mayor of the “FAIR” City of Lewiston, Maine. Perhaps, the creator saw that I was not quite ready for the office. But, gave me the drive not to give up when knocked down; but, rather the strength to pick myself up, dust myself off and continue to endeavor to be greater than I was in all my previous last Six (6) attempts.

Let, us now; stay above the “fray”.

2. It is my belief that I live in perhaps the most culturally diverse community in all of Maine. I say this as I live in the “Heart of the City” of Lewiston, Maine. And, that I have grown as a person from this experience.

3. Once again, I say to you. That, all you need to be “Happy” is a safe place to sleep, a meal a day and your health. For, all else is extra. (If, you do not have one of these aforementioned items; death could be at your door.)

4. Have a good and safe summer.

5. Look for the “Solar Eclipse” on 21 August 2017. REMEMBER: Do not look directly in to the “Eclipse” as it could blind you. Rather, position a pail of water (H2O) so you can view the the reflection of the water in the pail or purchase required shaded sun class ware. the protective equipment required to view . . .do not take chances and care for your children not viewing alone . . . .!

6.; is holding a yard sale at the Museum L – A in the Bates Mill (Canal Street) Complex at rear of Da Vinci Eatery on Canal Street, Lewiston, Maine on Thursday – Friday, 22 -23 2017. Items, chairs office – home, tie die T-shirts, large framed mirror’s, framed pictures. All sorts of interesting thing’s. Tell, Mrs. Lisa Rodrigues; “Chuch” sent U.

Red Cross Blood drive, today; 22 June 2017 only from 10; AM through 5:00 PM. Come, let me take your blood . . . . see you their.

7. MARVEL: BOSTON COMICCON presented by FANeXpo August 11-13, 2017 for information I’m, go as; “Master-Blast-of-Disaster; brother to Optimus Prime “.

8. Immigrant Resource Center of Maine: “Driver’s Education” @ Lewiston City Hall, Friday, 23 June 2017. Basement Conference Room at Lewiston, Maine City Hall on corner of Park Street and Pine Street. Though, I wonder why they call it PINE STREET anymore, after Lot’s 2 Gardens not-4-profit; cut down 27 pine trees on “Pine Street” this spring 2 put in Sun Flowers on Pine Street.


13 Jun


1. Over 179 building, 600 dwelling and apartment units (Now, a property taxable loss to the city; that, business and residents must make up in the city budget.) have been demolished either by City (Mostly) or private land owners in the Past 32 years. This does not include the transfer of the Bates Mill Complex with $27 million dollars, 3 parking garages, and cost of refurbishing of 300 parking space and on going heating of the mill by the City of Lewiston, Maine.

55% of all housing units as of 2013 are structures containing two or more units and as of 2013 there were 70 condemned residential structures in the City.

As, of 2013 the breakdown of housing types are as follow:

43.3% Single-family Detached homes.
1.6% Attached Homes.
41.1% 2 to 9 unites.
10.3 10 or more units.
3.7% Mobile Homes.

These figure maybe off by up to 2 percent as of 2016.

*SCHOOLS AND STUDENTS: (Was talking to Code enforcement and he stated to me that it was a good thing building and apartments holding units were being torn down as it would lead to not having to build more schools.)

Student, totals are projected to be as of 2017 5,752 with an increase until year 2021 this in part due to reproductive habits of some newer immigrants and welfare. Plus, non sexual education of new immigrants and religious belief as contraceptives were to we Christians as dictated by the Holy Sea.

This increase in the last few years has created a significant increase in the tax rate for elderly property owner’s through the expansion of schools and the construction of a new K1 to K8 which will be over budget by my speculations. This do to unforeseen property procurement and demolition costs.

It is my speculation that 47 new classrooms are need in the next 10 years. This with associated teachers and support staff.

It would be wise to think that; if, it were not for the demolition of multi-unit building Lewiston, Maine would be in server municipal financial trouble and maybe at that in the future.

*LEWISTON, MAINE ROADS/Water Distribution Lines/SIDEWALKS/Parking Garages/BRIDGES/Landfill:

188 mile of roads.
146 miles of H2O distribution Lines.
86 miles of sidewalks.
5 Parking structures.
8 Bridges.
1 Landfill which I anticipate will need to be replaced in a little more than 10 years.


1. Invest Wisely.
2. Emphasize the Heart of Lewiston.
3. Rethink Lewiston’s Suburban Gateways.
4. Capture a Greater hare of Major Retailers and Employers.
5. Make Lewiston a Hub for Artisan Industry.
6. Build Lewiston’s Creative Economy. (Translates to; Range of economic professions in active Lewiston.)
7. Partner, with Educational Institutions and Local Manufactures to Build a Skilled Labor Force.
8. Strive to become Self-Sufficient. This to me mean doing business with local town businesses peoples when meaningful value can be achieved.
9. Reforming the Cities General Assistance Policy. This to me means adding an individual to corporate full employment by the City of Lewiston’s paying the Employer for a period of time to educate the individual General Assistance person to learn the Job Requirements.


A. Support Local Partnerships / Incubators.

B. Start an Annual Partnership / Incubator Conference.

C. Open a Co-Working Office.

D. Promote, Grassroots Initiatives through the Federal Community Development Block Grant Funding.


Initiate, a Downtown Development Revolving Fund or Infrastructure Bank or Union with credit unions / Banks.

Create, a Business Improvement District.

Set up a Tax Increment Financing District for the Downtown area.

Pursue Revitalization Loans or Grants from around the world.

Expand or create, search for a new Lewiston Economic Growth Plan with input from local businesses, out of state and overseas nations.

* * ALL, THIS WHILE INSTRUCTING: Lewiston’s Municipal government not to exceed Lewiston 12018 budget expenditures this goes to pay raises and Teacher-yearly-Step-Raises of 3% for each year they are with the School System. This 3% percent is on top of last years 3% increase and 3% on each salary they go a year earlier plus medical and extras.

Maine Financial System, is an up side down Egyptian Pyramid; getting ready to collapse on it’s self. Remember, Maine population is decreasing and the people living here will sooner or later be taxed to rebellion or drastic cuts will have to be made to social services (roads, bridges, water items.) The average age of a Mainer is 43 years of age . . . . . and increasing.

But than again,all U need to B happy; is-a-safe-place-to-sleep, meal-a-day and your- health. Fore, all else is an extra.

THE RED SCARE=Senator Joseph McCarthy Hearings (1950’s) R=2 The Senate Intelligence Hearings. * * * * * * * * * * * * The media of the United States of America has become as a rabid “DOG” biting on the leg of lady Liberty; to, a creation of destruction. Click, on anything red.

11 Jun

The Jewish controlled media of this nation have become as a rabid “DOG” ankle bitter; biting, and holding on to the leg of lady Liberty !

I turned 64 years old in March 2017.

I am hearing and seeing large crowds of liberal protesters gathering at town hall meeting for Media coverage and in front of government buildings asking government employees (Comey) to aid them in regards to their agenda and subvert the will of democracy.

In other words they want to use your paid government or ex employees employees (Comey) against us.  They want to take the democracy out of the peoples hand what was legal won through lie and through media pressure.

They want to take away your liberties to pursue their agenda, dreams and live their lives over you.  And, then want to enslave you the taxpayer’s of the United States of America to provide free medical care, open boarder migration, free college education to illegals and allow illegals to vote in our elections.

They also want to force people to pay what ever salary that they demand with no regards to the effect on the infirm and elderly of this nation.

They have no regards to justice; condemn the police as guilty without trial; and, while demanding justice for themselves when they need it.

They love to call out, “hate speech”; calling anyone who disagrees with them as bigot (s) or homophobic; just, for speaking to a legitimate issue which the media places under a microscope looking for any direction to bastardize the issue (s).

I would also wish to mention; that, most of these liberal groups are financed by your dollars and radical right wing groups.  An, this is accomplished by your government tax dollars through government grands and your donation to other particular organization not-for-profit which than redirects your donation to another cause.

Their diversionary liberal power (s) come from dividing the America truly democratic population of the United States with the media coverage and staging events to gain Media attention while peaceful opposing view individuals abide by the laws of this country and oppose a position by ballot box.

They are spoiled; over educated, manipulative in mature children that do not appreciate the suffering of the generation that came before them or the sacrifices made by the previous generation and who fought for this counties successes.

Foot note:

All U need 2 be happy; is, a safe place to sleep; a meal a day; and, your health to be happy.  For, all else is extra.

“SEX-Vote Today” Sex-Vote Today”SEX ——Vote Today” Vote Today”Vote Today”Vote Today”. Election Day is TODAY; 13 June 2017. “STATE OF MAINE-BALLOT VOTE, SCAM” ; and, how to create a Maine employment jobs “Bubble” O O O. Click, on anything red.

10 Jun

Lewiston, Maine City Clerk stated that they have known about this since March 2017. So, How come we are just hearing about it. And, in Lewiston, Maine why is it being restricted to one “Voting Place” ? State Election and Federal Elections; should, be held in all City Wards.

13 June 2017’s – State Of Maine Special Referendum Election Ballot Question as appearing on ballot 13 June 2017 with added comment from the Editor of of this LEWISTON / AUBURN, NEWS MEDIA REBUTTAL @ WWW.SOULE2017MAYOR.WORDPRESS.COM .


Do you favor a $50 Million bond issue to provide $45 Million in funds for investment in research, development and commercial in the State to be used for infrastructure, equipment and technology upgrades that enable organizations (EDITOR”S COMMENT (EC); Which Organizations ?) to gain and hold market share. (EC: Could be use against you) to increase revenues and to expand employment (EC: Should read temporary employment as another bond would be needed to continue employment after passage of this bond expiration date.) or preserve jobs (Editors Comment: Boarders on corporate welfare.) for Maine People, (EC: How, is this job guaranteed to a Mainer?) to be awarded through a competitive process to Maine-based public and private entities (EC: Sound unconstitutional under United State Law.), leveraging other funds (EC: What funds?) in a one-to-one ratio (EC: your dollar to my dollar.) and $5 Million in funds to create jobs (EC: no guarantee to be jobs for Mainer’s.) and economic growth by lending to or investing in small businesses with the potential (EC: Litmus test for businesses with potential?) for significant growth and strong job creation ?


Total estimated life time cost is $64 Million dollars; representing $50 Million in principal and $14 Million dollars in interest; assuming, interest rate stays at 5.00% percent over 10 years life of Bond. (EDITOR”S COMMENT; Definition of “Assume”; making an ass out of you and me.)

The only thing it does not do for us is offer us a ” Birthday Present ” on our Birthday.

And, does SEX sell advertising; lets, see ? I will be able to see the number of individuals that click on to this article.


9 Jun

IN BRIEF:  Chapter 9 reference to the Bankruptcy Code established in 1937 and established by Congress; that, allows Municipalities to restructure it’s debts.

Like Detroit City; Lewiston, Maine is going to file Chapter (9) Bankruptcy and will renegotiate all union contracts and pension agreements through the arbitration of the United States Federal Courts.

Some of the dept holders / of secured credit – those who have collateral; they can repossess if default occurs will continue to be paid.

Bondholders, who funded various projects; will have to wait for a decision from the United States Federal Bankruptcy Court as to rulings.

(www.huffingtonpost./2013/07/24/Detroit-Bankruptcy-chapter 9_N-3640734.html for more details. )

Lewiston, Maine city side of budget is charging rent to the Lewiston, Maine School System side of the budget for the rent of the Lewiston, Maine Armory at a rate of $70,000.00 a year under an agreement for the New Administered School Academy.

Lewiston, Maine is also; reliant, on the States  procedural for the increasing of it’s School budget through a Voting Referendum; because, it can not meet its budget without exceeding the state base line expenditure increase and must also subside its yearly budget through the allocation of Maine State Revenue Sharing which is decreasing its allotment monies to cities.  And, that is why Lewiston, Maine must vote on the school budget yearly. As, it is relent on the state to subdue it Cities budget and also tapping in to the United States Federal Community Development Grant Funding to finance it’s personnel and City side of the Fiscal yearly budget.

Lewiston, Maine is putting it’s hopes in the consolidation (merger) with Auburn, Maine this November 2017; to, relieve it’s financial problems.  While, Auburn, Maine is on the right path as to cutting all involvement as to joint ventures with Lewiston, Maine of past and also should not consider a consolidating – merger (CONNECT-IT) with Lewiston, Maine.

Planning and Financial Committee Chairperson Mr. REED has on numerous occasions recommended to the Lewiston, Maine City Administrator and City Council that they are treading on dangerous ground and utilizing it’s patch work financial planning.

Remember, that only 31-34 percent of all businesses and residents are paying all the taxes in Lewiston, Maine.   As prescribed to be true by Mr. HEALY the Lewiston tax assessor. (207 513 3000 on recording press “0” live operator will answer.)

And, that Lewiston, Maine is also reliant on the 10 percent overage payment that it gets for running Lewiston’s General Assistance to aid its Fiscal budget.

Aiding in this travesty is that the housing market Valuation has decreased from average $135,000.00 house fall to a low of $93,000.00; this, will eventually cause mass city wide tax revaluation and loss of revenue to the City of Lewiston, Maine.

Thus, Lewiston is on the verge of collapse financially.  Resulting in no new large Box Store s moving to Lewiston, Maine and perhaps why Lewsiton, Maine has lost all of it large retail stores like Sears and others.


1.  Water and sewer increases 2017.

2 . City $ mill rates per 1000.00 valuation to                                                   increase.

3.  All city violation penalties fines to increase.

4.  Property taxes to increase.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >> > > > > > > >

Therefore; I, if elected Mayor of Lewiston, Maine in November 2017 will be seeking to freeze Lewiston, Maine Municipal and School budget’s at current levels.  And, will ask the peoples of Lewiston, Maine to aid me in a Lewiston, Maine Peoples Initiative Petition to Freeze all Lewiston, Maine wages and city incurred non contractual agreements.

There, will be put one (1) exception to this rule; and that is “NO” low ranking Police Officer will have their wages frozen. It will be my intent to increase the number of Patrol Officer that were displaced in previous year’s budget by the ever increases to the School budget.